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When Anna heard this news she could not help being happy for her sister, but when she remembered what the book said she involuntarily turned to see her son. According to what she had read in the book, her son would surpa.s.s those Supreme Elders, so imagining the faces of her family when they know it. she could not help but get excited, but she still had a poker face, her family should be kept in secret about her son's talent, besides that she could not boast of the future only of the present if his secret revealed before the time they would be seeking death.

Seeing his sister so thoughtful while looking towards her son, Joseph could not help but ask "What's wrong?"

"Nothing" Anna quickly recovered her senses and shook her head, It seemed a bit strange to Joseph but seeing his sister did not want to talk about the issue he did not question her. Her family reunion lasted several hours, Audrey was in charge of the food so she prepared lunch while Alexander got bored and as a good baby, he fell asleep. Joseph wanted Alexander to partic.i.p.ate in the tests tomorrow, but Anna refused, Alexander was too small for it, and she could not be separated from him, saying so while seeing her son asleep on her legs, After that, they talked about some unimportant issues and Joseph retired to rest to his room which was prepared by Frey. Anna and Audrey returned with an asleep Alexander to their residence.

While Anna had her family reunion Frey was in a bad mood, It turned out that the a.s.sistants were hiding information because of the Queen, She had brought the two or rather General Keer was the one who brought them, what angered him the most was that these two denied it at the beginning and They told him that he was hallucinating because of his age, so he sent these two men to the interrogation room, he could be nice but he was not stupid.

When they saw that they were going to be tortured, they revealed the whole truth. It turned out that before they handed him the doc.u.ments they were reviewed by the queen. Because of that, a lot of information did not reach the king and they also disclosed that the queen's family has been diverting lots of funds from the state at will, So as the acting king ordered all the properties of the Keer family to be searched, the same thing happened with Alexander's grandparents. When they found out about it, they got angry and agreed to search the properties but also confiscated them and turned them over now all the Keer family properties were owned by the royal family.

When the king found out what they wanted to do, he refused to do so but after his father scolded him and was threatened with a beating, he had no choice but to accept their commands, in addition to being informed that the brother of the ninth concubine was a core disciple of the James Clan, which made his shocked still, but after remembering how he had treated his wife he knew that he had no chance to establish a good relations.h.i.+p with his brother-in-law, His wife was in a meeting with him so she must have been having told him all about the past few years, for the first time he felt a bit of hatred towards the queen. With that in mind he could only regret it and see if he could fix the situation with his wife, but he knew it was impossible.

After they searched through all the properties of the Keer family, they found nothing incriminating but what they did find were large stacks of gold coins, jewelry, among other things of value from this you could see that the Keer family had been cheating the royal family for several years, Seeing this, they reviewed where this money should have gone and most should go to the poor in form of programs to improve the economy of the Kingdom. But the Keer family reported it as delivered and they grab it all.

All those involved in this scheme, including Frey's a.s.sistants, were degraded to slaves and their descendants for three generations would be slaves to the service of the Kingdom, with that more than a thousand people were degraded to slaves, many of them were officers under General Keer, but none was spared, many pleaded but none was forgiven, and the Keer family was officially published as a criminal, accused of treason, and a reward of 100 gold coins was issued for each family members head, either living or dead, with the exception of the queen and the first prince they offered 500 gold coins but only alive.

That news was only overshadowed by news of the recruitment from the sects which will be held tomorrow morning, but it also caused a stir among ordinary people. The Kingdom had not recovered from the purge but another had begun and this included General Keer, many people could not believe it. When the representatives found out about it, they could do nothing but shake their heads.

This Kingdom was a disaster, but they knew that this disaster was necessary if they wanted to put it in order, so they did not say anything, everyone was watching everyone but at the same time they were suppressing themselves, if one said something about the situation, they used it as an excuse saying that a foreign power was using its influence to interfere in the internal affairs of the kingdom, This would displease the citizens of the Kingdom and this would make their sects look bad before recruitment and then the aspirants would not join their sects, so they sighed stayed in their rooms.

When dawn arrived the next day, everyone in the capital city was awake even before dawn, and they went to the center of the city where the armored soldiers training camp was located now there is a huge stage constructed in the center of the grounds were the tests would be held, the elite soldiers of the kingdom were under the orders of the king to maintain public order during the sects recruitment, there would be tests carried out to enter the sects, all young people over five years and under twenty were excited, In their eyes you could see the longing and determination, they had come from all over the kingdom with the only aim to be chosen by the sects and become a disciple!

During the previous night, many dreamed that they were chosen by the sects and they became powerful warriors then n.o.body could underestimate them.

While they were arriving at the camp they could hear murmurs

"Haha, see how I join the Gray Clan, they told me that their disciples are the strongest"

"You're dreaming, they all say that the holy land of the southern region is the Martial City "

"They will see, I will go to the Sea Palace and I will find beautiful mermaids for my enjoyment"

"You are an idiot the sirens do not exist, and If the sea palace is your choice then they are in for a mental r.e.t.a.r.dation all because of you"

"have you heard, they say that the representative of the James clan is a very handsome young man, I will definitely join them, "said a young lady with longing.

A muscular young man heard that "You women do not notice the most important thing"

"Yes, good men may not be handsome but they have a good heart"

"Hey idiot who said it was the heart, I said the muscles, every respected man have muscles, because of that I join the Iron Castle "

Thousands of people spoke at the same time after that six people came to the training camp stage, One of them took a step forward and shouted: "Silence, the tests officially begin"

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