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  • Isekai Futanari Monster Girls

  • Author(s): TheAuthorsanXD
  • GENRES: Xianxia
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 10-Aug-2020 21:20
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Isekai Futanari Monster Girls summary:

You are Tony Stank. Eighteen years old Science engineering genius that is studying at University. Tony was not an average teen. He has a thing for girls with d.i.c.ks and monster girls despite being the smartest kid in the University. On one fateful night, When Tony was going home. And that was when he meets his fateful encounter...................(HOOOK! HOOK!) (You know the Isekai drill)

Isekai Futanari Monster Girls Chapters

Time uploaded
65 Side Story Aug-10-2020
64 Helen's New Sui Aug-09-2020
62 Lenna Vs Tony Aug-05-2020
58 Kana's Spy Aug-05-2020
57 Claire Calamity Aug-05-2020
56 Lenna's Challenge Aug-05-2020
55 Academy Complete Jul-21-2020
53 Night With Irin Jul-17-2020
52 Titania Jul-16-2020
51 Dinner And Movie Jul-15-2020
50 Trauma And Tour Jul-14-2020
49 The Drone Thief Jul-13-2020
47 A Home Jul-11-2020
44 The Grand Meeting Jul-11-2020
43 Engagemen Jul-11-2020
42 A Rival Appear Jul-07-2020
39 Game And Prizes Jul-04-2020
38 Anna, Aven, Esta Jul-03-2020
37 The Royal Library Jul-02-2020
36 Telling The Truth Jul-02-2020
35 Mana Gem Jul-01-2020
34 Mana Stone Jul-01-2020
32 A Demigod Magic Jun-30-2020
29 Our Husband Jun-29-2020
28 A Prank Jun-29-2020
27 A Warning Jun-29-2020
25 To The Minig City Jun-29-2020
24 Crafting Marke Jun-29-2020
23 The Cold Morning Jun-29-2020
22 The Prize Jun-29-2020
21 Duel 2 Jun-29-2020
20 Duel Jun-29-2020
19 Aisha Jun-29-2020
18 Lenna's Repor Jun-29-2020
15 The King Jun-29-2020
14 Tony's Your Pas Jun-29-2020
13 Zylris Jun-29-2020
12 Breakfas Jun-29-2020
11 Lenna's Secre Jun-29-2020
9 Male??!! Jun-29-2020
8 Best Day! Ever! Jun-29-2020
6 Mila Side Story Jun-29-2020
5 Goddess Mila Jun-29-2020
3 The Judge's Table Jun-29-2020
2 Futanari Elf Route Jun-29-2020
1 Introduction Jun-29-2020
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