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  • The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness

  • Author(s): ACEE
  • GENRES: Drama - Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness summary:

s.h.i.+ Man was the best special agent in the organization, and she was supposed to retire in peace, but they came after her to purge her anyway. She died exhausted after turning the tables against the organization’s agents… but was reborn, transmigrating into a book as its villainess! The villainess’s family is rich and powerful. Being the only daughter, her mother and brothers would pamper her out of control, and she was engaged to the male lead at birth. Yet, the body’s original owner messed up big-time despite being dealt the perfect hand. She hara.s.sed the female lead to win the male lead’s attention and affection until she eventually incensed the male lead. He threw her into the colosseum ring, where she was torn to pieces. Her family naturally went all out to avenge her and ended up suffering multiple casualties as they fell into desperate straits…On the other hand, when s.h.i.+ Man reincarnated, she told the male lead that they should go their separate ways and pretend they never knew each other even if they met again. She even paid the female lead with emotional duress compensation and told her they had nothing to do with each other from then on. However, after parting ways with them and preparing to begin a new life, the male lead regretted his choice and started wooing her. The supporting male characters who were never interested in her also had a sudden change of heart, and even the female lead was now offering to be her follower! Staring at the mob flocking around s.h.i.+ Man, the s.h.i.+ family was furious. “She belongs to our family! Stay away!”
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