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Chapter 741

From the other corner of the street, many human Awakened ones suddenly rushed out. From the combat suits they were wearing, it could be seen that they were not the guards of the city. They were already divided into many teams and forces.

There were less than 30 to 50 teams, and more than a hundred people.

There were also quite a few members of the Blade Bandits, but they were no match for the human Awakened ones who had suddenly appeared.

A group of human Awakened ones surrounded them, their eyes fixed on them, as if they had taken a fancy to prey, causing the blade race Awakened ones to feel a chill in their hearts.

“How can there be so many high-level Awakened ones in Moonfang City?”

“Who is responsible for the intelligence? Are they traitors ?”

The various teams on the human side were already discussing.

“We, the Bronze Hammer Squad, want the twenty bladesmen on the left!”

“There are thirty of us in the middle!”

“On the right…”

Some large teams wanted to split up the tasks. The small teams and the unspecialized team saw that something was wrong. Someone raised his hand and fired a shot from afar. Someone charged forward and hacked down. The scene immediately fell into chaos.

Wu La rushed towards the Blade Bandit Group, the blades of swords, the fireb.a.l.l.s of swords, and the wind blades continuously smashed down.

A moment later,

The Blade Bandit Group was no longer standing. The streets were a mess, and there were traces of explosions, freezing, and being cut everywhere.

The shop owner hid from an angle and stared blankly at the bottles of medicine that had been shattered into powder under the aftermath of the battle.

He wanted to cry but had no tears.

At this time,

In the sky above Moonfang City,

The leader of the Blade Bandit Group and the second leader, the two of them stepped into the void to defend against the Moonfang Lord. The two of them stepped into the void and surrounded a human, but they knew they were no match for them.

The crescent-moon lord was a senior Void Trampler, and he even had a divine weapon!

However, the two leaders of the Blade Bandit Group weren’t worried in the slightest. They couldn’t defeat him, and it was still very easy for them to delay him for more than ten minutes.

The one who was anxious now should be the Lord of the human race.

On the other side, the crescent moon lord had a furious expression on his face, yet he still attacked with a calm appearance.

The blade leader was a little uneasy.

He had no time to think and could only continue to tangle with the Dragon Fang Lord.

One minute,

Two minutes,

Ten minutes,

“We don’t have much time left. Prepare to retreat.”

The two Blade Race clansmen crossed their eyes and attacked at the same time. Azure energy waves condensed in their hands and bombarded the surrounding buildings, forcing the crescent lord to have no choice but to block and shatter the energy waves.

Taking advantage of the gap, the Blade Race clansman stepped into the void and flew out of the city like a stream of light. He quickly landed in a mountain forest and restrained his aura. His figure shuttled through the forest and arrived at the appointed location in a few minutes.

“Why isn’t there anyone?”

“Let’s wait a bit longer. Perhaps it’s because there are too many goods to plunder, which slows down their speed.”

However, another ten minutes pa.s.sed. The two Blade Race clansmen frowned and realized that things might not go smoothly.

“Let’s go, let’s leave first.”

Waves of auras approached from all directions, all of them at the high level of the awakened realm and the great circle of the awakened realm.

The most dazzling person in the crowd was the Dragon Fang Lord that they had been holding back just now.

He held a divine weapon in his hand and his aura continued to rise.

The human race’s awakened ones did not even approach. All sorts of spells came from afar and covered the sky.

There were three to five awakened spells, and he could block them with just the Void Stepping Force Field.

He could also break the combination of three to five hundred awakened spells with a wave of his hand.

But right now, there are five or six hundred high-level awakened people, and the Blade Clan member’s eyes turned black, “Who, who said that there are not many high-level awakened people in Crescent Moon City! The information misled me!”

Explosions sounded one after another.

It startled the birds and beasts in the forest.

The crescent moon lord, whose momentum had been acc.u.mulated to its peak, suddenly slashed down with a high level battle skill, breaking the sky.


The new rule had been released for a few days, and Tang Yu had been paying attention to it.

In some of the more powerful territories, the awakened ones were divided into weaker territories, and they became stronger after becoming stronger.

A few of the most active mercenaries and mountain bandit organizations had also been tracked and found, using lightning methods to destroy them.

Until the moment before they died, they still did not understand why the great Dao Sect would go all out to hunt them down when they were just a few small fries.

A few groups that were only in the realm of Unity were defeated and killed, completely shocking the other races and organizations.

The human Federation was much calmer, with only a few small mountain bandits, bandits, and remnants of the Seven Luminaries Federation still roaming around within.

The mission hall had already issued a relevant mission. Those bandits who were not strong to begin with were no longer able to cause much trouble. On the contrary, they became the ‘Rare Monster’ in the eyes of many teams. They met by chance in the wild, so they could brag for a long time.

Tang Yu took a few glances and no longer paid attention to them. As a Great Lord, he had to know how to throw his work to his subordinates.

He was currently dealing with the miscellaneous items. There were some important matters in the sect that required him, or more than two other inner sect elders to sign in order to pa.s.s.

