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In the same apartment, a four-year-old girl was lying on a bed while she was sleeping adorably but when she heard that scream, the girl got up hurriedly and opened the door while wiping her sleepwalking eyes.

"Young master, what's up? because it was so scandalous "but soon she felt something that was wrong in the atmosphere, She was having a feeling of familiarity and said very strongly:" I went back home? "

She saw Alexander and said:" Young Master, How do we get Ten thousand World Races? "

Alexander showed a serious expression and reprimanded her:" Do you think I have the methods to get to an apartment tower to a Great Worlds?!, We are still in the same mortal continent "

But Helena showed a confused expression as she said:" But then because I have a feeling of familiarity? "

Under this environment as a Divine Beast, she felt much more comfortable. It was as if she had once lived in a dirty shack while she found a great treasure that made her live in a large and luxurious mansion.

Shortly after it was heard opening two doors while two beautiful women left their rooms.

Alexander seeing these women could see that they were in the Fifth Elementary level but their Auras were too chaotic so they undoubtedly had very rapid advances in their cultivation.

Alexander was not worried about Helena, that girl was a Divine Beast so going through the Mortal Realms was like cutting a sheet of paper.

Very simple for her, but the humans were very different from the beasts and much more different than the beasts with Divine lineage.

For the Beings with lineage things were much easier.

Alexander saw the two women and said: "Mama, Audrey, In these last days how many levels have advanced? "

The two women did not know why Alexander asked them but Anna answered:" 20 days ago while we were meditating it felt like cultivating was easier so I broke it early and 15 days ago the density of Qi began to increase so with the help of that Qi we could break every few days "

Upon hearing that from his mother, Alexander could only shake his head:" Mother, What you just did is counterproductive to your body and your future "

These Prayers are not They knew why but they scared the three women, If they were any other child they certainly made fun of him but they knew that behind Alexander was a great expert as his Master so Alexander's knowledge them.

Anna could not help but ask: "What's wrong?"

Alexander sighed and said: "mortal Realms are not like functional Realms, In these Realms, you can not absorb Qi foolishly, It's just the opposite every time you absorb Qi take two steps, Refining, and Tempering. Refining is when you convert the Qi of the world into your own strength, while the temperate is to purify the Qi to remove the impurities "Alexander narrowed his eyes at the two women and said:" You did not read the cultivation technique that I gave you, The first part is about how to refine qi while the second part is about how to temper it "

This embarra.s.sed the two women, After reading the first part of their manuals they did not read the second.

In fact, they thought that the rest was only filling without value, This was because in the first part already indicated how to attract the qi and place it in the Dantian. While Karen was confused since in her cultivation technique she did not indicate how to temper the Qi.

So Karen could not help but ask: "Chief, my technique does not say anything about Qi tempering."

Alexander saw Karen and said: "Your technique must be a low-level or incomplete technique that can only be trained up to the first level. If you continue with this technique, you may progress by leaps and bounds but you will never be able to enter into higher realms. "

Karen showed an ugly expression and said:" Why? "

Alexander said:" The body of a living being no matter its strength will generate impurities or pollutants, while the Qi of the world enters our body through our meridians is contaminated with the impurities of the body of the living being, As the cultivation progresses these impurities acc.u.mulate in the dantian which causes your cultivation to stop , It can be solved but the solution is not very good to say, Abandon the Cultivation and start from scratch "

Upon hearing that, The three women could not help but show ugly expressions, As I did not know this.

Alexander saw through his thoughts and said: "Hmph, In this place the martial Dao is very weak so only the great powers know how to cultivate correctly, Unless you have an expert Elementary teaching me I do not think you know this, So It is not your fault but in other places this is universal knowledge that even a child could tell you "

He saw Audrey and his mother saying:" You better read the second part of the manual "

This made the women go to their rooms, Leaving alone to a distracted Helena, Karen, and Alexander.

Alexander saw Karen and said: "A few days ago I gave you a better technique perhaps you did not use it?"

Karen showed an expression of shame and said: "I take it from my older brother"

Alexander showed a cold expression and said: "That Step? "

Karen could not help but tremble at that look and said," I am an illegitimate daughter of the Clan Case patriarch while my brother is the family's main successor so when I return home after that day, my brother came to my room and I removed the cultivation technique without asking, presenting my father and elders to win their favor, In these last days that is the greatest secret of the Clan and all the high commands have practiced this technique of cultivation, now they are in prison training while the members of the Clan are happily waiting for the high command to leave the prison so that their authority rises. "

Alexander saw Karen coldly realizing that what he was saying was wrong. Truthfully, As for the rest Alexander could give an estimate of what happened, Karen's brother did not tell anyone where he got that book, most likely he said he found it in a ruin, while now the same also He was in prison and his plan was to kill Karen once he was released from prison, He thought for a moment and said: "How much attachment do you have for your family?"

Karen did not expect that question but soon responded with a neutral expression: "I do not have them neither hate nor love, I was paid for my studies but I do not see my father since I was born and the Clan treats me like air "soon he changed his expression and said with hatred:" The person I hate is my brother and his mother, Thanks I do not have the surname Case. "

Alexander nodded and soon took out another book from his s.p.a.ce ring:" Here is the complete version of the manual I gave you before. "

Karen saw Alexander confused and said:" The other book was not a complete book? "

Alexander smiled coldly and said: "That garbage, What I gave you before was a half-finished technique, It's a good technique but it has a minor flaw"

Upon hearing that, Karen felt cold sweat on her back and Alexander continued: "Karen, n.o.body gives so generous gifts from nothing, I always have to have plans if one day you betray me but now your whole family will become Trash for your brother and his gift hahaha "



h.e.l.lo, I have read the comments and it seems that many people have not understood what is happening in the novel.

This will be explained in the following chapters and if even after that explanation are not convinced, please let me know.

But I'll say one thing, Mc can not have a tremendous power Op if he's much stronger than a common person.

And the world in which this world became stronger since the three great worlds.

Also remember that after the ancient era when the three great worlds broke the gap between the worlds, the universal laws were broken and to understand them was like putting together a puzzle of a million pieces.

Because of this, The number of experts under the desolate Era, What do you think will happen after the laws are repaired and return to the original state and even improve?

After the people are in the desert for a thousand days, they learn to live in that land but if the lands become fertile from nothing, their little town would undoubtedly become a city in a few centuries blooming like never before.

This is just the beginning of something bigger!

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