• Rise Of The Legendary Emperor

  • Author(s): don_offl
  • GENRES: Xianxia
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 08-Aug-2020 06:19
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Rise Of The Legendary Emperor summary:

Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold but can a single man take revenge on a powerful kingdom? Do you like it when a hero kills an arrogant young master but spares or falls in love if the arrogant one turns out to be a young miss? Do you like it when the mc collects beauties like trophies on every arc rather than working towards his goal? Do you like it if the MC has to save...

Rise Of The Legendary Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
144 Merchant Guild Ii Aug-08-2020
143 Merchant Guild Aug-07-2020
142 New Homes Aug-07-2020
141 Ancient War Aug-07-2020
140 Evan Aug-07-2020
139 Ancient Words Aug-07-2020
137 The Attack Aug-07-2020
136 The Bow Of Arjuna Aug-07-2020
135 Orcs Aug-07-2020
134 The Sword Of Don Aug-07-2020
132 I Am The Law Aug-07-2020
131 Party Crashers Aug-07-2020
129 Metal Bending Aug-07-2020
128 Sacrifices Jul-23-2020
127 Wrong Guy? Jul-22-2020
123 After War Meeting Jul-18-2020
122 Kingdom Agoria Jul-17-2020
121 The Great Ones Jul-17-2020
120 Interference Jul-17-2020
119 Double Cross Jul-17-2020
117 The War Begins Ii Jul-15-2020
116 The War Begins I Jul-14-2020
115 Morale Jul-13-2020
113 Escape Plan Jul-11-2020
111 North And South Jul-09-2020
109 Provocation Jul-08-2020
108 Azrite Deposi Jul-06-2020
106 What Is Honor? Jul-04-2020
103 Curse Jul-02-2020
100 A Tragedy Jul-02-2020
99 Prince Nikalas Jul-02-2020
98 Lie After Lie Jul-02-2020
95 A Mistake Jul-02-2020
94 A Cliche Figh Jul-02-2020
92 Teleporter Array Jul-02-2020
90 Princess Darlene I Jul-02-2020
89 Tavern Games Ii Jul-02-2020
88 Tavern Games I Jul-02-2020
86 Little Bunny Jul-02-2020
85 Celebration Ii Jul-02-2020
84 Celebration I Jul-02-2020
81 Lion And The Cubs Jul-02-2020
80 Knight's Excitemen Jul-02-2020
79 Home Jul-02-2020
77 End Of The Battle Jul-02-2020
76 The Mad King Jul-02-2020
75 The Next Phase Jul-02-2020
74 The Resistance Jul-02-2020
73 Punishments Jul-02-2020
72 King Hedor Ii Jul-02-2020
71 King Hedor I Jul-02-2020
70 Joel In Emir Jul-02-2020
69 Assassins Jul-02-2020
66 Ken Did I Jul-02-2020
65 Everligh Jul-02-2020
64 Joel's Story Jul-02-2020
63 The Army Jul-02-2020
61 A Chance Jul-02-2020
60 Lucky Day Jul-02-2020
59 Slave Traders Jul-02-2020
58 Pain And Gain Iii Jul-02-2020
57 Pain And Gain Ii Jul-02-2020
56 Pain And Gain Jul-02-2020
55 The Oath Jul-02-2020
52 Wounds Of The Pas Jul-02-2020
51 Merciless Beating Jul-02-2020
50 Singing Cat Tavern Jul-02-2020
49 The Bounty Poster Jul-02-2020
48 Rest In Peace Jul-02-2020
47 The Bound Energy Jul-02-2020
46 The Celebration Jul-02-2020
44 Reports Jul-02-2020
43 Aftermath Ii Jul-02-2020
42 Aftermath Jul-02-2020
40 It's A Dragon Jul-02-2020
38 A Bad Idea Jul-02-2020
36 Ambush Plan Jul-02-2020
34 Virnam Jul-02-2020
33 Dwarves Jul-02-2020
31 The Arrival Jul-02-2020
30 Hellish Training Jul-02-2020
29 We Figh Jul-02-2020
28 The Hunt Begins Jul-02-2020
24 Dragon King Jul-02-2020
22 Destiny Begins Iii Jul-02-2020
21 Destiny Begins Ii Jul-02-2020
20 Destiny Begins I Jul-02-2020
19 The Destined One Jul-02-2020
16 The Plan Jul-02-2020
12 Minister Brian Jul-02-2020
10 Out Of The Woods Jul-02-2020
7 Otherworldly Beings Jul-02-2020
-2 Gods Jul-02-2020
-1 Mortal Realm Jul-02-2020
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