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  • The Mightiest Little Peasant

  • Author(s): Watermelonian
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 02-Jun-2020 02:15
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The Mightiest Little Peasant summary:

Tang Hao was an honest man making an honest living, but despite all his honesty and kindness, life often looked the other way. Even when he stood up for a man in the streets, he ended up being beaten to a pulp and the man he stood up for? He disappeared. That left Tang Hao with nothing to prove and a hefty medical bill blowing through his savings. However, while he lay unconscious in the hospital,...

The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 100 Jun-01-2020
97 Are You A Ghost? May-31-2020
95 Old Master He May-30-2020
Chapter 94 May-30-2020
Chapter 93 May-30-2020
92 A Godlike Guy May-30-2020
89 Buy Buy Buy May-28-2020
87 Mad Dog May-28-2020
84 Liu Bingyao's Call May-25-2020
83 Disgraced May-25-2020
82 Lavish Presents May-25-2020
Chapter 81 May-23-2020
Chapter 80 May-23-2020
Chapter 79 May-23-2020
Chapter 78 May-21-2020
Chapter 77 May-21-2020
Chapter 76 May-21-2020
Chapter 75 May-21-2020
Chapter 74 May-19-2020
73 A Scumbag May-19-2020
72 Drinking Alcohol May-19-2020
71 Liu Bingyao May-19-2020
70 Shocked May-19-2020
69 Little People May-19-2020
67 Lecher! Pervert! May-19-2020
65 Stardream Bracele May-19-2020
61 Haunted House May-19-2020
60 Imperial Jade May-19-2020
57 Two Spirit Stone May-19-2020
56 Yan'er's Decision May-19-2020
51 Hu Dahai May-19-2020
50 Shi Yan'er May-19-2020
49 Dragonrock Village May-19-2020
47 Moving House May-19-2020
44 A Savior Arrives May-19-2020
43 You're Dead Mea May-19-2020
42 Arrested May-19-2020
40 Fell Down Kneeling May-19-2020
39 Newbie? May-19-2020
37 He Is Godlike May-19-2020
36 What A Cool Ride May-19-2020
35 An Idio May-19-2020
34 Pretend Boyfriend May-19-2020
31 The Vip's Son May-19-2020
28 He Is My Brother May-19-2020
24 The Be May-19-2020
23 A Great Bargain May-19-2020
22 Antique Marke May-19-2020
19 You're Under Arres May-19-2020
17 Chen Sandao May-19-2020
15 Gathering May-19-2020
14 Let's Go, Honey May-19-2020
13 Planted Evidence May-19-2020
12 In Your Face! May-19-2020
11 Zhang Tianhao May-19-2020
10 Sis Xiangyi Again May-19-2020
9 Ling Wei May-19-2020
8 This Guy Is Inhuman May-19-2020
7 To The Rescue May-19-2020
6 Framed May-19-2020
4 Channeling Qi May-19-2020
2 Sis Xiangyi May-19-2020
1 Discharged May-19-2020
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