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  • Phantasia: The Princess Knight

  • Author(s): invayne
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 11-Aug-2020 03:01
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Phantasia: The Princess Knight summary:

Higuchi Akari was a fifteen year old high school student that loved practicing Kendo. She had a high sense of justice and would help anyone in trouble. Her life turns upside down when she is transmigrated into the body of a seven year old poor girl. With no one around to help her out, Higuchi Akari has to fend for herself. Now known as Alicia, she must fight to survive until she is old enough to test...

Phantasia: The Princess Knight Chapters

Time uploaded
269 Rapid Progress Aug-09-2020
259 Battling Xie Wen Aug-05-2020
251 Morals Aug-05-2020
248 Incoming Danger Aug-05-2020
241 Tang Yu Aug-05-2020
240 Breakthrough Jul-23-2020
239 Divine Phoenix Jul-23-2020
238 Oblivious Mei Jul-21-2020
237 A Little Monster Jul-21-2020
236 Shi Rong Vs Mei Jul-20-2020
233 Fixing Habits Jul-19-2020
230 Mei Jul-17-2020
214 A New Beginning! Jul-09-2020
203 A Day Of Res Jul-04-2020
201 Retaliation! Jul-02-2020
176 Demonic Plague Jun-19-2020
172 The Entity Jun-17-2020
171 The Darkness Jun-17-2020
170 True Gods Jun-17-2020
168 Test Of Character Jun-16-2020
156 Tears Of Healing Jun-09-2020
150 Squire Training Jun-07-2020
132 Sisterly Bond May-28-2020
123 Spoiled Dragon! May-24-2020
122 Questioned! May-24-2020
111 Stop! May-18-2020
110 Think On Your Own May-18-2020
101 Illusion World May-12-2020
98 My Daughter! May-11-2020
97 Capture Them May-10-2020
95 Celestial Race May-09-2020
94 The Undead May-09-2020
91 Old Bones May-07-2020
90 The Darkness May-07-2020
87 Cave Depths May-07-2020
86 The Great Loeri May-07-2020
84 Rank Up! May-04-2020
83 Ray Sullan May-04-2020
80 Return May-02-2020
79 New Determination May-01-2020
78 Gods Race May-01-2020
77 Decisive Action May-01-2020
76 Devil Apr-30-2020
75 Demon Spawn Apr-30-2020
71 Brown Village Apr-27-2020
68 Starla Apr-26-2020
54 New Home Part Two Apr-24-2020
53 New Home Part One Apr-24-2020
52 Ambiguous Answer Apr-24-2020
51 City Gates Apr-24-2020
50 Departure Apr-24-2020
49 Relaxing Meal Apr-24-2020
46 Mr. Sletherland Apr-24-2020
42 Bimbo! Apr-24-2020
38 Dalton Whittlee Apr-24-2020
37 Parith Apr-24-2020
31 Died And Risen Apr-24-2020
29 A Simple Wish Apr-24-2020
22 Devils And Gods Apr-24-2020
21 Magic Core Apr-24-2020
20 Horned Wind Python Apr-24-2020
18 Loeri Part Two Apr-24-2020
17 Loeri Part One Apr-24-2020
16 Demonic Fores Apr-24-2020
15 Departing Apr-24-2020
14 Training From Hell Apr-24-2020
13 Knight's Virtues Apr-24-2020
12 Forbidden Apr-24-2020
8 A Small Cottage Apr-24-2020
7 Berlin Apr-24-2020
5 Blake Roseland Apr-24-2020
3 Troubles Brewing Apr-24-2020
2 Alicia Apr-24-2020
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