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A year later.

Two years had already pa.s.sed since murder reward was given and no one dared invade the headquarters of the sects to kill the supreme elders was too tricky. Within each silk there were hundreds of Elders and a few thousand disciples in the Realm Gathering qi, if their sect's War Array were activated, it would be a force that even an Elemental Realm would fear.

So everything in his region was back to normal, as for the Elemental Opening pills they were treated as a payment from Deadpool for services and Alexander didn't care if he wanted to make thousands of those pills. for him, they didn't have much value.

In these years the cultivation of Alexander advanced by leaps and bounds achieving the Body refining level 9 peak ready to enter the Gathering qi, Meanwhile his grandparents and mother with the help of Alexander and in the same way that Audrey advanced to the Realm Gathering qi, advanced half a year ago and now all were at level 5 and continued advancing a thousand miles per day.

Alexander's body was perfect, hard as a rock and flexible as rubber when certain movements did not seem to have bones. Seeing this Helena began to ask for her guide and began to refine her body in the same way Alexander did.

Today was a happy day for Alexander,

"Hahaha, I'm a genius, I'm a genius."

So Helena saw what she was doing, Alexander had just finished another batch of potions, It was normal every day to make four batches in the mornings and the rest of her day would be devoted to training, not to mention that each batch was Supreme Grade.

But when Helena approached the cauldron with the freshly made liquid from the potions, she felt a sweet aroma and a tremendous medicinal fragrance and could not help but exclaim: "Transcendent quality".

Within alchemy the supreme quality was not the greatest, there were three grades more, being ten times more potent than the previous one. These were: Transcendent, Quasi perfect, and perfect.

In modern alchemy there were two types of errors, major and minor. While the older ones generate impurities in the pills/potions, the smaller ones make them lose medicinal efficacy. Besides, correcting minor errors was hundreds of times more difficult than the older ones and only the more perfectionist alchemists will correct them.

In these lands the pills/potions of superior grade were already rare and those of supreme grade only appear rarely in auctions but those of transcendent grade for above were even rare in the three great worlds without speaking of the last two grades, they were almost impossible to obtain.

In the clan of which she was a member only a few Elders could make such a grade of drugs, there were even times that it was purely luck. However this 7-year-old was able to do it, but soon shook her head and thought it was luck but he was wrong.

At first, Alexander had a success rate of 25% but gradually rose and ended up with 100% after three months, meaning that every day was produced 2000 bottles of Body refining potions of transcendent grade and after the dilution was 2 million High-Grade potions, equivalent to 2 million silver! Alexander could earn 2 million silver every day!

Alexander thought very well about who to sell it to and decided to sell it to the army of the Alba Kingdom through his grandparents, The army of the kingdom had several million people but of these many were ordinary people and only a few would be martial artists, and even if they are their strength does not exceed the third level.

Doing this would not only give him money but also strengthen the general strength of the kingdom, Kill two birds with one stone, and the best thing is that he was not afraid of a coup d'etat since his grandparents were very strong now, Right now they had Audrey's strength a few years ago and only the elders of the sects would be his rivals but that was a secret and only a few people knew about their progress. and thought they were at level one.

Alexander also had a selfish motive for doing this, if one day he decided to place an Array of Gathering qi covering the entire kingdom this would make people with greedy eyes turn to see the Kingdom Alba to devour it so I needed to lay the groundwork for it, could not be an idiot who does things just because he wanted without thinking about the consequences.

People who act without thinking about the consequences are foolish and have no patience wanting everything fast. Alexander in his previous life had seen several hundred young people who acted like that and always had to seek refuge in great powers that valued their talent for as they matured, some ended up dead while others lived but Alexander was not that kind of person.

If he wanted to do something he planned and if he had to wait, he didn't mind waiting a couple of years to achieve his goal.

So Alexander talked to his grandparents about this and when they found out about it, they were happy, having a smile from ear to ear, they didn't distrust their grandson's words because they knew his ability first hand because during the last months they had taken their potions.

When his grandparents asked how many potions Alexander could make, he only replied: "How many can you afford?"

Upon hearing this, the elderly couple could not help but see each other and said they would talk to the generals of the kingdom to discuss it, Alexander told them that all the potions he would sell would be high grade. And for every ten potions he bought, he would give one as a gift.

Days later Alexander received his first order, 10,000 high-grade potions, and the delivery was in a month, but if they knew that Alexander produces 200 times more in a day, they spit blood just thinking about it. The high command thought that ten thousand was already a number that would take Alexander a great deal of effort to complete.

At the same time, they wanted to form an Elite squadron within the army.

Every month Alexander gave 11,000 to the army in exchange for 10,000 silver coins. Little by little he began to acc.u.mulate wealth, because he knew that the higher your cultivation, the higher the cost of resources.

A year later.

In a beautiful palace with an incredible view of the sea, two Elders were talking while drinking tea. One of them wore white clothes like the snow characteristic of the James Clan while the other had the clothes characteristic of the Sea Palace, meanwhile, not far from them there was a boy and an 11-year-old girl talking intimately to each other.

Seeing the scene the pair of elders could not help but say:

"Nathaniel and Sybilla are certainly an ideal couple."

"Yeah, you're right, old friend."

So the Elder who had a symbol of the sea palace on her clothes said: "When will we announce your marriage?"

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