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Eldar after listening to Alexander, I didn't know what to think. I just felt that I could not see through Alexander, It was as if I was talking to a lonely person who was alone for countless years looking for company but at the same time was a person who was comfortable with loneliness.

You could say that this child had the mindset of a cultivator from such a young age. Since a cultivator must know that he will spend a lot of time in his life in seclusions and that worsens while your Realm is higher. For those experts it was nothing strange to spend hundreds or thousands of years in seclusions, since they enjoyed a long longevity.

Living beings by nature are social beings, so to go alone for a long time without losing your mind was quite difficult and needed great mental strength. Since they could lead to despair.

In addition to the fact that the higher your Realm was, the lower the number of experts, so it was normal that you will find beings of the same level every time, which would mean that if you want to advance in the Martial Dao you would have to Get the idea of being alone.

Only with the pa.s.sing of time could others of the same level appear but perhaps at that time your level is higher and unattainable.

The only reason why the great powers had large numbers of powerful experts was the acc.u.mulation over time.

Because of this, A Cultivator should embrace loneliness but not be overwhelmed by loneliness.

For this elf, Alexander was an enigmatic person among humans. He broke all prejudices he had against humans. In other words, in his youth he had interacted with many human geniuses but they were all the same.

Arrogant with males and l.u.s.tful with females.

There were cheeks and people who pretended to be well-educated gentlemen to deceive the female elves.

That is, for the elves. Humans were all bad. Liars, Arrogant, manipulative, Greedy ... But Alexander has never shown any of that.

So Eldar could not sigh and say, "Child, I don't know if your performance is very good or if that's really your true personality"

Alexander on his side said calmly: "You judge an entire race as if they were all equal ... but I can also ask you, if you think humans are bad. Can you tell me that all elves are good? "

" This… ", This sentence had left Eldar speechless, since he didn't know how to answer.

Then Alexander continued and said: "I have to admit that your breed is very good internally but you should know that there will always be black sheep in a family, so that the elves look less at humans and there are precedents that they don't put us in his eyes due to his great innate talent but remember humans can have internal struggles and we can be arrogant but we have a rule, "Alexander saw Eldar in the eyes, Eldar could only see endless serenity in Alexander's eyes. As if they were the eyes of a Sage who had lived countless years meditating on life. Alexander said: "It doesn't matter the internal affairs, If another f.u.c.king race comes for us, we kill that race first. Since a human can only die at the hands of another human. That is part of our arrogance. Death is inevitable but if a race throws a large-scale attack on us, especially the elves. What do you think will happen? "

Eldar frowned and began to think. Thus his expression could not be avoided changing, Alexander on his side calmly said: "We are all you want, we have innumerable defects but there are some defects that we use in our favor with other races, Among them is that the elves are not accustomed to wars and murders like humans so our veteran experts are much better than yours. Even if you beat us in the younger generation, we have an older older generation, "Alexander scoffed and said:" You haven't thought, why don't elves start a racial war against us despite so many small conflicts? The answer is simple: Because you can't afford a war of that scale. Neither elves or humans. If they ended up like this, then the base of both races could be weakened to historical lows. Just to be enslaved by a third race. "

This was like lightning and thunder in Eldar's head. He knew that humans were powerful but he also wondered why elves didn't teach humans a lesson.

Today he knew why!

If the Elves started a war against the elves, even if it were just the branch of the holy land or a branch on a continent, with human reasoning and their vile tactics they would make that conflict expand more and more.
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Since a war between bigger. The benefits will be greater and knowing the greed of humans.

The Elves could start the war, but who would say when it ended would be the humans!

While Eldar was simulating everything in his mind, Alexander said: "Not all humans are bad, In fact there are people with great hearts at the beginning but in human nature, power corrupts and many cannot resist the temptation of it over the years Their mentality changes until they think they are omnipotent beings and that the weakest people are nothing more than their subordinates and slaves. The same goes for geniuses, They are so praised and spoiled that they think they are superior because of everyone's compliments, That any woman should feel honored to be with him. That they are G.o.ddesses to be praised by ordinary men and that no man is worthy of them. Things like that are very common. Although there are also experts and geniuses with their feet on the ground are very few. Since most powers are lost in their own ego and when that happens ... ahhh let's just say that there are many powers that fail to reach ten thousand years old, "Alexander made a small and continuous pause:" Regarding My, After many years I only came to think that arrogance does not bring me anything good so I simply do not bother to be arrogant but if another person treats me with arrogance or tries to kill me I will not leave. I can be humble but not immense. Besides that I have a very short fuse. "

Alexander gave a smile and said:" If you don't believe me, ask that s.h.i.+tty Guild Master, I don't need a reason to kill. "

Eldar finally understood a bit of Alexander, if the person was educated, not submissive. when dealing with him, he would give a reciprocal action but if you were the opposite, In Alexander's dictionary there was nothing called, Tolerance.

