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At Lunch break;

Everyone made their way to school cafeteria as they talked about Ji Yoheng and Gao Ruwani.

Some boys went up to Lu San asking if he would join them in cafeteria. Lu San shook his head as he said " No, it's fine. You all enjoy." Following that, the boy group left.

Lu San had already planned to eat with Li Seulbi today. So, he approached her when she was just about to head out. But before he could utter a word, Xi Mei's voice rang out.

" Hey, Biggy Sis, Mind if i join you? Nah, i know you aren't the type to turn down your little sis offer. Haha, I brought homemade Pancakes and Sus.h.i.+ purely and independently made by me. You might not know but i am a great chef. But i have to thank my grandmother for raising a great and talented child like me. I believe i am 1 in million..Did i exaggerate? I guess 1 in thousand..But am i that normal?.."

Thought it might seem she is wasting a lot of time talking but trust me, she finished this long paragraph of dialogue within few seconds. Li seulbi was only able to understand ' Mind if i join you?' as Xi Mei was talking very unusually fast.

Li Seulbi interrupted the never stopping Xi Mei " Ok- okay , Let's go." Xi Mei nodded her head in response and both of them left leaving certain someone dumbfounded not giving enough time to react at all. Lu San hurriedly followed them.

While everything was happening, the similar situation also occurred in Quan Long's case. Some boys came to ask him whether he will join them to eat but Quan Long remembered something as he declined their offer.

After the boys left, Quan Long looked around the cla.s.s. Unusually, no one was at cla.s.s beside Lin Xueqing whose head was down up till now.

Quan Long took out something from his bag and began to proceed toward Lin Xueqing. When he reached in front of her, he called out softly " Hey!"

*Silence* He tried again " h.e.l.lo.. hi?" *Silence* yet again. After saying 'Hi, hey, h.e.l.lo,' for at least 10 time did Quan Long stopped and began to rack his brain.

'Should I shake her a bit?..No what if she misunderstand my motive and begins to spill out my whole history..Nono but i have to wake her up before anyone comes to give her the jacket, and other things i wore that day. I have to do something.'

" Do you know anything beside Hi and h.e.l.lo?" A chilly voice sounded in silent cla.s.sroom. Quan Long was stunned. He looked in front of him only to see the asleep Lin Xueqing a while ago, was gazing at him straight at his eyes.

Quan Long didn't know what to do. He found himself attracted toward her through those Crystal clear brown eyes which contained a hint of coldness in it.


Quan Long regained his senses. He looked at Lin Xueqing who was closing her eyes as if not bothering with him at all. " Take this. This are your clothes , shoes and others. You can check everything is there. But the sungla.s.s aren't there."

Speaking of the sungla.s.s, Quan Long complexion became awkward. He remembered clearly that day the was broken as he nearly tripped on the street .

He knew each and eveything that Lin Xueqing gave him so casually cost more than his monthly fees. So, After the sungla.s.s was broken, his heart was crying endlessly.

Seeing Lin Xueqing opening her mouth to say something, Quan Long thought she was going to blame him and make him take responsibility for it , sensing the coldness in her eyes so he hurriedly responded

" I know it was my fault for breaking the but i will surely pay for it maybe not right now neither this week but i will save more money and will make sure to pay you. You don't have to worry about it."

He finished his lines in a single breath. "Are you done?" Quan Long wanted to say something but looking at her deep enchanting eyes radiating coldness, not a single bit of warmth in it , he sealed his mouth eventually.

He was very calm person and usually never feared people like Mo Xung or s.h.i.+ Yun. But He found himself unable to remain in a calm state whenever he faced the girl in front of him. It was not fear but a special kind of feeling which was quite indescribable for him.

Lin Xueqing retracted her gaze from him to the things he pa.s.sed her. " You don't have to pay for the And Take this as well as a gift from me for your help that time. ." Then she tossed it back to him.

Quan Long caught it carefully as if it might break or get dirty if it falls on ground. Those clothes and other things were completely unvaluable to Lin Xueqing but for ordinary person it was goals.

" But it is too valuable as a gift. And If it was any other person i would have helped them as well. So, you don't have to give anything to me. Take it back since it is yours to begin with."
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He then placed the things in her desk and was about to flee from there but Lin Xueqing was faster than him she threw it back to him. Quan Long once again caught it. Quan Long was about to burst in tears.

" Even if i take it i will throw it in the garbage. I thought you will have use for it, since you don't want it, give it back to me." Lin Xueqing said expressionlessly.

Quan Long knew Lin Xueqing wasn't the type to joke around, she surely would throw it in garbage if he gave it back to her. "Okay fine i will take it. But Since you gave me so much, Let me give you a lunch treat once."

Quan Long wanted to hit head on the wall after saying those words. It is one thing She would surely reject but he was more concerned about what she will think about him. Just as he was going to make up some excuse, he heard her responding in her soft voice.

" Fine! "

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