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"Oh, why do you say that someone stole a treasure?"

"Well, because, it is said that twelve days ago the king began to search madly everywhere in the capital of the kingdom, but he did not find it so in his anger he executed hundreds of thugs and corrupt officers in the capital, then moved the search to the whole kingdom, but apparently he still did not find it and it ended up as a purge in which hundreds of thousands of lives were taken"

"He killed so many people, and his people did nothing, are they not angry with his senseless killing?"

"Angry, haha, On the contrary, they are very happy, Within those hundreds of thousands killed were all corrupt n.o.bles, officers or criminal, You can say that the safest Kingdom in the southern region is the Alba Kingdom"

When she heard that conversation, the middle-aged woman could not help but be sad, she was the queen of the Alba Kingdom, Isabella Keer, Because of her stupid brothers she had to run away with her son, now they headed north. She did love her husband, but she knew that if she stayed with him only death awaited her.

"Relax Isabella, When we enter the Uri Republic we will be safe, They are a mortal country of Fifth grade, Also with the talent of your son, It will not be difficult to enter into a major sect within the Republic, Once he has a powerful backing, We will go back and claim what is ours," said an Elder with an imposing tone, he was the backing the Keer family depended on and became so arrogant, Vincent's father, Francis Keer.

"Yes, Grandfather I understands"

Returning to the Kingdom of Alba

The King was very sad, Despite searching throughout the kingdom he did not find his wife and son, so he had no choice but to send a word to his father-in-law.

On the other hand an elder next to him seeing how the king was, had a very cloudy mind, they had already made too much noise, but General Keer did not show up despite the noise, it could only mean one thing, the General Keer family along with the Queen were missing, She was not kidnapped but she and her family fled from the Kingdom, If he could come to this conclusion the others could also do so, but the king did not suspect anything and immersed in his false hope. the elder was very disappointed by the kin, this Elder was Prime Minister Frey.

The king reluctantly ordered a guard: "Go to the general's mansion and tell him to come and see me"

"Yes, Your Majesty" Without saying another word, the guard turned around and left at a rapid pace.

But after twenty minutes, the only one who came back was the guard. When Frey saw this, he knew that his a.s.sumption was correct and he could not help sighing. I did not know why they were fleeing but this would be a hard blow to the king.

Seeing the guard return alone, the king could not help but frown. "What happened?"

The guard was somewhat nervous "Reporting to his Majesty, I went to the General's mansion, but when I arrived, the mansion was empty, Apart from two guards who guarded the entrance there was no one inside the mansion, When I asked the guards of what happened I was told that they had been paid several coins from someone for being simply on guard for the next two weeks, After that they could go"

When he heard those words, They were like a bolt of lightning striking the king, he finally understood what was happening, His wife had not been kidnapped but had abandoned him and took her son with her. "Frey I leave you in charge of the rest, I need to rest" With that said, without waiting for the response of the other party, The King rose from his throne and left with lifeless eyes to his rooms. He was just going to drink and sleep. In these past few days, he had not slept a wink worrying about his queen and his son and now that he knew the truth, he felt betrayed and all his tiredness overcame him luring him to his sleep.

Frey seeing the kings backfilled with loneliness couldn't help but sigh, he was sure that in these following days, the concubines would take advantage of the situation to get a place in the king's heart. Maybe in a few months, we will have a few births in the Royal family.

With that, Frey took command of the Kingdom and ordered to stop the search and verify the damages that caused by killing so many n.o.bles, Besides that he made a list consisting of people with sufficient merits to grant them the status of n.o.bility to fill the empty positions.

with all these done he prepared to welcome the amba.s.sadors from the sects who would be arriving in two days.

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