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This is a story about the pursuit of victory. — “I subscribe only to the theory of victory. I only pursue victory. As long as I am able to obtain victory, I don’t care if it’s total football or counterattack. What is the ultimate goal of professional soccer? In my opinion, it is victory, and the pinnacle of victory is to become the champions. I am a manager. If I don’t wish to lose my job or be forgotten by the people, there’s only one path for me to take, and that is to lead the team in obtaining victories, in obtaining champions.h.i.+p t.i.tles!” The main character was not well-liked by people. — “⋯We conducted a survey which had been deemed by Manager Tony Twain as extremely meaningless. In a random street survey conducted, ninety-three percent of those surveyed chose the option ‘I hate Tony Twain’, while only seven percent chose the option ‘This person is rather decent, I like him’. It is worth noting that n.o.body chose the option ‘Who is Tony Twain? I don’t know him’. Mark, do you know why Manager Twain felt that our survey was very meaningless?” Parker, a reporter from laughed loudly and said when he was being interviewed by BBC. But there were also people who were madly in love with him. — When Tony Twain was forced to talk about the survey conducted by during an interview, his reply was : “I am happy, because Nottingham Forest’s fans make up seven percent of England’s population.” And he did not seem to care about how the others saw him. — “What are you all trying to make me say? Admit that I am not popular, and everywhere I go will be filled with jeers and middle fingers. You all think I will be afraid? Wrong! Because I am able to bring victory to my team and its supporters. I don’t care how many people hate me and can’t wait to kill me, and I also won’t change myself to accommodate the mood of these losers. You want to improve your mood? Very simple, come and defeat me.” His love story had garnered widespread attention. — “Our reporters took these pictures at Manager Tony Twain’s doorsteps. It clearly shows that Shania entered his house at 8.34pm and she did not leave the house throughout the night at all. But Manager Tony Twain firmly denies, and insists that that was merely the newest-model inflatable doll which he had ordered. He was the number one star of the team. — “⋯ Became the spokesperson of world-wide famous clothing brands, shot advertis.e.m.e.nts, frequented the fas.h.i.+on industry’s award ceremonies, endorsed electronic games, has a supermodel girlfriend. His earnings from advertis.e.m.e.nts exceed his club salary by seventeen times, owns a special column in various print medias, publis.h.i.+ng his autobiography (in progress), and is even said that he is planning to shoot an inspirational film based off his own person experiences! Who can tell me which part of his life experiences is worthy of being called ‘inspirational’? Hold on⋯. Are you all thinking that I’m referring to David Beckham? You’re sorely mistaken! I’m talking about Manager Tony Twain⋯.” He was very knowledgeable about Chinese soccer. — “⋯ I’ve heard about it, that Bora gifted four books to his manager Mr. Zhu before your country’s national team’s warm up match. After which, the team lost 1:3 to a nameless American team from Major League Soccer. The new excuse that Mr. Zhu gave for losing the match, was that Bora gifted “books” (‘books’ and ‘lose’ are h.o.m.ophones in the Chinese language). Here, I recommend that you guys find out what that one specific book is. Which book? Of course the one that caused you all to score a goal. After that, tell me the t.i.tle of the book. Before every match, I will gift ten copies of that same book to you. In that case, won’t you all be able to get a triumphant 10:0 win over your opponents every time?” An excerpt taken from Tony Twain’s special column in a certain famous Chinese sports newspaper. He was loved and hated by the press. — “He has a special column in at least four renowned print media, and he is able to get a considerable amount of remuneration just by scolding people or writing a few hundred words of nonsense weekly. While we have to contemplate hard about our drafts for three days before our boss is pleased with it. In an article inside his special column, he scolded and called all of the media ‘son of a b.i.t.c.h’, announcing that he hated the media the most. But every time he publishes an article, we flock towards him like flies which had spotted b.u.t.ter. Why? Because the readers like to read his news and see him scold people. I dare to bet with you, and Manager Tony Twain knows clearly in his heart as well, that even though he says that he hates us, he knows that the present him cannot do without us. Similarly, we also cannot do without him. Is this ultimately considered a good or a bad thing?” Bruce Pearce, a reporter from said with a face of helplessness when talking about Tony Twain. But no matter the case, his players were his most loyal believers. — Gareth Bale, “No no, we never had any pressure when playing on our home grounds. Because the pressure is all on the manager. As long as we see him standing by the side of the field, all of us will feel that we will be able to win that match. Even the football hooligans are like meek lambs in front of him!” (After saying this, he began to laugh out loudly) The reply from George Wood, the team captain of Nottingham Forest, was the most straightforward. “We follow him because he can bring us victory.” The legendary experience of Tony Twain, the richest, most successful, most controversial manager with the most unique personality! Debuting this summer. Thank you for reading.

Godfather Of Champions Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 995 - Mr. Xia May-26-2022
Chapter 978 - Teresa May-26-2022
Chapter 977 - A Child May-26-2022
Chapter 965 - Tickets May-26-2022
Chapter 943 - Feud May-26-2022
Chapter 934 - Greedy May-26-2022
Chapter 866 - Madrid May-26-2022
Chapter 865 - Confess May-26-2022
Chapter 850 - Sprint May-26-2022
Chapter 831 - Trust May-26-2022
Chapter 826 - Destiny May-26-2022
Chapter 815 - Piqué May-26-2022
Chapter 805 - POMO May-26-2022
Chapter 777 - Red War May-26-2022
Chapter 774 May-26-2022
Chapter 767 - Change May-26-2022
Chapter 764 May-26-2022
Chapter 753 - A Sigh May-26-2022
Chapter 735 - Wolf May-26-2022
Chapter 713 - Relief May-26-2022
Chapter 701 - Chilly May-26-2022
Chapter 684 - Remnant May-26-2022
Chapter 681 - Jealous May-26-2022
Chapter 674 - Chaos May-26-2022
Chapter 659 - Cat May-26-2022
Chapter 629 - Anger May-26-2022
Chapter 627 - Guti May-26-2022
Chapter 613 - 9527 May-26-2022
Chapter 516 - Almost May-26-2022
Chapter 514 - Kill May-26-2022
Chapter 446 The Cycle May-26-2022
Chapter 444 Relax May-26-2022
Chapter 436 Round Two May-26-2022
Chapter 433 The Core May-26-2022
Chapter 430 Highbury May-26-2022
Chapter 428 “I” May-26-2022
Chapter 427 Famous May-26-2022
Chapter 414 Thank You May-26-2022
337 The Injury Part 2 May-26-2022
336 The Injury Part 1 May-26-2022
329 China Sun May-26-2022
326 About Anelka May-26-2022
Chapter 290 May-26-2022
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