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In the busy hallway where lots of students were going to and fro, Lu San was following closely behind Li Seulbi and Xi Mei who were heading out for cafeteria.

Many Girls couldn't help but turn around to glance at Lu San. Some started fan girling and some were even taking his pictures since Lu San's face was something which can make any girl fall in love with him at first sight.

Seeing the ruckus around them, Xi Mei also turned around out of curiosity only to find Lu San behind them. Xi Mei froze as if shocked to see a handsome face popping out of nowhere.

Li Seulbi also stopped in her tracks seeing Xi Mei freeze. Then, someone b.u.mped into her making her jerk a little. She moved her little round head to see a tall handsome boy staring right at her with a warm smile.

*Thump* *Thump*

Her heart was beating way faster than it should making her cheeks flush red seeing his beautiful smile. Her dark black eyes couldn't avert away from his heaven defying looks.

The pa.s.sing by students also stopped looking at them suprised. Xi Mei who was looking at the duo soon regained her compusore before clearing her throat. Then only Li Seulbi noticed she was staring at Lu San for a long time.

" Sorry, If we are coming in your way." Xi Mei said as she hurriedly signaled Li Seulbi to give way for him. Xi Mei thought that Li Seulbi was blocking him causing him to into her.

Getting the hint from Xi Mei, Li Seulbi moved to the side and made a way for Lu San. Previously shocked pa.s.serby also began to mind their way after realizing the situation. But a question was struck in their mind which was difficult to voice out.

Why it felt like Lu San was looking at Li Seulbi with loving gaze filled with warmth like seeing love of his life?

But Thinking about Lu San's friendly and kind nature they replaced the loving gaze with friendly gaze. But they weren't aware that a huge surge of feelings were actually hidden in his gaze.

He got a rapid flashback of the time he spent with Li Seulbi be it childhood or recent events as soon as he saw her pure dark eyes. It felt like time had stopped for a moment he could only feel his and her existence.

He soon recovered his senses as soon as Li Seulbi retracted her gaze. Seeing her moving to the side to make a way for him, he sighed softly upon sensing the misunderstanding.

Since there are so many people here, i will meet her directly in the cafeteria. Having this thought, Lu San walked past them straight to the cafeteria.

Looking at him sigh like that, Some students who were still there took it as a sign of frustation. They began to talk in a loud voice so that it was audible enough to Xi Mei and Li Seulbi.

" Look at that fatty, she blocked the handsome boy's way and even kept looking at him shamelessly..Who wouldn't be frustrated? If it were me i would have pushed her hard on ground!"

" You're right. But If it were anyone else i will never pay any attention to it, but that was G.o.d d*mn Bro San, number one handsome guy of school and she had guts to directly look at him. So shameless."

" I heard She is an outcast of her cla.s.s. Suits her well. But why the pretty girl is hanging out with ugly outcast like her? That girl can be considered beauty on par with s.h.i.+ Yun who is known widely for her looks and power in our school."

" Now that you say, She does have good looks. I haven't seen her. I guess she is new here."

" That doesn't matter. Since she is hanging out with that ugly freak , she is also one of her kind. Shameless!"

"You-" Xi Mei face turned red from anger after listening to their words. 'Shameless,..You are shameless..You all are shameless..Your whole family is shameless!!'

While Xi Mei was fuming with anger, Li Seulbi coaxed her not to start a fight and hurriedly pulled her into the cafeteria.


Li Seulbi brought two food plates and sat down next to Xi Mei whose face was still livid. " Xiao Mei-" Xi Mei furrowed her brows and stared at her looking displeased.

Li Seulbi sighed " MeiMei" Then only Xi Mei relaxed her brows and began to eat her food. Li Seulbi continued as she pa.s.sed Xi Mei her lunch " Meimei, Don't bother with their words. This will only make you angry."

"Says who! You are the one who always take others words seriously and feel bad. And here you say this to me." Xi Mei replied.

As if triggered by her words, Li Seulbi eyebrows shot up a little but soon she flashed an awkward smile. Sensing her reaction, Xi Mei bit her tongue as she hit her head in frustation and hurriedly apologized to Li Seulbi..

" Xiao Seulbi, I am so sorry, i didn't mean those words. We have been spending time for quite a while now, So you know me i behave when i am angry. I am sorry .Don't take it to heart."
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Seeing her one and only friend apologizing for a small matter, Li Seulbi hurriedly responded as she shook her head " Nono, You are actually right. I always took people's hate or bad words toward me seriously to the heart since i was small. But it has already become my habit So, it doesn't bother me as much it did in past but still i don't have right to advice you that."

Hearing Li Seulbi's response, Xi Mei opened her mouth to reply but no words came. She could only change the topic.

While they were still eating, suddenly someone came with a food plate in his hand as he asked " Mind if I join you?"

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