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Seeing her father, the beautiful woman just gestured for him to continue disappearing into the void.

In a matter of some breaths they reached a huge planet very similar to infinity world before its expansion.

The woman's beautiful eyes saw the world and began to relieve everything she thought she had forgotten.

From her humble childhood to her meteoric rise. Even that child who courted her with such longing. In the end I could only sigh and enter the atmosphere falling like a meteor without problems. It seems that your body treated this as an ephemeral problem.

Browse through your memories to a small island of your memories. But when she reached the place of his memories she couldn't help but frown.

The middle-aged man saw his daughter's expression and said curiously: "What's wrong? Is it the wrong place? "

The beautiful woman shook her head and said:" No, this is the place but the small island in my memories was not so big. By the standards of these places it could be considered a small continent. "

The middle-aged man nodded, turned his head to see everywhere before saying:" I think what you tell me is not strange after all, this The world is still consolidating, from what I see these worlds were nurtured by experts so it is not uncommon for new lands to be born through the centuries. "The man paused a little and continued:" This is not an expansion but a game of the world. A fight between sea and land. Sometimes the earth gains territory to the sea and vice versa, "The man smiled and stretched out his hand to say:" This is the same as when we create small pocket worlds, That world has its own longevity and internal changes, We can make it remain the same for all its useful life but it depends on what you want the world for, sometimes the giant worlds do this to protect themselves and extend their useful life ",

Man saw the heavens and said:" The same thing happens in the universe, Every innumerable Star years die while others are born, Everything is part of life. Nothing is consistent, Everything changes, Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, "in the end he sighed and said:" Even the worlds eventually come to an end. "

The woman was silly listening to that, I wanted to ask many things but her father cut her off and he said: "There are things that are inexplicable with words, You will only understand after living them, Now your age may seem advanced but there are people much older than you, Even in this place there are old people who prefer to live like kings in a well even knowing the true to enter the true ocean "

The man showed a smile and said:" You know how many old men were forcibly dragged out of this bubble, Even Atlas is surprised at the number of new labor for their cities "but at the same time showed a mocking expression and said: "All because those old men lived a false immortality and were the kings is that they refused to move forward, they were just s.h.i.+t conformists"

The woman nodded inwardly mind before the statements of her father but he also knew how difficult it was to leave the bubble and that only true geniuses were able to get out of it, After countless years this bubble had a certain reputation between the belts.

It was a bubble of myths and legends.

In the end the man said to his daughter: "Let's go to the palace!"

The woman nodded and in only a couple of breaths they reached a mountain, They descended where the beautiful woman led the man to a cave and entering they found a majestic palace abandoned by time, Many would think that it was the seat of a great faction in its past.

Seeing the palace, the middle-aged man could only sigh and become sentimental. and said: "This was your mother's home, you know the servant who rescued you was a personal servant of your mother"

The woman stopped for a moment remembering the first time she came here, She was just a Junior at Houtian Realm. He had to go through great difficulties to get here and take the resources that that servant had collected in her few years of remaining life. Thanks to them her life was much easier and her strength was able to advance by leaps and bounds.

The only thing she left behind was a book that seemed naive to her was useless. After learning of its true value, he wanted to cross the void to return before but as much as she wanted she could not.

So ahe could only wait for her father as she went through her past. After a few breaths the man regained his senses and walked inside, followed by the beautiful woman.

Upon entering the palace he felt something strange and soon his eyes widened in disbelief seeing his sidelong daughter: "Didn't you say you couldn't understand anything about the Array?"

The woman confused by her father's question, still nodded. But her father exclaimed: "Then, why do I feel the same sensation as our ancestral palace ?!"

The woman understood what she meant but could not confirm it: "It is not supposed that someone managed to configure it ... But perhaps it is not impossible for a figure of that level in this place, that is to say, neither the current Arrays Masters of our family are able to configure such an Array. "

She, from what she knew, That Array was not originally from her Clan but rather the founder of the Clan found him some ruins, Thanks to the fact that he was a great genius in the Array Dao I can configure it and manage to found a Clan that has existed for innumerable years.

You could say that that Array was the major base of the Clan,

that was the Nine Array Retributions.

The only bad thing is that not any of the members of the Clan could withstand the nine incenses.

Many of them only supported one tenth of an incense.

Throughout history is Array had been a blessing as a curse, Since many who had challenged that Array had ended up mad even with a deep cultivation.

That Array allowed beings to meditate on the secrets of the universe, as well as play with reality itself but produces enormous mental stress generated by the same loneliness. It was something that caused people after leaving in the Array to have no desire to live. Not to mention the wear of the Soul produced by the Array. For the Cultivators his Soul was the same as the Brain for the Mortals. Something indispensable. Severe wear could leave them stupid.

