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Hearing that, Alexander smiled and said: "Taylor is not like Nathaniel. If he came to these lands from a very young age he must be more sensible than Nathaniel, since here the strength of his grandfather was useless. That is something that had to make him mature. To say that he is my enemy is very ambiguous. "

But Helena hurriedly said:" Was it not his family that poisoned the entire third generation of the Alba family, is that not enough to win their enmity? "

Alexander denied and said:" When did they do that my brother was barely 5-6 years old. It is impossible that he worked on that plot. Most likely, it was the general or his sons who planned such a plot. Since even if her son would not end up as King, the queen had my father's favor so her condition would not have been affected but different things happened with Taylor's uncles. "

Helena began to think and what Alexander said was true, One could not blame the offspring for the mistakes of the older generation. In that case their Ancestors partic.i.p.ated in the tearing of the heavens, which caused the Martial Dao to have a total decline.

Helena was to blame for that?

No !, Because at that time I was not born. The same happened with Taylor. He was not to blame for his uncles planning that behind him, even if it were for his future. Now if Taylor was already of legal age and towards those plans it was a different matter. Even if it were the fault of the older generation, I would have to account for their partic.i.p.ation!

Alexander leaned back on the couch and said: "Now my face is in all the news, So they live in Sun City, so they should know what happened here in a few days, Maybe they recognize us"

Helena also She sat on the couch and frowned, saying, "But, when they left Alba Kingdom, you weren't too young? How could they recognize each other?"

Alexander pointed to himself and said, "Even if you don't believe it, they say I look like Lewis, Isabella is Lewis's childhood friend so you will surely find the relations.h.i.+p with easily, "Alexander paused and laughed playfully saying:" There are also scenes of my mother on the battlefield, even if she doesn't recognize me She will recognize her. "

Helena showed a surprised expression and didn't say much more, but every time she was surprised at all the a.n.a.lysis this human made. As he thought his father could not have been wrong!

After that he said goodbye and said: "Today I have a sleepover with Arwen! So see you tomorrow, Young Master! "

Alexander only forced a smile when he heard, Since when a servant accepted a compromise without asking his Master. In the end he just shook his head. This Helena was only a servant in name. She was also treated and pampered as a daughter by his mother. Attend he said to himself, "Well, I betrays everything is fine"

Although also an idea came to mind: "now my brothers and sisters should also have their own servants, right"

In the end, he could only sigh and began browsing the Deep Web. He convinced Eldar to travel to the center of the continent for resources so I will take advantage of this rare situation.

He wanted to ask for many different treasures, so he entered the portal of Lost Garden, Blacksmith Grill, Black Cauldron, Booth Crafts.
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So he asked for great varieties of resources, among them the most valuable were pills called Vitality Little River Pill, Vitality Middle River Pill, Vitality Grand River Pill.

These were used by the great powers to make the strength of their disciples or offspring grow by leaps and bounds.

A Vitality Little River Pill was incomparable to using spiritual stones. However, these only have an effect on Elementary Experts.

The pills that Alexander asked could only help him to the Profound Realm. After that he would have to buy Vitality Little Lake to help him advance in the Earth realm.

In his previous life, Kain had innumerable problems to get resources and not to mention those pills. Those pills were not cheap at all. Since the great powers restrict the offer in the market.

A Vitality Little River Pill could be worth one hundred thousand 8-Grade Spirit stones.

Are they worth that?

Do not!

But if you wanted one, that was the price you had to pay.

The best thing you could do was buy the recipe and recruit an alchemist capable of refining pills for your own power.

But, Only the recipe for that Vitality Little River Pill was very expensive, It could cost hundreds or billions of 8-Grade Spirit Stones, since there were several variations of each pill where several herbs were subst.i.tuted with other equivalents. Some better, some worse. Obviously the best were controlled by people with power while the variation that was sold publicly was an average. Neither the best nor the worst. Even Kain made his own variation that was ten times better than the commercial version.

Alexander knew that within the entire county only the highest powers could afford to buy the recipe but only after a few hundred years of acc.u.mulation of wealth.

Since the current wealth of those powers was due to how old they were.

That without thinking of the benefits they had to give the alchemist responsible for refining the pills. Refining that kind of pills were very difficult. Even harder than Elementary Pills. Since it generates physical and mental stress even for an alchemist experiment.

Not to mention the weird and ages of herbs needed to refine, Because of this the powers only gave these pills to the elite disciples or in exchange for contribution points. This already showed that it was nothing like the Elementary Pill. Even if they were both 1-Rank pills. They were like day and night.

You could say that as long as they have the elementary Pills and the Vitality Little River Pill, ingesting simultaneously would make your strength grow by leaps and bounds.

The dream of any martial genius.

But due to the market price on the Vitality Little River Pill, its supply could not be left to an external faction. If they did, their treasures would undoubtedly be emptied in a few years.

