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Chapter 48: Ten Years

After the meal, Wen Yun sent Lu Manman's family home.

The journey was harmonious.

When they arrived at the Lu family's villa and saw that Wen Yun had left, Lu Zishan suddenly said, “Manman, perhaps you made the right decision.”

Lu Manman looked at her father in shock. What had made him change his mind?

“Aristocratic families are not suitable for us. The Wen family will subconsciously make others think that we have climbed up the social ladder. We are just afraid that you will feel aggrieved in the end.” Lu Zishan sighed. Although the Wen family had always appeared polite, they, in fact, still gave off a feeling of superiority and aloofness.

Lu Manman smiled. The older, the wiser.

Her dad finally saw the truth.

Or perhaps, this was what Wen Yun thought in her previous life. No matter how outstanding she was, she was not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as him!

That was why he had treated her so cruelly!

She felt a chill run down her spine.

She bit her lip. The Lu Manman of this lifetime would never let history repeat itself!

No matter who it was!

A few days later.

There was still a week until Lu Manman and Wen Yun's wedding.

The Wen family was already preparing for the wedding. The Wen family was in charge of paying for the wedding and would be receiving all the wedding gifts.

Naturally, the Wen family profited.

They were always plotting against others behind their backs while doing seemingly dignified things.

But this time, they would not receive a single cent.

There would be no wedding!

This morning, Lu Manman dressed up meticulously and headed downstairs.

Wen Yun was already waiting at the door, always so polite.

The two of them got into the car and headed to Wen City's official television station to record the interview program.

They were the most famous ‘newlyweds' in Wen City. The television station gave them the best treatment, and the two of them were accompanied by staff all the way to the recording studio.

There were some onlookers at the scene.

The program was not livestreamed and would only be aired after recording and editing.

The host was a more experienced emcee in Wen City: Lu Ping. Her words were appropriate, and the interview process was enjoyable. There was no awkward silence.

Lu Ping smiled and asked, “Mr. Wen, you've never accepted an interview from the media in all these years, so why are you suddenly appearing in our interview? The audience is asking you this, not me.”

Wen Yun smiled charmingly at the humorous tone. He seemed approachable as always as he answered, “The viewers.h.i.+p rating for your program is too high. I couldn't resist the temptation.”

“With that, I'm sure all the celebrities in Wen City will take the initiative to come over. I would like to thank you on behalf of our producer.” Lu Ping was good at managing the atmosphere.

Wen Yun smiled as well. “Of course it's just one aspect. The other is for Manman.”

He held Lu Manman's hand with a loving look in his eyes that intoxicated people.

In her previous life, she had probably been fooled this way as well.

She smiled quietly, appearing sweet.

“Our Wen family has never been a proud and boastful family. There's a saying in our ancestors' teachings: Do not be lavish, do not be extravagant, and do not waste money. Everyone knows that in a week's time, I will not be able to give Manman a grand wedding. I will not be able to marry her in a glamorous manner befitting a princess. Our wedding will be held in a small hotel, and it will be done quietly with just a few guests.” Wen Yun held Lu Manman's hand even more tightly as if he was really filled with guilt. “It's not to prove anything to the world. I just want to let Manman know through this program that in this lifetime, I, Wen Yun, will only be with Lu Manman for the rest of my life!”

A lifetime together?!

The familiar vow slipped from his lips again.

In her previous life, it had been on the red carpet that every word was made known to the guests.

Everyone had envied her for being able to win the favor of such a wonderful man like Wen Yun.

Lu Manman had become the envy of every woman in Wen City.

What was laughable was that she ended up in such a tragic state!

She had been left with an unborn child and had ended her prime years at the expense of the Lu family's a.s.sets and everything her parents had!

She pursed her lips, and her eyes went red.

The redness was evident, and her bloodshot eyes looked a little malevolent. But in the next moment, she was smiling quietly, making others think she was incredibly touched.

She was so touched her eyes turned red.

Wen Yun held her face in his hands, his voice so tender and loving that there seemed to be a warm flow in it. “Silly girl, don't cry. I love you, and I will only love you in this lifetime. I won't let you down.”

Lu Manman lowered her head, appearing shy.

But she was sneering in her heart. She was waiting to see how he would cover up his lie once his mask was torn apart!

The interview went well. As a highly rated program, it was easy for it to spread to every corner of Wen City. In order to achieve the desired effect, Lu Manman tactfully asked Wen Yun to air the program the night before their wedding. This was a gift to her before their marriage.

Wen Yun actually knew that such an interview was beneficial to him and was not in the least bit harmful to him. Moreover, if it was released on the day before their wedding, it would have been considered sensationalizing their wedding. He could not make the wedding a grand occasion, but he could use the discussion to make his wedding as popular as those weddings of the century. There would be no need to spend a cent to get the results that he wanted. On one hand, he could demonstrate his low-profile character, which was neither extravagant nor deliberate. On the other hand, he could also deepen his image in the hearts of the people in Wen City.

He needed to maintain his image and popularity in Wen City so that he could have a better career.

It was not just limited to Wen City.

Wen City was just a springboard for him to jump off. He had even bigger ambitions, something that the Wen family had never achieved in the past few thousand years.

He had to be the one to bring honor to his ancestors!

And this career needed the financial support of the Lu family!

He smiled and agreed to Lu Manman's request without hesitation. He even appeared to be thinking for her sake. He was used to going with the flow and achieving his goals.

But he had to admit that everything Lu Manman did pleased him. Her every move and action pushed him toward a better path. With Lu Manman by his side helping him with his career, he would be able to move forward even more smoothly. This indeed surprised him a little bit. This marriage only had benefits, but he still did not have any feelings for her.

It was impossible for an aristocratic family to be together with a plutocrat.

No matter how outstanding Lu Manman was, she did not have the right to see the world side by side with him!

Someday, this woman would disappear from his sight.

When that would happen would depend on Lu Manman's capabilities.

The stronger he was, the shorter the time it would take!

He would only give her a ten-year deadline!

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