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Chapter 155: Directly Initiative (9)

Lu Manman suddenly got up from her seat.

The manager thought that she would speak up for them and thus looked at her gratefully.

However, she simply smiled. “I'm sorry, Director Zhang. Something has cropped up at home, so I'll be leaving soon. Please continue without me.”

Zhang Xiande was so angry his eyes were bulging.

Lu Manman innocently said, “The rest of you should think about how you're going to meet the market expectations. Don't anger Director Zhang.”

With that, she left.

When she left, she heard the loud angry slam of the table.

She sneered nonchalantly.

Anyway, Zhang Xiande could not stay!

With that thought in mind, she saw a text message on her cell phone. Her mother had sent it to her, saying that Grandpa had gone home to make a scene.

She took a deep breath.

Why did her grandfather take it so casually!

She actually did have something against him.

She asked Qin Ao to drive her to the Lu family's villa.

Before they even entered the living room, they heard Lu Qinzheng's angry and loud voice. “Lu Zishan, you good-for-nothing! Now you're not only telling Lu Manman to do whatever she wants in the company, but you're also helping her cause trouble. Do you know that the shareholders on the board of directors called me yesterday to ask how you were biased toward Lu Manman's actions? Where would I put my old face in front of so many shareholders?! Great, you're going to be summoned to court now! Let's see what you have to say!”

“Grandpa, you're here so early today?” Lu Manman's voice was heard in the living room.

“Lu Manman, you're back at the right time!” Lu Qinzheng looked at her with anger written all over his face. “Apologize to the Wen family right now and admit your mistake! The Wen family might even let your dad off the hook this time. Otherwise, you'd better watch him go to prison at his old age!”

Lu Manman smiled and sincerely said, “Grandpa, you're really getting old. Your memory is deteriorating a lot.”

“What nonsense are you spouting!”

“Otherwise, how could you have forgotten that I said I wouldn't apologize to the Wen family the other day?!”

“You're so stubborn! You're the one who's hurting yourself! Lu Manman, you're going to get your dad killed!”

“I've never felt that Grandpa was so concerned about Dad. I used to think that Dad was just a child picked up from the streets, unlike Second Uncle. You treated him so well that you wanted to give him everything of Dad,” Lu Manman said sarcastically, and her smile was wider than usual. “Only today did I realize that you actually care a lot about Dad. But Grandpa, I was never the one who wanted to kill Dad!”

“What do you mean?! What do you mean by that?! Do you really think that I would hurt my biological son?!” Lu Qinzheng was fuming mad, and his body was shaking.

“Didn't I just say that I thought you didn't care about Dad? How could I say that you wanted to kill your son? I just said that I wouldn't hurt Dad, but I never said that you wanted to hurt him. As for who wants to hurt him, everyone here knows it,” she said calmly.

Lu Qinzheng was shaking with anger.

He knew very well what Lu Manman meant.

But she did not make himself clear at this point, leaving Lu Qinzheng and Lu Zichuan with nothing to rebut her with. They might lose their rationality if she said too much!

“Grandpa, we are having dinner with the Mo family tonight. If you don't mind, you can stay with us. You're my grandpa, so of course, you can ask the Mo family for some dowry.” Lu Manman changed the topic.

By mentioning her marriage with the Mo family, she was obviously trying to agitate Lu Qinzheng even more so that he could get her to apologize to the Wen family and seek peace.

Lu Qinzheng's anger grew. His expression changed, and he fell to the ground.

Lu Zichuan stood beside Lu Qinzheng and quickly hugged him to prevent him from falling to the ground. He asked anxiously, “Dad, Dad, what's wrong?”

Lu Qinzheng's eyes were wide open, and his mouth was trembling uncontrollably. He seemed like he wanted to say something but could not utter a word.

“Dad, Dad!” Lu Zichuan was extremely agitated.

Lu Zishan and He Xiuwen were shocked as well and hurried forward.

Lu Manman was shocked as well, and she hurried over.

“Get lost! If anything happens to my dad, I won't forgive you!” Lu Zichuan was extremely agitated as he got Lan Xiaojun to call the ambulance.

Lu Manman's eyes narrowed as she watched Lu Zichuan carry Lu Qinzheng out of the Lu family's villa.

Anyone with common sense would know that they could not touch Lu Qinzheng at this point. If he had a cerebral hemorrhage, would that not be akin to accelerating his death?!

She bit her lip and followed him.

There were some reporters at the entrance.

The sudden appearance of the reporters made Lu Manman increasingly feel that there was something fishy going on!

Moreover, she really did not think that she was capable of making Lu Qinzheng so angry. Or perhaps, he was just pretending?!

And this disguise marked the start of another conspiracy!

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