Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 216

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Revenge, he is definitely taking revenge.Bai Zhi could only pretend that she didn't hear anything.

“It’s time for your needle treatment," Bai Zhi warmly said.

Hu Feng softly sighed, then kept his original straight posture and close his eyes.

Hu Feng was really tall, even if he was sitting, it is very hard for Bai Zhi to stand beside him and insert the needle. She needed to stand in Tiptoe.

Looking at it, he seemed to be 180 centimeters tall or higher.

For a person to grow taller, not only the genes play an important role, but also nutritional intake every day. If you are not born in a wealthy family, how can poor children grow so tall?

For example, Meng Nan, he seemed as tall as Hu Feng, and the two of them have many similarities. Hu Feng sometimes even look more meticulous than Meng Nan. The way he eats, sleep, speak and move, reveals the difference between him and other people in the village.

She was also very curious to know what kind of person Hu Feng is.

Before he lost his memory, what kind of life did he lived? Why he was gone for so long, but his family is not looking for him?

Bai Zhi was standing there, holding the silver needle, but didn't start the treatment.

Hu Feng opened his eyes and looked at Bai Zhi, who was standing on his side: "What? Are you thinking about what clothes you should wear when you meet Village Chief's grandson?"

Bai Zhi returned to her senses: "What are you talking about? I'm not thinking about it."

Bai Zhi inserted the needle near behind his ear and said: "Don't move." Then, took another needle and inserted near the ear lobe.

Hu Feng didn't move, but his mouth didn't stay idle: "When are you going to marry?"

Bai Zhi ignored Hu Feng and just continued to insert the needle.

Hu Feng opened his mouth again: “I heard that next month, there will be an auspicious date. Are you two planning to settle marriage by next month?"

Bai Zhi still ignored him.

“Not next month? Is it this month? Are you going to get married this month? Aren't you so excited?"

“I know, it is not easy to find someone who is willing to marry you, you're afraid of them to change their mind."

If it's unbearable, why endure further.

Bai Zhi inserted the needle three to four times much deeper, which was a useless act, but painful for the human body.

There will be no side effects, but it will hurt.

“What are you doing?" Hu Feng's endurance in pain was strong, but he cannot help but frown.

“Who told you to speak nonsense? Do you think I will not make you eat some bitterness when you’re bullying me?"

Hu Feng coldly sneered: “How am I talking nonsense? Village Chief wants you to become his granddaughter-in-law, you said it yourself."

Bai Zhi replied: “Are you a pig? Li Bobo's grandson is only 16 years old. How can I marry such a young child?"

Hu Feng froze, then asked: "So, you didn't agree?"

Bai Zhi shook her head and helplessly said: "Isn't this nonsense talk? Of course, I didn't agree. Don't you know my reputation here in Huangtou Village? Everyone knows that I can't bear a child. So, how can Li Bobo really make me his granddaughter-in-law? He had just forgotten about it earlier. When I reminded him, he certainly understood that it was impossible. You don't need to think about this issue anymore."

Hu Feng's original tight face finally loosen a bit. His lips slightly curved up: "It seems that is the case, there is three filial pity to follow. If you can't give birth, you can't get married in this life."

Bai Zhi tried to cut him off by saying: “As if I wanted to get married. My niang and I only have each other. It's better for us to stay together, than to marry and work like a horse for someone else's family, right?"

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