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After he finished his meal, Ao Si Ka packed up his things, and left venue. Waving good bye to the young clerk girl.

She smiled brightly, tightly holding on to the two s.h.i.+ny silver spirit coins, within her hand.

As she slowly gaze at the small back figure of Ao Si Ka; a boy around the same age as her, wearing a tailored black and white fur spirit beast cloak, with a woven bamboo straw hat.

His figure slowly dissappears amongst the crowd, merging with the large group of people, leaving behind nothing but a good first impression on her.

Ao Si Ka then continues to stroll down the streets of the market district by himself, when he was suddenly stopped.

A seemingly old middle aged man, in his late to early fifties, very wrinkly, with numerous freckles on his face, called out to him. The old man was still smoking his pipe, as he opened his mouth, visible grey smokes exit his lips.

"You're a young spirit master, aren't you?" The Old Man spoke.

It sort of caught him off guard, as Ao Si Ka froze right in his tracks, not taking another step forwards.

He turns his head around, and saw the figure of the Old Man, who called out to him.

His elderly figure, and tall stature, long grey hair flowing down to the side, was not out of the ordinary at all. Just a typical old man, well past his prime years. Wearing a greyish green robe, with an inner s.h.i.+rt underneath.

But his eyes were unusually captivating, emitting a faint glow of amber light, as the surrounding spiritual power in the facility fluctuates a bit.

Ao Si Ka seems a bit puzzled, as he looks around himself, confirming whether the Old Man was talking to someone else or is it him. "Are you talking to me?"

"Then who else will I be talking to..." The Old Man responded.

Ao Si Ka felt a bit embarra.s.sed, as he has a habit of scratching the back side of his neck, whenever he is feeling nervous, or maybe embarra.s.sed.

"So Mister do you need something from me?" Ao Si Ka asked the Old Man politely.

The Old Man simply proceeded to stop smoking, altogether. Taking the small smoking pipe, wedged within his index and middle finger, away from his mouth.

"Are you a spirit master?" The Old Man rephrase it into a question.

Ao Si Ka nodded his head in response. The Old Man smirks, forming into a conniving smile, as he placed his smoking pipe down, right beside.

"Kid, are you interested in becoming a Xinling Jingshen Master?" The Old Man spoke, which piqued Ao Si Ka's interest.

Ao Si Ka revealed a puzzled face, as he tries to ascertain what the Old Man is trying to say, and what his intended goal are, for roping him in.

He tilted his head to the side, and thinks hardly, but nothing comes up.

Confused, and distraught, Ao Si Ka responded just like any normal person would, as he starts to grow suspicious of the Old Man.

"I don't know what a Xinling Jingshen Master is."

The Old Man smiled in response to the boy's answer, and lightly laughs, catching the boy off guard.

He said so, whilst fumbling his scruffy beard, "Of course, you wouldn't know what a Xinling Jingshen Master is. It is not common. Out of the whole world, a very select few would practice the arts spirit beast taming."

When Ao Si Ka heard the last line, that which is related to spirit beast taming, his interest is then piqued.

Within the world of Douluo Dalu, a spirit master's cultivation, revolves around the growth and pursuit of one's own martial soul.

In order to breakthrough the threshold, and enter the next realm, they must first absorb the spirit ring of a recently deceased spirit best. After which, they would gain a spirit skill or ability, correlating with the type of spirit beast, they absorb their spirit rings from.

But Spirit Beast Tamers are the exact opposite, as they train alongside spirit beasts, forging a contract of servitude, between master and familiar. Some Spirit Beast Tamers would use their familiars as mounts, others companions, whilst a lucky few as pets.

The Old Man explained to Ao Si Ka what a Xinling Jingshen Master is. And his reaction to it all, was greatly astounding.

Xinling Jingshen is a side branch of the whole Spirit Beast Tamer division, as it focuses on the concept of utilising mental attribute spirit beasts, as a catalyst, to convert surrounding spirit power into mental spiritual power, in order to train one's own inner mental spiritual power.

Ao Si Ka was greatly astounded by it all, as the concept seems to be new, and not quite fresh out. But the concept has already been used for the main protagonist of Douluo Dalu 2, on the whole sentient spirit rings.

"Can it be done. Is it possible..." Ao Si Ka asked, seemingly too good to be true.

The Old Man sighs, feeling a bit dejected. Well that is to be expected, since his words seem to be a bit unrealistic. Never heard of even...

"Looks like the only option left is for me to show you, in order for you to trust in my words." The Old Man spoke, laughing heartily, his eyes s.h.i.+mmers, releasing a faint golden light, as he summoned out his contracted mental spirit beast.

Golden droplets of honey, seeps out from his body, coagulating into a ball floating in mid air, until it completely forms the outer shape of a creature.

A small fist sized mental attribute spirit beast, with the body of a hornet bee, three pairs of mosaic gla.s.s like wings, twice it's size. A white fur mane coat, around its neck, it's pupil are amethyst purple, with the addition of the third golden eye in the middle.

"This here is my spirit beast companion, the Golden Eye Violet Wing Bee, Jin Xiw.a.n.g (Golden Hope)." The Old Man spoke with such affection in his words, showcasing his trust, and how close of a bond he shared with the little fella.

The Old Man smiled gently, as he looked at the little Golden Eye Violet Wing Bee, with such warmth in his eyes.

"I've longed since reached the pinnacle of my cultivation, and I can't no longer pa.s.s, and breakthrough rank 36 (spirit elder). I've been stuck at rank 36 for several decades. I've long since given up, never hoping to make an advance, and decided to live a honest life. It's as for as I can go..." The Old Man was reminiscing of the past, as he looked at Ao Si Ka, with a gaze of regret.

The Old Man sighs. He then proceeded to inquire on the boy's knowledge on mental attribute spirit beasts." Boy do you know what the benefits are in acquiring a mental attribute spirit beasts."
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Ao Si Ka lightly shakes his head in response, giving a definite answer, that he does not know.

The Old Man then explained to the boy, "The benefits of contracting with a mental attribute spirit beasts are everlasting. It would continue to grow, providing you with many benefits; improve precognitive abilities, precise spirit power control, and forging one's own domain."

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