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Chapter 58: Deal Facilitation

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It was just after lunch.

Lu Manman was about to sit on the couch and watch the television when a servant approached and respectfully said, “Miss Yun, there's a lady by the name of Jiang Yiyao at the door looking for you.”

Lu Manman looked up at the vintage grandfather clock in the living room. It was barely one in the afternoon.

Jiang Yiyao probably hated Wen Yun as much as she did.

“Let her in, and take her to the garden upstairs to look for me.”


Lu Manman smiled as she watched the servant leave. Then, she turned around and walked toward the transparent gla.s.s garden on the third floor. The view was picturesque, and the flowers were in full bloom.

She sat down in a lounge area in the center of the aerial garden. There were comfortable reclining chairs, an elegant coffee table, and even some decorations that looked casual but were worth a fortune. The decor was so extravagant that it caught people's attention.

She got the housemaid to prepare two cups of coffee and then placed one in front of her and the other opposite her.

She had just picked up her coffee when Jiang Yiyao arrived.

Lu Manman turned around and beckoned for the servants to leave.

The servants left respectfully.

Jiang Yiyao glared at Lu Manman.

“Sit,” Lu Manman said.

Jiang Yiyao was silent as she sat opposite her.

Lu Manman took a sip of coffee and asked, “Does it feel bad living under someone else's roof? Do you want to be like me, having people at my beck and call? Do you want to lead a comfortable life? Was that why you wanted to b.u.t.ter up Wen Yun?”

Jiang Yiyao glared at her, and her expression turned awful after hearing what she said. She got up and was ready to leave.

“Jiang Yiyao, since you've decided to come, you should consider how you're going to negotiate with me,” Lu Manman said casually.

“You're just trying to mock me. I'm not such an idiot as to let you scold me.”

“I was asking you all those questions just so I could understand your true thoughts. You don't have to tell me, but I'm not trying to ridicule you. It's not wrong for a person to pursue a better life. What's wrong is that you don't understand the man you're chasing.” Lu Manman looked up. “I'm not used to looking up at others.”

Jiang Yiyao was quiet for a while but eventually sat down. “Yes, I admit that I hooked up with Wen Yun back then because I've had enough of living under someone else's roof. I hoped that someone could help me climb up the social ladder! I was just born a little poorer than the rest of you, so why am I being looked down upon like this!”

“Go on.”

“I knew that Wen Yun wasn't a nice guy, but I didn't think that he would be so heartless! Lu Manman, I don't want to hide it from you anymore. Other than me, Wen Yun has ambiguous relations.h.i.+ps with other women! He was an experienced player in bed the first time we slept together. It's impossible that it was his first time. Only you were foolish enough to think that Wen Yun only loved you!”

Lu Manman tightened her grip on her coffee, and something flickered in her eyes.

“I actually didn't think that I would have the chance to marry Wen Yun. I just wanted to satisfy his s.e.xual needs as a toy for him to warm his bed occasionally! He's crazy in bed and even has a sadomasochism tendency. I satisfied all of his needs, and he said that a woman like you who thinks so highly of herself will never be like me in bed! Lu Manman, Wen Yun never had much hope in your marriage. Even if you got married, it would only be out of obligation that he slept with you. He wouldn't be interested at all!” Jiang Yiyao said sarcastically. “Did you think that Wen Yun hasn't touched you because he's protecting you? He's just not interested in touching you! Come to think of it, you're even more pathetic than I am!”

Lu Manman tightened her grip on her coffee cup as she looked at Jiang Yiyao.

Scenes of their previous marriage replayed in her head.

On the bed, Wen Yun was still as polite and caring as ever. He was never violent or wild and was always so gentle. She thought that she had met the man who loved her the most…

When she was young, she once read a book about how men could be gentle to you in bed because they loved you enough. Now, she felt that the author of that book was probably a woman who had never experienced love before!

How pathetic.

She sneered at Jiang Yiyao. “Since you know that you won't marry Wen Yun, why are you still willing to warm his bed?”

“I'm such a sl*t! I thought that by clinging to him, I was gaining a foothold in high society. I thought that I could get to know more people through him and that I would be able to meet someone from high society whom I could marry! Only now do I know how brutal he is. He simply hooked up with me because I can do whatever he wants in bed and I'm a tight-lipped person. It's much safer than finding a prost.i.tute. That's why we're still in a physical relations.h.i.+p!”

Lu Manman had to admit that she was struggling to accept this truth.

Wen Yun's ruthlessness and disgust had crossed her bottom line again.

“Unbelievable, right?” Jiang Yiyao looked at her expression and sneered. “I didn't think that a man as clean and gentle as Wen Yun would be such a lecherous devil! Lu Manman, I have to say that you're really lucky that this man was caught by the media before you got married. If not, your entire life would be ruined.”

It was not luck.

She had paid for rebirth with her blood!

She put down her coffee cup and said, “We've talked so much, but only the two of us know what kind of person Wen Yun is. Do you feel reconciled?”

“What do you want to do?”

“At four, Wen Yun will send a reporter to come to my door on his own. If you dare, you can leave. When you face the reporter, tell him that sleeping with you wasn't a result of alcohol and that the two of you have maintained a relations.h.i.+p for several years.”

“Lu Manman, do you really think I'm a fool? What good would it do me if I do that?! Given Wen Yun's background, I would be killed by him anytime! Do you think I dare?! Otherwise, I would've exposed him a long time ago!”

“You don't dare to because you don't have a backing. You've been working for the Di family for so many years and have been a good girl all this while, but does the Di family really accept you? They don't accept you, and they're just adopting you out of consideration for the public. But I have to tell you this now. Since I can let you leave, I can guarantee your safety. But your reputation isn't all that good now already, so what if it's worse? If worse comes to worst, you won't be able to make a living in the country anymore, but I'll send you overseas instead. This world is so huge. If you have the guts, where wouldn't you be safe?” Lu Manman spoke slowly and calmly, but every word she said was convincing!

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