Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 288

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Bai Zhi quickly calmed down herself, and under the moonlight and bonfire, she started inserting the silver needle on Hu Feng's body.

If Hu Feng's physical body is not strong, she will not decide to use this healing method with ease. The effect of this treatment is good, but it's not something ordinary people could bear.

The silver needle was inserted to Hu Feng's body one by one, starting from the baihui(Head) acupoints, all the way down to fengmen (Back), shen tang, w.a.n.g yin men, he yang and jinmen (Lower leg).

The silver needles under the moonlight and the bonfire, looked like a tiny silver dragon, lying on Hu Feng's naked body.

Counting the time, after a short while, Bai Zhi began to take the silver needles again.

Bai Zhi carefully paid attention to the needle, she didn't pull it out soon. Before she pulled the needle, she twisted it and put a little force.

This was the original healing method of Divine Doctor Xue Kongzi. She begged him for a long time and made him a meal for three months in order to learn this method. Fortunately, he agreed to teach her this method called Sanyang Acupuncture Method, which was only pa.s.sed down to generations of Xue Family.

When it comes to Xue Kongzi's generation, his son refused to learn acupuncture. Xue Kongzi was afraid for this healing method to be lost, and because she was sincere to learn, he agreed to her request.

Right after the silver needles were pulled out, Hu Feng began to sweat. He looked like someone who just took a bath.

Bai Zhi took Hu Feng's dried clothes and wiped his swat.

She only stopped when the sweat completely soaked the clothes. Bai Zhi twisted the clothes to dry it and wiped Hu Feng's body again until the sweat finally slowed down.

Right after she put his clothes to dry near the bonfire, Hu Feng woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Bai Zhi sitting near the fire. The sky was completely dark. He doesn't know what the time is. He doesn't know how long he had slept. His head doesn't seem to hurt like earlier. His body feels much better than before.

When Hu Feng sat up, his clothes slide down. Only then he found out that he was lying naked.

Hearing a sound, Bai Zhi turned around and saw Hu Feng's clothes slide down. His beautiful body appeared in front of her eyes again.

Bai Zhi quickly turned back and blushed: “Hurry, wear your clothes. It's cold at night, don't catch a cold."

Is she shy? It was exactly the same when she last saw him changing clothes in his room.

He was wearing clothes and pants… … why did she also take off his pants?

Hu Feng looked at her back, he smiled and said: "Do you know how to be shy? If you are shy, why did you take off my clothes?"

Bai Zhi didn't look back, she softly snorted and said: "Do you think I wanted to do that? If I didn't see you have a high fever, I will not remove your clothes and give you needle treatment. You talk as if someone rarely sees people not wearing clothes."

Hu Feng sneered and smiled and licked his lips: “Oh? Isn't it rare?"

Bai Zhi busily said with a loud voice: "Of course, it's not rare, but there is nothing good to look at, the men all look the same in the world. You don't look much better than others."

On the operating table, she doesn’t know how many naked men she had seen. Some of them looked good, but she had never encountered someone who can make her heart beat faster like just now.

Hu Feng's face turned black, his hands that were tying his belt stopped: "Besides me, have you seen anyone else naked?"

Bai Zhi turned around with a smug on her face: "Of courseee—" After seeing the gloom in his face, she dragged long her last word and fixed it: "No, no, of course - not!"

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