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A loud buzzing sound penetrated the camp just as someone shouted it was time to pack up and go back to the capital. Troops standing nearby from the night prior were relieved and leisurely ran to get their supplies before preparing for the trip back to the capital.

Tang Gon heard the call and thought it was time to go. He was awake a few hours before the call but was still laying down on the makes.h.i.+ft bed in his part of the room. The last hour of being awake had him staring at the ceiling of the tent and thinking about what else was left.

He had just lied about owing a debt to the boy's family last night on a whim of his and the countless transmigration novels he read, but this was too dangerous and full of loopholes, he had to find a way to get past this sticky situation.

Throwing off his blanket, Tang Gon got up from his bed and walked to the bed across from his. Brooke was still sleeping and the blankets that were supposed to be covering him were wrapped across his legs.

"Time to wake up." Although Tang Gon was loud and cra.s.s for the most part, he had to play a part of a butler. He had introduced himself to the boy like this and it was best not to deviate too much from the role that he placed himself in.

Brooke gently woken by Tang Gon, sat up and looked around his room, still tired and groggy from waking up so early. Noticing Tang Gon, however, Brooke was instantly awake.

Tang Gon wanting to quicken the process of preparing the child's morning routine, decided to use the system.


[200 Clicker Points Deducted] The loud jeering sound of the system filled his mind and once again a process of light entered his mind.

"Clothes Selection." A clear sound came out of Tang Gon's mouth and filled the room. Brooke looked back at Tang Gon and saw that the stranger was similarly looking back at him. The scary thing was it looked as if he owed the stranger a large amount of money.

A quick light shot out of Tang Gon's hand and covered Brooke. A few seconds later and Brooke was completely clothed in a new outfit. It was simple and looked to be a traditional black and white outfit similar to the one Tang Gon wore last night. The only contrast was that there were additional details and outfits that paired with the one he was wearing.

Brooke was momentarily surprised, but considering the circ.u.mstances that he met Tang Gon in, this was the least of his worries. Not to mention how he was still a child and the things Tang Gon did was not as impactful as they would be to an adult.

Putting this out of his mind, Brooke just let Tang Gon take care of these minor details as he just gained a servant.


Tang Gon helped Brooke into the carriage and disappeared in a wisp of shadows.

[+200 Clicker Points]

A surprising notification sounded out from the system to Tang Gon.

Confused, Tang Gon asked the system, "Check Feed."

[-200 Clicker Points]

[Clothes Selection Purchased]

[+200 Clicker Points]


Scrolling through the feed, Tang Gon checked the past half hour to see if there was anything new that popped up that could explain the additional 200 Points he had just received.

The only thing that came to his head was what he did just before the points arrived. The skill [Shadow Splurge] was used. It was a more recent purchased skill that had many uses, but the only use that Tang Gon had in mind was maintaining appearances and keeping the kid on his toes.

"This is too confusing and scary. I just want a peaceful life in the countryside while rolling in thousands of Gold Coins." A sad sobbing was heard from the back of the carriage where Tang Gon was hiding. Of course, the words that were let out by him were all his inner thoughts and were not said out loud. The sad sobbing was his coping mechanism with poverty, but based off of the riches that he would snag from following this n.o.ble around, the sob was fake and muttered to a point where no one would hear it.

This was the start of the thousand-mile journey back into the capital. For the most part of the trip, it should be peaceful as the current kingdom is stable, and without internal fighting.

[-Insuffiecent Clicker Points]

A ring sounded out while Tang Gon was trying to buy another item from the shop interface. Although there was a physical store that could be entered, Tang Gon still preferred the intangible screen from the system.

A sigh escaped from Tang Gon while he looked at the hills. There was nothing to do and the amounts of furb.a.l.l.s in the nearby distance decreased as he traveled. The Pyro Snake that he had out in the wild hunting for these furb.a.l.l.s, returned back to the system after several hours and hundreds of miles pa.s.sed.

This was the world of Huaxia and nothing could be judged by the standards of the old world. The beasts that were pulling on the carriage were racing while following the main camp, but even then the carriage remained stable and without interruption as it floated and was dragged by the beasts upfront.

Although the monsters looked normal enough, they were huge compared to any beasts of burden back home. Even Tang Gon was surprised when he first saw them, but because he had used the mask, the tiniest bit of emotion was controlled.

There were so many new things in this world that were waiting to be searched and sought out, but as of right now, Tang Gon could not care any less. For the remaining of the morning, the carriage had been following the main camp and traveling on the road. There was nothing interesting that could be described. It was just a repeat of the previous scenery.

Brooke who was laying inside had already fallen asleep several times and had just fallen asleep a few minutes ago. Tang Gon seeing that the source of entertainment that he had found was dead with sleep, decided to look over the system. He had looked at his skills and his stats for the hundredth time but there really was nothing to do. This was the only way he could think of to pa.s.s the time.

Tang Gon shouted out to the system, "Status Check"

A list of his skills popped out in a listing order of when he acquired them.

[Defantis Sword Scripture] [Blaze] [Shadow Melt] [Clone] [Split] [Clothe Selection]

There were some day to day skills that were not listed, but for the most part, these were the ones that he had most recently used.

The Sword Scripture for one was used during the hunt for furb.a.l.l.s and gremlins. The others were rather recently purchased when he got the clicker points for the furball and for killing the monsters for experience and resources.


Half a month had pa.s.sed before the party had reached the walls of the capital city. For these weeks of travel, Tang Gon had been butlering, raising, and taking care of Brooke's everyday needs from feeding to was.h.i.+ng. At first, it was weird for both of them, but because Tang Gon was emotionally stunted in the face by the after-effects of Lower Disguise and because Brooke was an awkward mature child they soon entered a silent relations.h.i.+p.

A side note from the system was that the effects of the Lower Disguise have long since left the Host's system, but because of using a certain degree fo integration was inevitable, not to mention the amount of shock that contributed to the problem. The majority of emotion from Tang Gon was hidden and as a result, it continued to because of the unknown world.

Loud shouts from vendors were heard as the main party pa.s.sed through the gates. Exotic fruits and trinkets were being sold and marketed by the people. There were everyday citizens of the nation walking about with adventurers in heavy equipment walking and cheerfully talking to the locals.

Brooke who has been sleeping more and more over the journey was awake and cheerfully looking out the window. There was a tint of happiness that shone in his face because of returning back to the capital.

Even Tang Gon could notice that the city was very welcoming. Everything will calm down soon once their party leaves this market area. A commotion was heard anytime a large group entered the gates, merchants saw these groups as bags of coins.

However, the remaining of the guards taking Brooke home was more than enough to persuade the merchants to take their business elsewhere. The troops that were accompanying Brooke had long since left, the ones remaining were the ones sent to protect him.

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