If Alexander was stronger than the person who offended him, he would certainly kill him. And if the other side were stronger ... it will use all its resources to finish it or expect to be stronger to clear the accounts.

That was part of Alexander's arrogance, Eldar could not sign and said, "And what if you meet an elf genius?"

Alexander opened his eyes and saw Eldar without fear: "If he is friendly, I become his friend, if he is disrespectful he killed him, even if he were your son, daughter, brother-in-law, sister, brother, mother, father, cousin, niece. I don't care if I make you an enemy, I don't break my ideals. If someone was to blame it was their elders for not teaching them that there are people more powerful than one and that the outside world is not their playground, "Alexander showed a confused expression and said:" I do not offend people unless they They offend me or want to give me orders from nowhere as if it were their dog, so you can rest easy. It all depends on the stupid with suicidal tendencies that I find. "

Eldar showed a complex expression, because what Alexander had said was reasonable. Certainly a Genius like Alexander was a threat to the Elves but at the same time he was not a person who attacked everyone crazy. Just as everyone had interests to take care of and if you messed with their interests. He could defend himself.

If an elf was so idiotic as to provoke someone like that, Although Eldar does not want to admit because he is of the same race, he had to die. After all, even if Alexander didn't. Sooner or later he would find another human with the short fuse to offend.

Even if he killed Alexander, things would not change.

In the end I doubt for a moment but out of nowhere a Jade token appeared and gave it to Alexander before sighing.

Alexander saw the Token saw confused and Eldar began to say: "It is a token of friends.h.i.+p, When the Elves find a trustworthy human, they usually give it to them, Normally only the elven n.o.bility has them. Since we are the most cunning of the race and can better treat treacherous humans and even differentiate some decent people to do business. With this token if you meet an elf it will be much easier to make a friends.h.i.+p and you can even enter elven lands at leisure by walk or buy property to settle down. "

Eldar saw Alexander and said:" I hope my race never offends a person with your ability but if they do ", He only showed an expression of irony shaking his head:" It is because my race is declining and does not know how to distinguish good from evil "

Alexander when he saw the Token, I knew that although it did not serve him for now . In the future I could open a new world of possibilities, Since it was widely known that Elves dominated lands with rich natural resources!

This token was like the key to unlimited resources! So I gladly took the token and thanked. After all, not every day they gave you access to many resources.

Eldar after a while thinking about it and said: "I think I will make a trip to the center of the continent, what do you need? and I hope you have many spiritual stones, since this duke will not pay for anything. This duke will stay for a while in human territory to live his culture and his famous gastronomy "

There were rumors that some elves who settled in human territories for a long time became obese, Eldar did not believe that but this morning…

Alexander grinned by ear upon hearing this. With the speed of Eldar you could move around the continent at your leisure, even with this size! It would not take him a week to make his round trip.

Besides that it was nothing to cross the millions of miles that separate Alexander from Alba Kingdom.

So Alexander gladly talked about what he wanted and told Eldar where to get it after they talked for a few hours and invited Eldar to come to Alba Kingdom. There was no better place for Arwen to recover. In addition to getting free transportation. With this you could save several hundred million Gold.


Hours later, At night, In a Square Suite Rosen inn a blond girl asked an ordinary-looking boy: "Young Master, Because I mercilessly treat the Clan Greck and the Clan Mouyu but the Sun sect has not touched her, Do not tell me that one hundred million made it up"

The boy smiled weakly: "I have someone who doesn't want me to die for now in the Sun Sect, If I move against it now I am afraid of it being cannon fodder or dying in the midst of the murders, After all, I cannot control who kills a murderer. "

These were Helena and Alexander.

Helena showed a confused expression but Alexander said: "You would have seen my surprise when I saw my brother's name written on the List of Sun Sect disciples"

Helena opened her eyes wide and said: "Brother?"

Alexander nodded and He said: "Yes, my older brother, my first brother, Taylor Alba. I'm very curious how he is doing and how he is, I want to go visit him "

Helena could only be confused and said" Why ?, Isn't he your enemy "

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