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Two weeks later.

Little by little Infinitive Globe continued its expansion and every day it grew more than a hundred times now it was already 1500 times the size of a small world, besides every time it was with a small or medium world it devoured it to become even stronger, now a Big World has not been found but the experts thought that they ended up devoured like the small worlds and according to the experts of mainland The vitality of the world had surpa.s.sed by far the central area of ​​its mainland.

Since this density could only be found in the holy land of the galaxy and the center of martial arts known as "Magnific Worlds"

This was the name given to the worlds that were found at the beginning of the desolate Era. All these planets were rich in spiritual Qi and Resources because they were bathed in the Qi of the stars.

These were the only great worlds that managed to evolve due to the same Qi of the stars.

A long time ago while the powerful experts of the galaxies explored the galaxies and found that at the apex of the same bones in the central area of ​​the galaxy was full of a powerful Qi that even the purest spiritual Qi.

This area was full of natural treasures that could make many people drool. Many of these experts tried to absorb that Qi in their bodies but all could not take even the slightest strand. this was because on entering their meridians this Qi fused their meridians. If they insisted on absorbing that Qi they would only have one aim: "Cripples"

Not even geniuses with Golden meridians could absorb that energy and after finding those areas in a galaxy experts from other galaxies did the same only to find similar areas in their own galaxies.

These areas were later known as "The Sea of ​​the Sea."

These experts tried many methods to move this energy with the intention of nouris.h.i.+ng their worlds with this energy but they all failed so they decided to move entire worlds to the stellar sea.

This mighty Qi nourished those worlds and made those worlds hundreds of times bigger than the Mainland of the Starfields. After countless years of development in the star sea of ​​its galaxy there were 108 Magnific Worlds and this was the maximum capacity that could support its Star Sea so it was impossible that the 109 magnific World was born until now.

In other galaxies there could be more Magnific Worlds because they were bigger and stronger Galaxies where the martial Dao was stronger but a Magnific Worlds without a doubt had the maximum powers of the Galaxy.

This was because a Magnific Worldsonly could be surpa.s.sed by the legendary Three Great Worlds!

Each power of a Magnific Worlds would have innumerable experts that in case alone these experts could exterminate their Mainlands!

Thinking many thought that an extraordinary treasure had nurtured the infinitive little Globe world and if it continued to grow at this rate as well as devouring all the worlds in its path it could definitely come to be compared to the three Great Worlds!

The experts could not wait for their envoys to return to know what was the exact situation in that world and if the report was good, they would have to consider whether to move their powers to that world, since in any case if that world continued to grow without limits one day he will come and devour his Mainland.

And if that reason was not enough, surely the vitality of that world was much greater than its Mainland, so moving to that world would undoubtedly be beneficial for its powers and disciples.

Meanwhile, In a mortal continent.

A boy ran nimbly through a forest while at last he looked at a city in front of his eyes, that child of course Alexander.

While looking at the City Alexander could see his disbelief and said: "I am still in the Uri Republic! "

In these two weeks Alexander could only run through an endless forest, It was as if the earth is growing and Alexander was running on a big wheel without being able to reach his destination.

At this time Alexander was confused, He never thought he would be in the Uri Republic the reason was simple. The Qi was too rich as well as pure. Alexander could easily compare it to a strong Mortal Contry 3-Grade.

Alexander put aside those ideas and undoubtedly ran to the City, I did not know how much time had pa.s.sed since he left, so I did not know if his mother had left prison, If she was outside I would definitely be in trouble.

Alexander approached the City but quickly realized that this City was desolate as if no one lived in the city for several months.

So I quickly stepped through the entrance door without guards.

In these weeks after meditating at night thanks to the great innate talent of this body could understand the laws faster than ordinary people but Alexander felt harmed by this change.

This was because even after understanding the laws he realized that in today's world an Elementary expert was only a little stronger than ordinary people, if Alexander had to compare it with something, he now felt that his strength was the same as when I was in the early stage of Body Refining.

He was stronger than a common person but he could only deal with some of them at the same time.

This could only mean one thing. His status as an Expert Elementary had dropped and it meant nothing on the continent.

Besides that now the laws were easier to decipher but as they were more refined than before so the difficulty of understanding them had increased several folds.

Thinking about this, Alexander could only sigh, Everything he remembered from his previous life would no longer serve him, Everything was thrown away, His martial understanding of the world was useless and now he was blind again to the world as everyone else.

Alexander arrived at his mother's apartment and when he saw his mother in seclusion he could only sigh of relief. He had not left for more than three months.

Alexander tried to communicate with Helena but he did not answer him. Disturbing the inmate culture was a big taboo so Alexander could only wait for him to leave voluntarily, so he only had one option left.


Karen had not entered into seclusion so when I called her it took a few hours to arrive.

Alexander saw Karen who seemed to have an unstable aura it seems that her Cultivation had grown too fast. This made Alexander frown.

Seeing Alexander examining her, she showed pride. Since the big change, her cultivation Realm had increased by leaps and bounds like everyone else.

Now there was not a single person who was not in Depression issued by the extreme increase in their crops.

Seeing Karen's proud expression, Alexander showed an expression of contempt and said: "Are you so proud of mutilating your future?"

That single prayer made Karen rigid, did not receive praise, in fact it was the opposite, she was reprimanded !

Alexander soon thought of Something and shouted at the top of his lungs: "Audrey, Helena moves your a.s.s out of the room right now"

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