Scandal Supermodel Chapter 2165: Chapter 2162-unable to resist!

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Chapter 2165: chapter 2162-unable to resist!


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Looking at the two familiar subordinates in front of him, Jing Huan frowned. I heard that there’s finally a conclusion to my mystery. I want to go in and take a


“I’m sorry, Little Miss, we can’t let you in.” “Why?”

“elder jing wishes to interrogate him in private.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Huan suddenly had a bad feeling.

she could vaguely hear the sound of a woman’s crying and a man’s cold inquiry.

however, she couldn’t hear clearly what he was saying.

He felt a little uneasy.

About half an hour later, w.a.n.g Sanhua was taken out.

jing huan stood in the corridor and saw w.a.n.g sanhua’s figure. his heart tightened.

she quickly lowered her head and looked away. at the same time, she looked into the room again.

Elder Jing still hadn’t come out, and he didn’t ask the people at the door to make way. It was as if he didn’t notice that Jing Huan was waiting at the door.

time pa.s.sed by.

elder jing remained silent in the room for a long time before he went out with a tired expression. he ignored jing huan and went upstairs by himself.

grandpa! ” jing huan shouted as she followed behind, but she was once again stopped by someone.

Her heart tightened.

at the same time, ye jingyan also received the news.

his expression changed. ” what? How could she be so careless!”

didn’t they say that after that person was done, she must deal with it properly and not let huo shen and the others find her again? However, Jing Huan still made such a big mistake!

It would be troublesome if the matter was exposed.

ye jingyan’s expression changed slightly, and a touch of solemness appeared on his handsome face.

He turned around to look at his mountain of work and thought of these troublesome things. He suddenly felt a little annoyed.

“let’s go out first,” he said, waving his hand.

Ye Jingyan sat down. When he heard the door close, he opened his tap and carefully checked it. all of his financial records had been wiped clean. logically speaking, it should have been impossible to find anything from these aspects.

if something went wrong, it would be jing huan’s fault.

If they really found out .

Ye Jingyan closed his eyes in despair.

he couldn’t afford to pay that money.

Most of them had been given to the mysterious and terrifying dark organization. The rest of the money was spent on his own business, as well as some of the loopholes in the Huo group.

thinking of that organization, ye jingyan felt a burst of pain on his skin.

Ever since he had been tortured for so many days and fed with terrible drugs, he had been completely afraid of them. In the beginning, he had thought that they were just an organization that was after money. It was only then that he realized that they were just a bunch of desperadoes.

He was not on the same level as him.

He did not have the strength to resist. In front of them, he could only be played like a puppet.

ye jingyan pressed down on his trembling arm and felt the pain coming from his cells. he shut his eyes tightly. then, he took a deep breath and took the painkiller.

“young president huo, will you attend tonight’s banquet?”

“young president huo, there’s a meeting coming up, do you want to connect now?”

“little president huo, yingying.”

Every five minutes, the phone on the table would ring.

ye jingyan’s head ached when he heard that. he suddenly slapped the phone hard.

With a “crash,” the phone split from the middle.

Beads of blood started to appear on ye Jingyan’s palm. However, he did not seem to feel anything at all..

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