Many members of the Clan who had little willpower, were banned from entering the Array, even the members who entered only entered once and only a few entered more than once and only a few in history entered three times at throughout his life

Each time a member entered that Array, he had unlimited benefits but the risk is too much so many members prefer to train hard and meditate in the traditional way like the other Clans with Martial Understanding Arrays.

Thinking about this, both father and daughter rushed inside.

Just to see an empty palace, Without even speaking they began to search all the rooms of the palace. Until deep inside the palace in a room at the bottom of the palace they found a sealed room. The middle-aged man watching that door, broke the seal with pure brute force and opened the doors to find a magnificent Array.

The man showed him an incredulous expression, His suspicions were correct!

Someone had managed to replicate the Nine Array Remuneration!

Who could that person be?

As crazy began to see throughout the room, Until in a corner could find a small piece of jade.

Without thinking twice the middle-aged man immersed his divine sense in him. He first showed an expression of bewilderment, Frustration, Until finally he showed an expression of fear and disbelief.

A few minutes later, The beautiful woman came to the same room and saw her father with the face of disbelief and fear just to ask: "What happened?"

The man without seeing her, pa.s.sed the piece of jade, The woman examined the piece of Jade but could not find something strange and submerged his divine sense beginning to read the content recorded in the piece.

"Day 1: I found this rare palace, Apparently it belonged to a powerful Clan, I found a Corpse and an Array called Nine Array Retributions, According to the Corpse newspaper this array gives unlimited benefits for martial compression, I have decided to configure it, This It will be a logbook to examine my past mistakes. "

" Day 2: I do not understand anything about the Array, His strokes are too exotic and beautiful, This makes the current Array Dao look like gross and simple "

" Day 25: I understood the 1% outer limit, I have to correct the following errors…. "

Day 180: I have not advanced anything, I thought it could be configured in a couple of months but I am frustrated.

Day 1800: Today I have made some progress, Every time I feel that my Array Dao is advancing by leaps and bounds!

Day 5000: I managed to finish the outer area without it crumbling, I will start with the inner core in a few weeks.

Day 18500: After 50 years, I have achieved it! Tomorrow I'll try the Array! I hope to have the benefits that the body wrote, Well anyway my Array Dao is at its peak. I don't know how it would be compared to the continent's standards.
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Day 18501: Activate the Array, It was a torment. I was locked up for innumerable years alone while abroad only a little more than nine incenses pa.s.sed but my Martial Dao advanced by leaps and bounds! I am sure that in a few years I will be able to enter the King Realm!

Day 18502: My Martial Dao is moving faster than I thought, I feel that those annoying bottlenecks no longer exist! That Array is miraculous. I have decided to dive into it once every month for the following years!

Day 18700: I am having trouble distinguis.h.i.+ng the illusion from Reality. These must be one of the side effects of the Array.

Day 19000: I have begun to perform Alchemy experiments in the Nine Array Retributions, I hope to advance in the Alchemy Dao by leaps and bounds!

Day 19205: My Alchemy Dao progresses by leaps and bounds, Eh managed to significantly reduce the number of herbs needed to learn a new recipe, I call it imagination Stage, It is based on the idea of simulating refinements in your mind through past experiences. It is very good to use it in reality but if it adds to the Nine Array Remuneration I can decrease the amount of herbs needed and increase the learning speed. Now my success rate is 80%. I have decided to find a chamber of commerce to partner and get more raw materials.

Day 20075: I have to leave the palace, I have to expand my horizons. I have decided to seal this room. If you are reading this, you are possibly the owner of the palace and the Young mistress mentioned by that corpse, I don't know why but I feel that such a person is still alive. I also have confidence that my Array cannot be broken by a person from the continent. The book of the Array is in this room.

When he finished reading jade, he had the same expression of fear and disbelief as her father.

The subject who set up the Array spent 5 years entering and leaving the Nine Array Remuneration!

Those were more than 75 times and were 75 times complete and not just tenths as the members of her Clan.

Just thinking about this, The woman could not help thinking: he is still human?.

Doesn't loneliness affect you?

Doesn't your soul hurt?

You are not afraid of death?

A monster like that ... Where will it be now?


Meanwhile, In the Outskirts of the Middle State of the Auphera continent.

A man was flying through countless mountains at a lightning speed relaxed as if he was not worried about anything. After all the local Dao Martial was scarce so he was not afraid.

But out of nowhere he felt a huge wave of energy. This took Eldar by surprise. Someone had attacked him!

A d.a.m.n sneak attack. Someone had brought him First Blood!

This made him feel pain in his stomach and was thrown for hundreds of miles destroying all the mountains in its path.

Eldar in the distance could look very pale and with a light blood coming from his lip. It was obvious that he had internal wounds. In the end he could only drop one knee and see the sky where he met five silhouettes, Eldar could hear a free murmur: "As expected of the n.o.bility of the Elves"

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