“An exchange between the younger generation? Hope to be presided over by the Great Dao Sect?”

A year ago, when the Great Dao Sect and the White Feather Clan were preparing to establish a strategic alliance contract, there were many outstanding talents of the younger generation in the White Feather Clan.

At that time, in the agenda of the exchange between the two top powers, there were events of the younger generation exchanging pointers.

The strength of the younger generation could only represent the younger generation, and the top geniuses were still geniuses. They had seen many people in the long life span of the Divine Domain.

The exchange between forces was also a means for the top forces to improve their relations.h.i.+p. Naturally, there was compet.i.tion between each other.

But at that time, the Great Dao Sect had just been attacked. Even if they had repelled the strong enemy, they were still busy with the counterattack against the Seven Luminaries Federation.

The White Feather Clan had only signed a contract in a hurry, and the exchange was saved.

“Considering the lifespan and growth cycle of the human race and some other races, we will set the younger generation below fifty years old…”

Fifty years old?

Then wouldn’t he just be a baby?

But for the White Feather Clan, they were considered adults at forty-five years old. Ordinary people who had not awakened had a lifespan of nearly two hundred years, and it seemed very normal.

He continued reading.

“Eh? Isn’t it just the White Feather Clan? It seems a bit interesting.”

Other than the White Feather Clan, there were also the White Fox Clan, the Dragon Abyss Empire, and the Floating Cloud Sect. They were all top tier powers.

They could be considered top powers that were closer to the great Dao Sect.

The Long Yuan Empire once had a black history of being captured by the Great Dao Sect by two Divine Domain Realm experts, but after the discussion, they came to an agreement and paid a lot of compensation.

Although the Floating Cloud Sect was named after the sect, they had nothing to do with the G.o.ds. On the contrary, they advocated doing as they pleased. Among all the top forces on the continent, they could vaguely be ranked in the top three. They were all huge monsters with deep foundations and great strength.

Tang Yu signed his name and decided to let the Great Dao Sect preside over this year’s exchange compet.i.tion.

“The earliest disciples of the Great Dao Sect have been cultivating for more than a year now. It is time to pull them out for a walk.”

In the blink of an eye, another month pa.s.sed.

The exchange groups of the White Feather Clan, White Fox Clan, Dragon Lake Empire, and Floating Cloud Sect had already arrived at the Grand Dao City.

The ones in charge of entertaining the experts of the various clans were the inner sect elder, Shea, and the outer sect elder, Yan Dingtian.

The exchange of pointers wasn’t that urgent. The Divine Domain Realm experts from the various top powers had finally come to Grand Dao City, so they couldn’t just watch the sparring between the younger generation.

Tang Yu had already instructed them.

What was the best to discuss on a wine table? Of course, it was to discuss business.

In just a few days, the Great Dao Sect and the various powers had reached a deal, and they had also pulled some investments for the Human Federation.

The higher-ups would meet each other, and the younger generation below did not accompany them.

The ones in charge of entertaining the younger generation were the more active disciples of the great Dao Sect, as well as some diplomats.

Among them was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, w.a.n.g Zhou.

He was as always, with a small belly and a face full of smiles, but he was already a true expert in the Void Treading realm.

Although the upper level was a friendly meeting, as young men and women who came as representatives of various forces, the atmosphere between them was not so harmonious. Many of them had cold faces and swept their eyes over the representatives of other forces.

“The exchange of three days later, our White Feather Clan must win the champions.h.i.+p.” The young and tender White Feather youth stepped on the steps and raised his index finger high in the sky.

w.a.n.g Zhou wiped the nonexistent cold sweat. He was already thirty or forty years old, how could he still be so chuuni?

“There are still three days before the exchange match. Why don’t you let us show you around the Great Dao City first? Our Great Dao City has many famous ancient and historical delicacies… Cough cough, there are many cla.s.sic delicacies that have a long history. I guarantee that all of them will make you forget about them and leave behind unforgettable memories.”

The youth from the White Feather Clan, who was in the middle two, did not buy it.

“Hmph, I can see that your aura is at the Void Trampling Realm. You are the seeded players of your human race’s exchange match, right? Why don’t you find an arena to spar?”

“I did not. I am not.” w.a.n.g Zhou denied.

The youth from the White Feather Clan sized him up, then paused for a moment on his belly. “Could it be that your age has exceeded fifty years old?”

w.a.n.g Zhou pondered for three seconds, “That’s not true, but I am also a person who is about to run three.” His tone was full of vicissitudes.

Less than thirty steps into the Void!

The eyes of the youth from the White Feather Clan lit up, and his expression became much more solemn. “Please agree to my request. Come, let us have a good fight!”

The outstanding talents of the White Fox Clan, Dragon Abyss Empire, and Floating Cloud Sect all looked over, filled with antic.i.p.ation.

w.a.n.g Zhou was starting to sweat a little.

