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It is true that Alexander had part of Walter's fortune but these were only 30 million gold, Also now his mother had just bought a luxury villa 200 miles from the capital which was not cheap, cost 10 million gold, leaving them with only about 20 million.

When it came to making money it was difficult but spending it was very easy if one wanted to spend more than a million gold per day easily, but earning a million in a day would take a lot of effort.

For now, I wouldn't go anywhere so I could make a cash flow to start acc.u.mulating wealth. Alexander thought and came to a conclusion, For now, he would give supreme grade bottles to his grandparents, sisters and their respective mothers on the condition that they do not tell their father, His status as an alchemist must be secret so that his grandparents could reach the peak of body refining in a concise time.

Not to mention that his sisters could advance by leaps and bounds in their cultivation and surpa.s.s the geniuses of the region, In addition to this Alexander, prepared a few potions of superior grade marrow to wash to grow the talent of his sisters, I could not give them a supreme grade as the physical change it produces is too drastic and it is not sure that they get Alexander's talent themselves.

According to what study of these potions were made of blood essence of wild beasts, The beasts cultivated differently than humans and their blood essence is mighty, but it did not make sense the great talent that Alexander obtained from the potion until he remembered that he had read that many powerful male beasts such as dragons, Fefnir, Phoenix, were very l.u.s.tful and therefore sought the maximum number of s.e.xual partners by spreading their bloodline around the world.

Alexander imagined that the potion he was consuming had a bloodline of a demonic beast but he did not know which one since this one was so thin that it could not be distinguished less to be used, but the most terrifying thing was that this thin line gave him such a great talent, Thinking about it, he could not imagine how powerful was the beast of which he has the blood. Were it not for the purification he made, he would never get such a talent.

His was luck but if he gave his sisters a bloodline of an evil being full of intent to kill, this would make him feel bad, since the age of his sisters was very small and their personality was not defined, therefore he would wait until they were older and they made the decisions about this potion.

Of course, there would be potions without bloodlines and they would only be regular potions. Alexander made two supreme marrow was.h.i.+ng potions and gave them to his mother and Audrey hoping for the best, even if that bloodline was evil like that of undead with how thin the bloodline would be and how old these women were it would be easy to control them.

So his mother and Audrey took the potions and happened just what Alexander did not want and his mother already had noticeable changes in her physique, she became gorgeous, Before she was beautiful but if compared with the beauties of his past life would be far away, Her hair became green while her pupils became emeralds. It also looked as if she had returned in his early twenties.

While with Audrey something similar happened, her beautiful face became much more beautiful, rejuvenated and her pupils turned yellow while her hair turns blue.

At this point, Alexander was so angry, He just wanted to improve the talent of his people but didn't want his change to be so noticeable!

Right now he kept cursing powerful beasts for being so l.u.s.tful and wanting to reproduce like rabbits, couldn't there be a beast without a bloodline?

But when he thought about it, he realized that innumerable generations had pa.s.sed since the divine beasts was in this realm, So after so many generations, all beasts must have more than one trace of a bloodline in their bodies without knowing it. Only by purifying their blood will their thin line of blood be seen.

So after so many generations, all beasts must have more than one trace of a bloodline in their bodies without knowing it. Only by purifying their blood will their thin line of blood be seen.

On her side Helena was mute, she could not believe that getting a bloodline was that easy, the only thing that took work was to capture the creature, I ask Alexander if he could do that with any beast.

"If a beast wants to have a bloodline to pa.s.s on to its descendants it would at least have to be at the same level as the divine beasts, my mother's physical changes are not by the blood of the beast but the bloodline that her ancestors left in it, however, it was so impure and thin that it could not be used from these bloodlines can be called so, as they are so thin that they only improve the talent but nothing more".

"But what was that you did to the jar before?"

"Purify the potion, such a supreme potion would be impossible."


"This is because even if the alchemist makes everything perfect the same blood essence has impurities, first it would have to be purified, something that with the current alchemy is impossible".

"So how did you do it?"

"With an Array I invented"

This made Helena see Alexander with complicated eyes and said, "But will you share it with the rest of the world?"

Listening to such a question made Alexander show an expression of mockery and said: "No way I would do it, In this world everyone keeps their methods to themselves, You know in this world there are countless recipes for pills or cultivation manuals but only a few are in the public domain while the vast majority are monopolized by the great powers, If they do not share their knowledge with me because I must share mine with them?"

On hearing that, Helena was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, If this method were known her beast race would be slaughtered and the strength of the human race would soar, but the strength of her race.

Alexander knew that these women would not like to wear a mask as he did so he prepared some necklaces as a precautionary measure, So he gave them to them and her hair, face returned to normal, As for who gave them to him, a year ago along with the money he gave them in the name of his master, he even gave one to Helena who diminished her beauty a bit, even though Helena complained Alexander still forced her.

While the two women were happy with their physical changes, Alexander began to think about who could be his client.

Three months later

Elsewhere on the continent, there were thousands of children between the ages of 9 and 11 practicing their fist positions, while elders supervise and guide the children.

"One," said the elder.

"Haaa", So a powerful sound came from the children talking, as they showed their fists facing each other in perfect coordination.


"Haa", saying this, all the children again changed position and advanced their foot without losing synchronicity.

" Sufficient," said the Elder.

When they heard him, all the children gathered their fists, bowed slightly and said in unison: "Thank you for your guidance".

When he heard it, the Elder only said, "Remember to work hard in the Sun sect, lazy people are not allowed."

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