Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 666: Thirteen gold medallions (1)

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Chapter 666: Thirteen gold medallions (1)


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“We’re running out of time!” Xia qingchen spoke with a solemn expression. we must work hard in our cultivation. We must strive to break through to the major star-level and obtain the military post of Wan Xiaoqi.

during this period of time, I have to harvest a large number of merit points.

It would not be as easy to get the blood spring as he had imagined.

After reading the introduction to the blood spring, he continued to flip through the booklet. Suddenly, he saw a familiar picture.

The pattern was drawn with a special writing brush. It was golden in color and was refined from the bone armor and hair of a demon beast from a major star position.

“This brush …” Xia qingchen took out an identical writing brush from his spatial treasure.

That day in the territory of the great demons in the West Ridge, one of the four people who had received orders from Princess yanyu to search for the heavenly fire baby was a traitor of the hundred-Punisher cavalry named Zhan xueyang.

After killing him, Xia qingchen found a writing brush in his bosom.

Looking at the introduction of the writing brush on the booklet, there were two words written on it-‘sword brush’!

This was the sword-brush that Gongsun Wuji desired!

It described that the sword brush was personally issued by the military Palace, and only those who had made special contributions could obtain it.

The way to obtain it … Ominous!

In other words, it was not something that could be obtained by strength or experience. Instead, it had to be obtained through some unique channels.

Thinking back to Zhan xueyang’s ident.i.ty as a traitor, it wasn’t hard to guess that there was someone behind him who helped him get it.

The use of the sword brush was indeed to grant one a privileged status and a higher position!

The effective period would last for about three months from the start of use!

He had yet to use this sword pen.

As he read through the books, he returned to his temporary tent.

Grudgy and Lian Xing were among them.

However, before he entered, he saw a row of guards with blades standing outside his tent, filled with killing intent.

Each of them had a serious expression as they sealed the tent.

“Xia qingchen? Quickly enter and listen to my orders!” The guard with the saber recognized Xia qingchen and shouted in a deep voice.

What, someone’s here?

He stepped in and saw three more people in the tent.

Two of them were standing with sabers in their hands, while the other was sitting on a stone bench with a black thousand-mile cavalry token on his waist.

“You’re finally willing to come back?” When he saw Xia qingchen enter, his face was filled with solemnity, as though he was questioning him.

Xia qingchen flipped through his book as if there was no one around and sat down. He didn’t even lift his head as he said, “”I’m very busy. You have ten breaths to talk.”


“Lord Yu said that you’re proud of your talent and look down on everyone. It turns out that it’s true!” The thousand cricket cavalry laughed in anger.

He spoke in a tone as if he was interrogating Xia qingchen. Was he still hoping that Xia qingchen’s att.i.tude would be good?

Xia qingchen didn’t owe him anything!

“Nine more breaths.” Xia qingchen’s eyes never left the booklet.

Qian ruqi shook his head. forget it. I can’t be bothered to argue with you young people who think they are geniuses. I’ve seen many people like you who have high expectations but low standards!

He straightened his body and his expression became serious again. He took out a Jade token from his sleeve.

That was Wan Xiaoqi’s unique token, and the Northwest Military Region only had ten of them.

Seeing the token was like seeing Wan Xiaoqi himself!

“Lord Yu’s orders!” The thousand cricket cavalry said.

Xia qingchen was still sitting calmly. He leisurely spoke, “”Speak,” he said.

From his tone, it was clear that he wasn’t listening to an order, but rather, he was listening to a report.

“Why didn’t you kneel after seeing Lord Yu’s token?” Qian Qiqi frowned.

Xia qingchen didn’t even raise his head and just clasped his five fingers together. “Five more breaths.”

He had never taken Wan Xiaoqi seriously, not to mention that this Wan Xiaoqi was Yu guitian.

“Hehe, you’ve got guts!” Qian ruqi sneered and gave him a thumbs up. pa.s.s on Lord Yu’s orders. Get the new thousand cricket rider, Xia qingchen, to head to Lord Yu’s tent to seek an audience.

After saying this, he kept the Jade token and a.s.sessed Xia qingchen with a critical gaze. “Young people nowadays don’t even know basic etiquette! He actually asked for an audience with his superior and didn’t take the initiative!”

“If you continue like this, how far can you go in your military career?” Qian mingqi said.

“Two more breaths!” Xia qingchen said calmly.

then, master Xia, I, Chen xiangdong, have already brought the order. You can get ready to go. Lord Yu is waiting for you! Qian qiangqi said indifferently.

In the tent, there were also a few other thousand cricket cavalry that had been summoned.

On the surface, they were welcoming Xia qingchen, the newly appointed thousand cricket cavalry. But in reality, they were showing their might.

He had to let Xia qingchen know who was the superior who would decide his fate in the Northwest military camp!

“Time’s Up.” “You should leave,” Xia qingchen said calmly.

“You’re not going?” Chen xiangdong became serious.

When a superior summons a subordinate, how could the subordinate not obey?

“I don’t have time!” Xia qingchen flipped to another page.

Chen xiangdong took a deep breath and said,”our Northwest Legion is full of madmen!” Xia, old Chen, I’m really impressed by you!”

He was just a first Qian Ren rider, yet he dared to treat Wan Xiao rider like air!

In the entire Northwest Legion, the only one who dared to do so was Zhao yuns.h.i.+.

However, she had a deep background. What did Xia qingchen have?

“Alright, I’ll tell you the truth.” Chen xiangdong looked at Xia qingchen, as if he could already see his ending!

He left the tent and went straight to Wan Xiaoqi’s camp.

Seven thousand cricket cavalry were sitting inside.

Other than Zhao yuns.h.i.+, Xia qingchen, and Chen xiangdong, who had gone to pa.s.s on the order, the rest of the people were all present.

“Where is he?” On the main seat of the camp, in front of the table, sat a serious young man who was as calm as an ancient well.

He was about twenty-five years old, but his strength had reached the major star level.

He was dressed in black casual clothes and exuded the sharp aura of a soldier, far above the armored thousand cricket cavalry.

He sat there with his eyes closed, and the seven thousand cricket cavalry didn’t even dare to breathe.

The hall was so silent that even the buzzing of mosquitoes could be heard.

Chen xiangdong, who came to report, felt the pressure and said respectfully, “Lord Yu, Xia qingchen … I won’t!”


The seven thousand cricket cavalry looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

He’s new here, but he’s actually refusing the orders of his superior!

If it was during a war, those who dared to disobey the orders of their superiors would be executed on the spot.

Although it wasn’t the time of war and he couldn’t kill him, he could still punish him severely.

In the thousand cricket cavalry, Gongsun Wuji’s heart tightened as he secretly chided, “”Xia qingchen, you really don’t know the severity of this! He actually refused Wan Xiaoqi’s summons!”

After thinking for a while, he stood up and said, “”Milord, this general will send another message!”

Yu guitian looked at Gongsun Wuji indifferently and said, “”No need!”

He took a stack of golden paper from the table and wrote on it. There were thirteen pieces of paper, and each of them only had four words:Quickly come and see him!

“A golden token?” Gongsun Wuji’s expression was extremely serious. “My Lord, how can we use the gold token when we are not fighting?”

A gold badge was an absolute order issued by the Supreme Commander in a state of war.

Anyone who received it had to obey.

If there was any disobedience, he would be killed on the spot without mercy!

Moreover, there were thirteen gold tokens!

If Xia qingchen were to disobey even the slightest, he would definitely die without an intact corpse!

Did Yu guitian want to mess with Xia qingchen to death?

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