Eternal Melody summary:

"I think I 'm tired of falling in love."After losing her first love due to a traffic accident, Ibuki Sumire transfers to Tokyo. She wanted to escape, to run away from everything that happened. To start over in a place that didn 't have him.There she learns about the masks people wear. The masks people wear to disguise their feelings. Sometimes you have to look past what you see on the surface...

Eternal Melody Chapters

Time uploaded
180 A Treasure Aug-04-2020
178 If Jul-31-2020
177 Come Back To Me Jul-31-2020
176 I'm Pregnant? Jul-31-2020
175 The Correct Path Jul-31-2020
171 Shadows Jul-31-2020
170 No Regrets Jul-31-2020
169 Two Queens? Jul-31-2020
167 Crazy Ideas? Jul-31-2020
165 Cruel Creatures Jul-31-2020
164 No Matter Wha Jul-31-2020
163 Different Meaning Jul-22-2020
159 The Truth Is Jul-19-2020
158 Like A Treasure Jul-19-2020
155 No Longer Human Jul-19-2020
152 Opening Ceremony Jul-18-2020
146 Because Of Him Jul-13-2020
145 Stain Jul-13-2020
143 Investigate Jul-13-2020
142 Reach Jul-11-2020
141 Fate Jul-11-2020
140 Far Too Late Jul-11-2020
138 Camera Jul-10-2020
136 Would You Jul-09-2020
135 Game Jul-08-2020
133 Is This A Date? Jul-08-2020
132 Worried Jul-07-2020
131 I Want To Jul-07-2020
130 Viral Overnigh Jul-06-2020
129 Smile More Jul-06-2020
127 Being Illogical Jul-05-2020
126 Stay With Me Jul-04-2020
115 All For Him Jun-30-2020
113 Stubborn Jun-30-2020
112 2013 - Mine Final Jun-30-2020
111 2013- Mine Part 2 Jun-30-2020
105 He Needs You Jun-30-2020
104 Back Off Jun-30-2020
101 Why? Jun-30-2020
100 Show Me Again Jun-30-2020
99 Acciden Jun-30-2020
98 Coping Jun-30-2020
91 Just Like Jun-30-2020
90 Stop Or Continue? Jun-30-2020
88 Call Jun-30-2020
85 I Love This World Jun-30-2020
84 Knights Jun-30-2020
83 We Are Monsters Jun-30-2020
82 Substitute Jun-30-2020
81 I Missed You Jun-30-2020
80 So Shameless Jun-30-2020
79 Troubled Jun-30-2020
77 Amethyst Part 4 Jun-30-2020
76 Amethyst Part 3 Jun-30-2020
75 Amethyst Part 2 Jun-30-2020
74 Amethys Jun-30-2020
73 Nobody Will See Jun-30-2020
72 Warning Jun-30-2020
71 He Is Differen Jun-30-2020
70 Fears Jun-30-2020
69 Okay, Lets Date Jun-30-2020
68 I Like Jun-30-2020
67 Dating Stages Jun-30-2020
66 Scars Jun-30-2020
65 Trouble Jun-30-2020
64 Past Sins Jun-30-2020
62 Helpless Romantic Jun-30-2020
61 I Am Only Flirting Jun-30-2020
60 Is This Okay? Jun-30-2020
59 Interes Jun-30-2020
58 What Do I Want? Jun-30-2020
57 Narcis Jun-30-2020
56 Disgusted Jun-30-2020
55 What Do You Want? Jun-30-2020
54 Hostile Jun-30-2020
51 A Sudden Kiss Jun-30-2020
50 Nervous Jun-30-2020
48 Snow Voice Final Jun-30-2020
47 Snow Voice Part 2 Jun-30-2020
46 Snow Voice Part 1 Jun-30-2020
45 Angel Voice Part 2 Jun-30-2020
44 Angel Voice Part 1 Jun-30-2020
41 The Only One Jun-30-2020
39 Close But Distance Jun-30-2020
38 Mix And Match Jun-30-2020
37 A World Of Colour Jun-30-2020
36 Warm Colour Jun-30-2020
35 Beautiful Jun-30-2020
34 I Do Trust You Jun-30-2020
33 Uncomfortable Jun-30-2020
32 I Hate Liars Jun-30-2020
30 Seed Jun-30-2020
29 Living Together? Jun-30-2020
28 An Old Legend Jun-30-2020
25 I Adore You Jun-30-2020
18 Ilogical Jun-30-2020
11 Everyday Jun-30-2020
10 Can I Rely On You? Jun-30-2020
9 That Importan Jun-30-2020
8 Nothing Has Changed Jun-30-2020
7 Silent Kiss Jun-30-2020
6 Canary Yellow Jun-30-2020
5 The Same Colour Jun-30-2020
2 Beautiful Jun-30-2020
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