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Chapter 135: The Arrival of Reinforcements

“d.a.m.n it! Who is it! Who is it!”

A terrifying voice shocked all of the survivors of Preston.

They all thought that the master of the werewolves had arrived.

The frightened people looked at each other.

An atmosphere of despair filled them.

Fortunately, the sound of the voice only lasted for a short while.

It made them feel a little relieved.

The werewolves who already ran out heard the voice and were instantly terrified.

They were reminded of the demon who used them as food.

The fear in their hearts did not dissipate for a long time.

However, Zach was happy when he heard the voice.

Facing such a terrifying demon, Zach did not believe that the cardinal could still survive.

After the demon had killed the cardinal, the soldiers of the Orthodox Church, and the human kingdom…

The werewolves would be the winner of this war!

They had only 'sacrificed' a few insignificant werewolves and an Advanced-Level Holy Ranking General.

In order to eliminate the cardinal and completely take down Preston,

It was a small price that had to be paid.

Even if the clan found out, they wouldn't say anything.

Not to mention the order by the elders to kill the cardinal by any means necessary.

Of course, Zach acted boldly.

But at the same time, he also eliminated an enemy whom he hated.

It was perfect.

He was amazed by his plan!


Monn heard the voice and frowned slightly.

It seemed that this scroll was not a simple thing.

He kept thinking that there was a very scary guy behind him.

But in an instant, Monn's eyebrows relaxed.

No matter how scary it was, from his tone, he knew that this guy probably could not come to the Human Realm.

Therefore, Monn was not too worried.

As time pa.s.sed, no matter how extraordinary the scroll was…

It could only gradually dissipate in the flames of Elendil.

During this time, the Holy Knights, under the leaders.h.i.+p of Ace, had also completely eliminated the remaining abyssal monsters.

As for the pa.s.sage that connected to the abyss, it disappeared along with the death of the demon.

By the time the scroll and the abyssal monsters were completely dealt with, it was already afternoon.

There were dark clouds in the sky of Preston due to Elendil's flames.

The entire sky gradually began to drizzle.

It was as the rain was to wash away the blood and the stench of the battlefield.

Just when everyone thought that everything was finally over…

A tremor suddenly came from under their feet.

The tremor grew stronger and stronger.

It shook the gravel under their feet until they gradually bounced up.

The Paladins who were relaxing immediately stopped when they saw this.

A vigilant look rose in their eyes.

They all gripped the Holy Spears in their hands tightly.

They were ready to fight again.

At this moment, along with the tremor, the sound of huge footsteps suddenly came.

The Holy Knights' expressions changed drastically.

Could it be that the werewolves had come back?

Everyone speculated.

Even Elton's expression was a little ugly.

Why did Preston have so many disasters?

They had just settled the matter with the demon, and now an army had appeared?

This huge sound of footsteps.

Elton knew that it could not be from just one person.

And the army coming was most likely the werewolves.

Elton could not help but say, “These werewolves are really haunting us!”

When the others heard Elton's words, they all nodded in agreement,

This group of werewolves could not help but invade their home.

And get rid of them.

They even summoned a demon.

And in the end, when they finally killed the demon, the group of werewolves ran away?

Think about it, the left hand caught the fish?

How could there be such a beautiful thing!

They would never allow such a situation!

At the thought of this, the Paladins' eyes became bloodshot.

Anger flowed out of their eyes.

Just as they were waiting for the enemy to appear.

Not far away, a white horizon suddenly appeared.

As time changed, the white horizon gradually became wider and wider.

Until his entire face was revealed.

The Holy Knights who had been advancing at full speed were shocked.

The people of Preston were stunned.

They could not help but ask, “This is?”

Ace recovered from the shock and said, “It should be the reinforcements from Saint Servant.”

Monn took a glance and found that there were indeed a few familiar faces inside. He said, “It's the reinforcements from Saint Servant. Everyone, continue to clean up the battlefield.”

Monn's calm voice rang in everyone's ears.

'Him?' You froze for a moment before obeying the order and cleaning up the battlefield.

Ever since the battle with the demon,

Monn's presence became more and more important to the Paladins.

His right to speak even surpa.s.sed Elton, the Pope of the Preston's Church, to a certain extent.

Of course, the Paladins didn't notice this, nor did Monn.

Because Monn didn't care much about these things.

Ace was also focused on Monn, and didn't care much about the changes in the Paladins.

But the Pope, Elton had noticed it early on.

After all, as the Pope of Preston,

He was still very sensitive to his prestige.

But he didn't say anything.

After all, he a.s.sumed that Cardinal Monn was most likely an angel from the lower realm.

He had very pure faith in the Orthodox Church, so he wasn't angry that his own teacher followed the orders of the Lord Angel.

Even he himself very much wanted to follow Monn's orders.

He thought that Monn might have come to the world with a secret mission, but acted normally so as to not expose his true ident.i.ty.

Elton forcibly stopped this thought.

He continued to maintain his authority as Pope of Preston.

Just as Elton was thinking.

The Paladins who had come to support from Saint Servant also rushed to the place where Monn and the others were.

Monn's old acquaintance, Philip, stood out.

He was dressed in pure white Paladin armor.

His posture was upright, and he gave Monn a very solemn bow.

“Lord Monn! Philip has brought the Paladins from Saint Servant to provide support!”

His voice was loud and clear.

Monn glanced at them indifferently.

He realized that the Paladins who came to provide support were trained by him personally.

Looking at their haughty att.i.tude,

Monn knew that they weren't just here to support him.

They were probably here to show off.

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