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Meanwhile in the James Clan, In a luxurious room, a young man was sitting in a lotus position with his eyes closed. At the same time, one could see how the qi in the atmosphere quickly rushed towards the young man's body, and filled it, if any of the other geniuses saw it they would be frozen, for that speed exceeded them by far.

So the young man couldn't help but think: "This really tyrannical technique, It's much faster than the clan techniques, in just a couple of years I've advanced from the sixth level to the eighth, Besides that thanks to the new open acupuncture points my body is stronger, If I face someone on the ninth level Gathering qi wouldn't be my rival, Maybe only the supreme Elder is my worthy opponent, Should I leave the Clan and experience the world?"At the end of the thought, the young man's eyes lit up with a touch of longing. "

But soon his thoughts were interrupted and he heard a "Crac", Seeing in the direction of the sound he realized that a jade broke and was a companion that he had given to his sister, Helewise.

When he saw his first thought was that his sister wanted to be a mediator between Anna and her, So he didn't want to go, but soon he thought that it could be something serious and if it were he who made the call, he wouldn't like to be ignored, So he stopped from bed and whispered: "Helewise I hope it's worth the trip", So he moved at the maximum speed possible, leaving the Clan and going to the real capital.

He was a central disciple and the clan did not restrict his movements but still did not leave the clan very often, The geographical location of the clan was excellent and the density of qi was higher than elsewhere, so his speed of practice was greater than outside, So he only left the clan to perform missions in exchange for resources such as pure Qi Mid-grade pills, These pills were only the same as a month of cultivation, the only bad thing is that one could only consume one every two weeks, otherwise he could end up poisoned or dead.

As far as Joseph knew the alchemists of the clan could not make these pills but they brought them from the northern states, These were 12 states which were the closest to becoming mortal countries, Each one was ten times bigger than the Snow Kingdom!

Also, there were countless geniuses and even martial artists were very common there so much that they were as commoners, Even false cultivators were relatively common at least in their lower levels.

According to the clan elders who went to the states in their youth to broaden their horizons, the density of qi in an ordinary city was the same as that of the James Clan!

The first time he learned that Joseph was dumb and his desire to go and meet state geniuses was ignited, swearing that one day he would go but he was warned that at that time his strength was not worth much and any citizen of the states was stronger than him. At that time he was just a beginner in Body Refining. But now he was different.

The Elders of his Clan told him that the States are far away and the road was treacherous, full of bandits and wild beasts, something that no average person could survive.

But the trip was worth it, since everything was better there, Among them the resources and the alchemists there were much better than those of the James clan, It is said that within the alchemical recipes are divided by difficulty and even between the levels there was a world of difference, which was: Low, Middle, High".

(Example: Low-Level Apprentice, Middle Level Apprentice, Alchemist One Star Low )

Body Refining pills were said to be low level, Pure Qi pills were Middle level and Elemental Opening pills were High level.

Clan alchemists were low-level and could only make drugs that affected martial artists, and hopefully pure low-grade Qi Pills. but those pills were junk. So every six months a great Elder was sent to buy the pills with a ninth level Gathering qi Blood Eagle and they could only bring a few hundred each time they went. and rarely never came back.

Now with his strength Joseph intended to leave his region and go to the northern states, After all advancing to the ninth level was very complicated with the resources of the clan, not to mention entering the Elemental half step, for a reason The James Clan only had one Elder in the Elemental half step, the amount of qi needed to advance was much higher than the total qi ingested from the first to the ninth!

So after half an hour he finally arrived in the Royal capital, The royal city of the Snow Kingdom was bigger and more prosperous than that of the Alba Kingdom but even so with Joseph's speed it only took a couple of minutes to get to the palace and seeing the emblem of the James clan the guards did not dare to stop him.

So he freely entered the palace, asked for his sister, and servants guided him to the queen's quarters.

So Joseph approached the door and said:

"Knock" Knock"

"Helewise, what happened? Why did you call me?" So you heard some footsteps and a woman with watery and swollen eyes opened the door.

When he saw this, Joseph's face became cold and he said: "Who?" He knew his sister very well and she would not cry out of fear but out of fury. This meant that Anna was not to blame for Helewise's crying, but someone else.

When she saw her brother, Helewise could not help but cry and began to tell what had happened and the more he told her, the more confused Helewise was, so she could not help but comment: "Helewise that is not what you said to me in the letters".

This made Helewise shut up and she could only say, "What do you mean?"

Then Joseph began to explain: "A few years ago I sent you letters and I asked you why you did that to Anna and you told me that you did it for the good of the royal family, that now as you were part of the royal family you had to put the interests of the royal family first, and you told me that you had everything arranged for Anna and that I didn't worry about that".

Upon hearing that Helewise could not help but exclaim: "I DO NOT SAY THAT!", Soon an idea sprouted from her mind and she could not help but get angry: "THAT b.a.s.t.a.r.d WRITTEN LETTERS IN MY NAME", That also explained why her husband wanted her to use the wax seal of the royal family.

That extinguished the little love he had left for the king, and her idea of forgiving him, and staying was extinguished forever, So she said to her brother: "Brother, I don't want to be here anymore, I want to go and fix things with Anna".

Joseph nodded and said, "Get your things ready, we'll leave when you have your things."

But as soon as he heard that, a series of footsteps were heard and Joseph turned his head to see men in golden armor, His crops ranged from the first level to the fifth level Gathering qi, At the head of all was an Elder who wore a golden tunic and emitted a n.o.ble air.

These were the Royal Guards, the best elites of the Snow Kingdom, and that Elder was no less than the previous king, and father of Donald, Kid Snow.

At such a scene Joseph did not immune, he just acted indifferently and said to his sister: "Helewise, prepare your things, we have no time to waste".

Upon hearing her brother's order, Helewise nodded, while the expression of the Men's Group changed, After all, it was not pleasant to be treated like air.

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