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[Note: This chapter is not intended to offend anyone, any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence.]

Thus added the Elder: "Remember to go through your monthly payment", Disappearing of all.

It was the beginning of the month, and the sect gives all the disciples 30 middle-grade body refining pills, a perfect thing since every pill on the market is worth 10 gold coins. In total there would be 300 gold coins each month per disciple, and the sun sect had tens of thousands of disciples. So you could see how rich this sect was.

So there was an 11-year-old boy who is very calm seeing a sweet girl of the same age talking to her group of friends.

The sun sect had a group practice every beginning of the month among all the external disciples of the sect. In the sects among the external disciples, they are grouped by age, from 9 to 14, 15 to 19, and 20 onwards.

Without the child noticing, two other children of similar age went after him and said: "Taylor, let's go and claim our monthly payment".

The other boy realized where he was looking and said: "Taylor, She's the daughter of the Sect Master, We're from different worlds, You'd better not get your hopes up".

"I'm a prince"

Hearing that response, the child began to point to other children: "If you are, but also that one, that one, and that one, I think I forgot to point to that one".

Seeing that Taylor couldn't help but sigh and started walking: "Let's go claim the monthly payment."

This group of children was nothing less than the first prince of the Alba kingdom, Taylor Alba. and his cousins, Roger Keer, Nick Keer.

About a year ago pa.s.sed the test to join the sect of the sun, In that year thanks to the resources they would never have in the kingdom Alba achieved that their cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds, Taylor was at 7 level of body refining while his cousins had just entered it level 6, This would be incredible in desolate areas but here in a mortal country, Taylor was a little above average while his cousins were average.

They managed to claim their monthly payments and went to a city a few miles from the sect called "Sun City". Among the external disciples there were two, those who were in Body refining and those who were in Gathering qi.

Those who were in Body refining would not have a residence within the sect, they could only live without paying taxes five years with their families in Sun city, After paying taxes, So the three were their home in the city.

As disciples of the sect they would be given simple housing and if they wanted better housing they would have to pay for it themselves, and with the large number of people living in Sun City the price of housing was not cheap.

Currently they lived in a simple apartment tower, without many luxuries as three families had three apartments on the same floor. So the three ran for an hour before they could get home in the city.

The three said goodbye and arrived at their homes, Taylor entered her apartment and said: "Mother, I arrived".

Hearing that a beautiful voice was heard in the kitchen and said: "Welcome, how was it?, n.o.body intimidated you, right?"

"I'm fine mother, you can be calm", So Taylor saw the thirty pills in his hand, The sect said nothing about intimidating someone like him, but still wouldn't do it, That was because they would lose their face to do it, If it was someone of the same age would be fine but in his age group would be rare to beat him because almost all children are at level 7 body refining.

In these years his life had changed, his mother was separated from his father, She was no longer the all-powerful queen, Besides that his cultivation was widespread here, So she had no choice but to change her att.i.tude and become a housewife, Within his family all men worked as hunters from his great-grandfather to his uncles, with this they could reach the end of the month and live a comfortable life. but if you talked about farming resources could only depend on the sect for it, his great-grandfather's savings almost ran out.

Watching her mother cook, walk by and head for the window of his apartment, His apartment was on level 456 of 1000, it could accommodate almost half a million families as each floor had 500 identical apartments. and in this city there were more than 100 similar towers. They were literally skysc.r.a.pers.

In his native land, the Alba Kingdom, the capital would have a few tens of millions of inhabitants but here they are countless, as not only do the families of disciples live but also ordinary people of the republic, In only this city there may be about 180 million inhabitants. and this was not the capital. Just one of the many cities in the republic.

Besides that, the blows of people in body refining are nothing inside the apartment, they were like ordinary people hitting a steel bar.

Taylor sometimes used to say "It's like another world", comparing it to his homeland.

These apartments were magical, There was everything if my mother wanted to cook just had to go to the kitchen and turn on the stove, Water ..., turn the faucet, Bathe, There is a shower that has even the option to put it warm. "Many call my native land "Desolate" full of "Savages"," Taylor thought.

"Taylor should take a shower, you are very sweaty and dinner is almost ready," said Isabella calmly.

Seeing how his mother, the former queen, spoke to his as if she were an ordinary housewife, she sighed: "Yes, mother".

When he finished saying that, he couldn't help but think, "Where did my arrogance go?"

Before he was an arrogant prince who believed everyone below him but now if he listed all the "arrogant princes who believed everyone below him" in the republic, perhaps he would exceed the thousands or never end.

So he went to his room, "I'm just an ordinary person here...", kept the pills and went to take a shower while he thought of a pretty girl who every time he saw her made his heart jump.

"Ahhh", So I sigh, This city was too peaceful, It was too close to the Sun Sect and no one dared disrespect it, Of course there were great clans and young masters but I could never be in the same places as them, Since each of the places they visited was for rich people. Something he could not afford. All the time it was going to the sect or staying at home while occasionally going out with his whole family to eat at a cheap restaurant.

"This is the life I want?," his whole family changed no one was arrogant or dominant, but became average people with no aspirations, working day by day to spend the month, putting their hopes in the younger generation.

"This is not what I imagined as a child," As a child I had always dreamed of greatness, Exploring the continent as it grew stronger and stronger by meeting arrogant young masters and defeating them while conquering unparalleled beauties and ascending to immortality. but his life ended like this. Being one of the pile.

He finished his shower and put on a new set of clean clothes and went to the table to have dinner with his mother. While he waited for his grandfather and great-grandfather to return from work.

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