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Upon hearing this, Karen could not help but be a little afraid of her boss, This little boy was a calculating and cunning person and said with doubt: "What is the side effect?"

When asked, Alexander began to explain: "Karen right now our relations.h.i.+p is superficial so you are not totally loyal to me, so the defect is simple: pain in the meridians, the higher the cultivation the greater the pain in the meridians until a stagnation in the Cultivation, People at Elementary Realm will hardly feel a little itch on their meridians but as long as people advance hehe, I better not tell you. "

"And the best thing about this was that even if the Clan Case got another method of cultivation I would still use that, the reason is simple, because the Qi tremble of that technique is way above other 36 point techniques. "

Karen showed a baffled expression without understanding the situation but Alexander said:" Quiet, that was just a reservation plan in case you betrayed me, with an average cultivation speed you were not going to feel pain for a few years and if for that time you will still be my subordinate for that time then I was going to give you the correct version of this technique ". Alexander said proudly: "I never treat my people badly."

Upon hearing that, Karen had a realization and understood what Alexander was going to do, since a subordinate of ten years with a subordinate of half a year was not the same. that time Alexander would have more confidence in Karen so he would be in charge of many more things.

Before the change in the Atmosphere, moving forward in Elementary Realm was very difficult, much more than entering the first level, so with his talent it would take him a few years to enter the Spirit Realm and for that time his relations.h.i.+p with Alexander would be more solid. what Karen could not help but admire her boss's forecast.

But still Karen could not help but ask: "But will you let my family have that technique?"

Alexander said without concern: "This junk technique can be strong but with that defect it will undoubtedly become a torment for the future generations of the Clan, It's better to let someone suffer than to kill him. That's going to be his payment for taking something that was not for them, Karen. I say watching the living suffer is better than killing them quickly. "

But Karen showed great concern saying," But if Do you leave them alive perhaps they can not be a future threat? "

Alexander shook his head and said:" Karen, A technique does not make a powerful Clan But there are seven important factors. Talent, Resources, Techniques, Environment, Wealth, capable people and time "

" Talent refers to innate talent, A better innate talent makes the speed of cultivation faster "

" Resources to medicinal pills, More Medicines help to compression martial "

" Techniques to cultivation methods, the better your technique the expert will be stronger among those at the same level "

" Atmosphere to geographical location, a better location of your headquarters will make it easier to grow and find natural resources "

"Wealth to Gold or spiritual stones, All powerful forces are very rich because to buy treasures it is always necessary to have wealth"

"Capable people refer to good leaders, Many Clans can flourish, Decline or even become extinct according to the decisions of their leaders"

"Development time refers to the time of existence of a Clan, a Clan of 200 years is impossible to compare it with a millennial Clan, the number of my Embrops and experts will be much greater in the second "

" Your Clan Case does not have any of the above and if you want to raise you will have to step on the eight ruling powers and you think that the eight ruling powers with a strong and deep foundation, will let join their league and even if they do they will only be the ninth weakest power being suppressed by the other powers without hesitation, The Clan Case is becoming stronger every time but the eight powers must also be doing the same, those powers also have techniques of the same level that I gave you and not just one, now your Clan is just a new rich who is about to make a fool of himself against the old rich. "

This left Karen open-mouthed and Alexander ended with her saying: "With the current density of Qi of the republic I would not be surprised that the spirit experts will begin to appear in heaps and guess who should have a lot of old people in the ninth grade level. and thousands of disciples in the elementary Realm, Now that you, I would leave the Clan Case if you want I can give you money to buy an apartment and move with your loved ones, Now go to my room and memorize the technique and then burn the book "

Karen thought about what Alexander said and in the end she nodded, If she was still in the Clan Case after her brother was released from prison she would definitely kill her and her mother so it was best to seek protection by buying a property close to her boss. At this time his brother's position in the Clan was too high so if he kills her no doubt n.o.body will say anything.

So he nodded and Alexander told him to wait for Audrey to come out to help him get his mother out of the Clan. The Clan Case used to be a third-order power so it did not have any strong experts but now it could improve its strength in a few days, like all the powers on the continent. In addition, it asked Karen to gather all the news in the last three months.

So Karen left and left Helena and Alexander alone, Helena seemed to be in her own world while examining her surroundings as a divine beast was very sensitive to the laws of the world while.

In that Alexander said to him: "Helena, Is a talent greater than the nine mortal seals possible?"

In these days I had been happy for gaining more innate talent but then I reacted and thought about it.

In this world all beings are born mortal so that after the mortal seals there are no better talents, that's what he knew.

But a few days ago his stamps changed and instead of condensing nine gray seals "Mortal" now confessed four seals "Transcendent" a term he had never heard until he condemned them by himself.

Alexander supposes that it was a system in the same way to prove the talent in the transcendent Realms but that according to his knowledge was impossible.

Helena came back and said: "Yes, they exist but it is not a prenatal talent but a post natal one"

Alexander frowned and this amused Helena who explained: "You know everyone in my race is born with nine innate mortal seals so pa.s.sing these levels is very easy but for some with more diluted bloodlines their true challenge begins in the Transcendent Realms, The talent of the transcendent Realms is achieved in an easy way, During the shedding of mortality one will have to cross through a tribulation and according to your innate mortal seals will be the strength of your tribulation if you manage to survive that tribulation you could condense an equal number of seals that you had in the Mortal Realm but some counted a smaller number while others counted only one because they pa.s.s the taxation with defensive treasures but if you pa.s.s it without tricks and receiving all the rays with your body you would definitely be someone unrivaled in the Transcendent Realms. "

This made Alexander show an ugly expression and told Helena:" What if I have Transcendent Seals in the Mortal Realms? "

Helena stared at Alexander and examined him before saying," Then you will be a defiant at the heavens genius and you will have to pa.s.s the legendary tribulation total extinction, My older brother was born with seven transcendent seals what made him crowned as the genius number two of the Clan but when he went through his tribulation even with his strong body of divine beast half dead term, A divine beast of pure blood can easily pa.s.s an ordinary tribulation but when it comes to that tribulation, it is another issue and they do not look like anything. "

When Alexander heard this he could not help but feel pressure, since his tribute will undoubtedly be weaker than the tribulation of her brother, He had three seals less than her brother!

So his tribulation can be three times weaker than that tribulation and if a divine beast of attribute lightning could hardly survive this surely he would not either but so Helena said if she was able to survive that tribulation her body would undoubtedly bathed in the pure energy of the heavens will be much stronger than an ordinary expert.

Alexander could only say, "Just let life run."

Now it was early to think about this and Alexander would do everything possible to survive that taxation by making the best possible arrangements but if he still died in that tribulation it meant that this was his destiny.

Soon Alexander thought of something and said: "If your brother is the second genius of the Clan, who is the first?"

But Helena just smiled and did not answer Alexander's question, she preferred to change the subject and said: "Young Master, Something weird is happening to this world "

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