He was just a Void Trample expert that had been formed from a pile of medicine. If they really sparred, he would be beaten to death!

For the sake of the reputation of the great Dao Sect, he absolutely could not fall into the enemy’s trap!

“No, you are wrong. I am not a disciple of the great Dao Sect. I am just a small minister in charge of the great Dao Sect’s external affairs.”

“Look, that is the genius of our great Dao Sect. However, the exchange time is set to be three days later. Isn’t it against the original intention of the exchange? In my opinion, it is best to taste delicious food.”

The youth of the White Feather Clan looked disappointed, but he did not insist.

However, he still shook his head. “Extracting energy from food is a trivial matter that only ordinary life needs. In my time, why don’t I extract more Origin Energy, familiarize myself with battle techniques and spells…”

He was already about to leave.

w.a.n.g Zhou suddenly said, “Sparring doesn’t match the current situation, but since this little brother from the White Feather Clan wants to compete, why don’t we spar on the table?”

“How do we spar?” The youth from the White Feather Clan stopped and turned around.

w.a.n.g Zhou explained seriously, “Extracting energy from heaven and earth is a method. Turning the energy in the food into what you need is also a method. Since that’s the case, eating too much and eating fast, does it mean that you are strong to a certain extent?”

The youth from the White Feather Clan pondered. Although he felt that something was wrong, he a.n.a.lyzed it carefully and found it very reasonable.

As expected of a genius who could step into the Void Trampling Realm before the age of thirty. A casual sentence was full of meaning. Sure enough, the human race could not be underestimated.

The younger generation of other forces were mostly curious about Dao City. There were also many young experts who were tempted by w.a.n.g Zhou’s proposal. They wanted to compete with each other on the table. Only the disciples of the Great Dao Sect had strange expressions. They wanted to speak, but their throats squirmed a few times. In the end, they held back.

Under w.a.n.g Zhou’s lead, the group arrived at the largest restaurant in Dao City.

All of the younger generation were used to seeing people from seven luminary Pavilion and did not have any reaction to the magnificent restaurant. Only the youth from the White Feather Clan kept urging them to serve the dishes.

At this time, w.a.n.g Zhou had already found the kitchen.

His original intention was to promote human food, not because he was greedy and wanted to eat, but since he had proposed a showdown of foodies, he had to pay attention to the choices of dishes.

“One hundred cauldrons of deep-sea crayfish first…” This kind of special lobster lived in the whirlpool sea of the Endless Sea. Each crayfish had a combat strength stronger than ordinary great circle, and lived in the seabed of the Endless Sea. The difficulty of catching it could be imagined.

But the meat was more tender, tight and sweet, and the texture was very fat!

w.a.n.g Zhou couldn’t help but drool.

“By the way, don’t use conventional methods. Add the most spicy chili.”

The chef also came from the Tree shade, and he had a strange expression when he heard that, “I said Fatty w.a.n.g, the peppers we have today are not the ones we had before the end of the world, and many new varieties of extra-spicy peppers have been discovered here, are you sure you want to eat them? Add the spiciest one?”

w.a.n.g Zhou sneered, “A mere chili, what is there to be afraid of!”

In any case, it was not for him to eat anyway. He added, “Oh right, add another pot of ordinary spice.”

The cauldron was really large. A normal exotic beast with a wingspan of over ten meters could be stewed in one pot.

The White Feather Race, White Fox Race, Abyss Race, and Floating Cloud Sect’s younger generation were all about the same size as humans. Standing in front of a few cauldrons, they seemed a bit small.

The lid of the cauldron was lifted, and white smoke instantly spread out. A rich fragrance rushed into the nostrils.

It was a bit pungent.

“This is a deep-sea crayfish from the Endless Sea…”

As soon as w.a.n.g Zhou introduced it, the younger generation of his clan, the Divine Capital, had some changes.

The Endless Sea was so far away from the Heavenly Green Mountain Range that only the great Dao Sect, who had mastered a higher level of teleportation technology, had the time to transport ingredients through the teleportation array.

How extravagant!

For a moment, he was also a little greedy.

However, he did not forget w.a.n.g Zhou’s suggestion to have a meal as a friend and have a meal to exchange pointers.

The young man from the White Feather Clan became the representative of the clan.

The White Fox Clan, the Dragon Abyss Empire, and the Floating Cloud Sect also sent out their respective representatives, and all of them were at the Void Treading realm – after all, their digestive ability was stronger than that of an awakened realm.

Only the Human Clan, looked at each other, and looked at each other.

“Xiao Dong, go. Your Myriad Flames Art will definitely help you digest it quickly.”

“w.a.n.g Chen, among the inner sect disciples, I recognize you as the strongest. You can go.”

“Second Fatty Zhang, I think highly of you since you are so fat.”

“Big Brother w.a.n.g Zhou is not bad either. Moreover, isn’t it Big Brother w.a.n.g Zhou who suggested eating?”

w.a.n.g Zhou hid in a corner and discovered that the disciples of the Great Dao Sect were all looking at him.

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