Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 198

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Old Lady Bai has no choice but to give up her money. The pain she was feeling in her heart was more uncomfortable than digging up her flesh.

After collecting the money, Bai Tieniu went back inside his house. His wife, Mrs. Li, also came in from the backyard. Her face was full of worries when she said: “She said with a worried face: “Husband, we only have 2 buckets of rice in total because we are in a tight budget. Why did you sell a bucket? If the rice shop in the town lose supplies, what are we going to do?”

Bai Tieniu smiled and said: “You don’t understand. I overheard someone in the river earlier, that Bai Zhi brought back a cart full of rice before. The price of the rice at that time is not the same as it is now. Because of this, she gave a word, that if anyone has a problem with rice, people can buy rice to her a little less pricey. According to the price she announced, we can buy 6 buckets of rice with these 2 silver coins. So tell me, isn’t this good?”

When he heard that Bai Zhi was selling rice at a low price, he was originally very annoyed with the fact that he bought rice in the town. He should have bought rice directly to Bai Zhi. He felt like he ate a big loss. But after his second aunt sent money right through his door, he was very happy. Because he did not only earned back the 2 silver coins he spent, but he can buy more rice to Bai Zhi. He was so proud of himself. He thinks that this was the smartest move he made in his entire life.


Even after thinking about it for 3 days, Bai Zhi still couldn’t understand how she brought this medicine box with her in this ancient time.

That day, she suddenly returned to modern times, was it real or a dream?

If it was a dream, how come this medicine box was with her?

If it was true, then since she has returned to modern times, why was she in the ancient time again?

“Zhi’er, why are you still here? Aren’t you going to the town to visit Meng Daren? What are you doing in a daze?” Zhao Lan slightly knitted her eyebrows. She doesn’t know what happened in these past few days, but her daughter was always staring at that cloth bag in a daze. She doesn’t know what she was thinking.

When Bai Zhi returned to her senses, she quickly got up and picked up the cloth bag: “Then, I’m going. If anyone comes to buy rice today, tell them I bought so many rice before not to sell, but for us to eat. Now, one person can only buy one bucket. We don’t have much left, we can only sell a few to help everyone.”

Zhao Lan understood what she meant, so she only sighed and nodded.

Her daughter originally wanted to do something good, she sold rice to save everyone from buying expensive rice in the town. But, who would have thought, there will be people who like doing a dirty a job in the back. They will buy rice in here for a cheaper price, then they will sell it to the neighboring village for a much higher price. Not to mention, they were also saying that it came from Bai Zhi of the Huangtou Village. They earned extra money from buying her rice, but they still harming her. No wonder she was getting upset.


In the Government Office.

Knowing that Bai Zhi will come today, Meng Nan got up early and dress himself up cleanly and neatly. He stands in front of the door with an empty stomach, thinking that Bai Zhi will bring him another set of delicious foods.

*Guru, guru*

Meng Nan looked at Jin s.h.i.+wei: “Hey – why do you always make this sound? Didn’t the kitchen prepared breakfast?”

Jin s.h.i.+wei stretched his neck and looked outside. When he didn’t see a figure, he turned his head to look at Meng Nan: “What delicious food can you eat in the kitchen? I’m sure Zhi’er will bring my favorite egg pancakes.”

Meng Nan squinted his eyes: “Those foods are mine. Zhi’er specifically bringing foods for me, not for you.”

Jin s.h.i.+wei didn’t care about Meng Nan: “Who said that? Zhi’er is not stingy, why would she forget about me.”

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