Super Necromancer System summary:

In a world full of caped superheroes, supervillains, and monsters, Aldrich is worthless. 95% of humanity has evolved to develop superpowers, but Aldrich is one of the rare few that has no powers at all.
Because of his lack of powers, Aldrich suffers relentless bullying and discrimination. Society looks down on him as a burden. He is reminded everyday that he is better off dead than alive.
Yet one day, at the height of his despair, after Aldrich is spat on, beaten, and broken, when it seems like everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him: a screen from his favorite fantasy role playing game giving him the chance to wield the power he has only ever dreamed of.
Watch as Aldrich rises from weak to strong.
From suffering to finding vengeance.
From standing alone to commanding undead legions.
From mere man to Lord of Death itself.

Super Necromancer System Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 441 80% Feb-29-2024
Chapter 435 Intrusion Feb-28-2024
Chapter 434 Suspicion Feb-28-2024
Chapter 428 Sheathed Feb-25-2023
Chapter 427 Split Feb-25-2023
Chapter 426 The Monk Feb-25-2023
Chapter 425 Swords Feb-25-2023
Chapter 424 Restored Feb-25-2023
Chapter 422 Unsealed Feb-12-2023
Chapter 421 Lab's End Feb-12-2023
Chapter 408: A Dream Dec-13-2022
Chapter 407: {Twin} Dec-12-2022
Chapter 402: {Oni } Nov-18-2022
Chapter 361 Plans Sep-22-2022
Chapter 354 Omega Sep-07-2022
Chapter 334 Ceasefire Aug-19-2022
Chapter 327 Worthy Aug-13-2022
Chapter 305 Rescue Jul-29-2022
Chapter 294 Stranger Jul-23-2022
Chapter 284 Defense 2 Jul-17-2022
Chapter 283 Defense Jul-17-2022
Chapter 282 Insight Jul-17-2022
Chapter 277 Demons Jul-17-2022
Chapter 275 Simmering Jul-17-2022
Chapter 272 More Loot Jul-17-2022
Chapter 270 Cure Jun-28-2022
Chapter 269 Seraph Jun-28-2022
Chapter 267 Airbird Jun-27-2022
Chapter 266 Emergency Jun-26-2022
Chapter 252 'Cops' Jun-12-2022
Chapter 251 Road Trip Jun-12-2022
Chapter 250 Name Jun-12-2022
Chapter 249 Lnstinct Jun-12-2022
Chapter 248 - Samples Jun-09-2022
Chapter 246 ln Sync Jun-07-2022
Chapter 245 Feast 5 Jun-07-2022
Chapter 244 Feast 4 Jun-07-2022
Chapter 243 Feast 3 Jun-07-2022
Chapter 242 Feast 2 Jun-07-2022
Chapter 241 Feast Jun-02-2022
Chapter 239 - Desmond Jun-02-2022
Chapter 225 Maze May-29-2022
Chapter 223 Technos May-29-2022
Chapter 220 Agreement May-29-2022
Chapter 215 Nomads May-29-2022
Chapter 212 Shaping May-29-2022
Chapter 210 Mana Flow May-29-2022
Chapter 209 Learning May-29-2022
Chapter 203: Resting May-29-2022
Chapter 199: Warmth May-29-2022
Chapter 194: Boundary May-29-2022
Chapter 181: 22 May-29-2022
Chapter 178: Volantis May-29-2022
Chapter 175: A Crypt May-29-2022
Chapter 167: A Deal May-29-2022
Chapter 160: Times Up May-29-2022
Chapter 156: Sentinel May-29-2022
Chapter 155: A Deal May-29-2022
Chapter 154: Sponsor May-29-2022
Chapter 151: Tag Out May-29-2022
Chapter 150: Seismic May-29-2022
Chapter 149: Survival May-29-2022
Chapter 142: All Out May-29-2022
Chapter 140: Quest? May-29-2022
Chapter 139: Beatdown May-29-2022
Chapter 134: Danger May-29-2022
Chapter 99: Resolve May-29-2022
Chapter 98: Minuteman May-29-2022
Chapter 94: Sky Fight May-29-2022
Chapter 91: New Mount May-29-2022
Chapter 77: Dying Sun May-29-2022
Chapter 61: Disaster May-29-2022
Chapter 54: Alchemy May-29-2022
Chapter 45: Planning May-29-2022
Chapter 30: Loot May-29-2022
Chapter 24: The Geist May-29-2022
Chapter 19: Valera May-29-2022
Chapter 17: Vengeance May-29-2022
Chapter 13: Hunting May-29-2022
Chapter 12: The Nexus May-29-2022
Chapter 8: Friends May-29-2022
Chapter 0.2 May-29-2022
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