That is why they preferred to make the big investment to obtain the recipe, since if they refined them internally it would only cost them a tenth of the market price. In fact, selling it was great business.

Because of all this, even if they were disciples of a powerful faction, if they were only average disciples they could only consume a Vitality Little River Pill every year or couple of years. So they preferred to grow with the Qi of the Environment or Spirit Stones leaving that kind of pills as a dream.

Even so Alexander got in the black Cauldron at half the market price. In the black market there were large varieties of pills cheaper than the prices offered in the common markets.

So order more than one hundred thousand pills Vitality Little River Pill, Vitality Middle River Pill, Vitality Grand River Pill. Elementary Pills, Spirit Training Pills, Profound Training Pills, Dantian expanding ..., plus various seeds of medicinal herbs and Spiritual Trees.

An Overlord Cloud Orb and a few Array Flags of various ranks.

A few Weapons and Armor for your family. As well as other special objects nothing cheap.In addition to a million Spirit Stones 5-Grade.

Those items were expensive but after selling so many secrets between the sales of the s.p.a.ce Rings and the Transmission Arrays they had won over 800,000 million Marcial Coins.

This might seem like a lot, but with all the income that those who sell s.p.a.ce rings or those who charge for using their Transmission Arrays over the years would have, this amount was only a drop in profits.

You could say that Alexander gave unlimited benefits to many people!

But right now Alexander was sure that if he declared himself as the second richest person on the continent, n.o.body could declare himself as the first ... at least on this continent.

But wealth meant nothing unless it became strength. If I could get those resources. It could save him many years of hard cultivation as in his past life. Alexander could get these things in other places closer, but not in large quant.i.ties with luck they would have a few dozen of low quality also needed a good quality Orb at least Heaven Cloud if he wanted to create a medicinal garden like his last life or even better! , This was a golden opportunity! Since you could even buy resources for your loved ones.

After selecting everything he wanted, he pa.s.sed the purchase order to Eldar and told him what to do when he reached the center of the continent.

I just had to go to a City called Merchant City and go to a store called Sleepy's Supplier Store.

There I had to present the purchase note along with a purchase code.

So, Eldar left the capital at midnight, but first he gave Alexander a big warning: "If something happens to my niece, you will pay with your life! "He paused a little and said," I'll be back in two months! ", After that he disappeared without a trace as if he had never existed.

Alexander showed a black expression and said, "Are you going on vacation or what?" He didn't know why but he felt cheated.

According to his most conservative estimates, Eldar should only take a week to make the round trip.

Why would it take seven extra weeks?

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants him to take care of his niece while he roams the continent!

In the end, Alexander could only sigh and accept him returning to his room, After all he needed that Orb, In fact the only reason he dared to ask for something like that was for the Orb. Everything else including pills, Weapons and Armor was useless for now.

Eldar in his mind said: "Human culinary world here I go!", While licking his lips he waited for the delicacies he would find in the center of the continent!

Arwen was already healthy and would be fine with that human. Besides, she thinks that I am doing a favor to this human and that the human world is full of dangers. So it would be a bad idea with her delicate body to take her for a walk in the human world

When he returns, I will only tell him how his uncle bravely defeated human bandits and ventured into the cruel human world.

So Eldar left with great expectations of the human world.

On his way, His expression changed and he said: "I don't have Spirit Stones of such a low Grade, Where can I change a Spiritual Stone Concentrated?", After a little thought he shrugged and thought that more than somewhere I will find a place where They will change their

Spiritual Stone Concentrated. After all this continent was like your playground!


In the void of s.p.a.ce a black hole opened out of nowhere, From this two shadows came out. One was a middle-aged man finely dressed in golden robes.

While the other was a young woman who appeared to be in her twenties, Her beauty was unmatched, Her gaze cold and penetrating, Her lips were red and seductive along with her large and deep eyes showing unparalleled wisdom, Adding her slender figure with clock shape

Many would think she was a fallen G.o.ddess of Heaven.

The woman saw her surroundings could not help sighing, Since this was the place where she grew up, Seeing the infinite galaxies, they reminded her of the long road she had crossed and thought to herself: "After more than 100,000 years I'm back ", But still I ask:" Why do I see everything so different? "

The man calmly said:" In this place and our home have a time law of one hundred to one, One year there is equal to one hundred years here If you're not bad, you left when you were three thousand years old and spent 100,000 years in that place but here it was 10 million years. No wonder you see different things. "

The woman could only sigh at the man's statement. He nodded and said:" Hopefully the Palace must still be on Island Lotuth. "

The man nodded and said:" We must recover our inheritance! ", Turned to see the woman and said:" What is the name of the world we are going to? "

The beautiful woman said with a little nostalgia:" Albur World, That was the first place I came to when I was a baby, Father. "

The man, remembering those days, couldn't help but show a sad expression on his face and resentment for that traitor. He couldn't wait to tear it apart with his own hands!

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