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Published at 10th of February 2020 09:07:11 AM
Chapter 96

In the research and development laboratory of the BUA Building .

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A new product was being tested . Jason, Li Zheng and Professor Li were watching on the spot . Lu Jia'er was also here . This was her first time partic.i.p.ating in the AI product test . She was still a layman, but it was also her first foray into this field .

The new product was a project to diagnose and screen cancer using AI . Cancer is one of the most prolific problems and has not been overcome in the field of medicine . There were three or four scientific and technical teams at home and abroad involved in similar projects that used AI in cancer research . Through years of cooperation with the domestic medical service system and continuous improvement of visualization and increased demand-based information, BUA has built an AI intelligent mobile platform . This AI intelligent mobile platform is like an expert system that not only enables medical diagnosis of images, but also conduct quant.i.tative a.n.a.lysis on its own and then performs parallel comparison of important features and a large number of screenings . The maturity of this technology can improve efficiency in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and also can guide people to live a healthier life with this intelligent platform .

Every time the project was tested, Jason would pray in his heart for perfect results, without any bugs . But every time his wish went unfulfilled, mostly because they were here to fix bugs . But today's test went exceptionally smoothly .

“Yes! Perfect!” Jason was particularly excited and openly showed his joy, giving high-fives to Li Zheng and Dr . Zheng in celebration .

When it came to Lu Jia'er, Jason smiled and said, “I know why the test has been so smooth today!”

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Everyone focused their eyes on Lu Jia'er as Jason continued . “Because Professor Lu has made a contribution to the project!”

Since Jason had seen fit to give her credit, Lu Jia'er couldn't help but smile, “I don't deserve all the credit . It's a product of many years of your hard work!”

“But your partic.i.p.ation brings us good luck! You are definitely our Fortuna 1 !” Jason smiled and said .

“I agree with Jason!” Li Zheng said .

“It feels good to get something for doing nothing!” Lu Jia'er smiled and said .

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Everyone burst into laughter

When the test was over, Jason returned to the office and immediately reported the results to Jin Xiangdong .

“Thank you for the hard work!” Jin Xiangdong expressed his satisfaction with the report .

“A thank you for the hard work is not enough . Even if I accept it, my buddies on the team would not agree!” Jason tried to verbally wrestle some benefits from Jin Xiangdong .

“After the official launch, I will fulfill everyone's request!” replied Jin Xiangdong .

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“A promise is a promise!” Jason said joyfully .

“The system for cancer diagnosis and screening is now a success, but we have to speed up the progress on the facial recognition system!” Jin Xiangdong said .

“Bro, can't you give me a break, before you push for it?” Jason protested .

“You go and pick a place where we can have a relaxing weekend!” Jin Xiangdong smiled .

“Team Building?” Jason asked .

“Vacation! Five days!” said Jin Xiangdong .

“May the emperor be blessed with life-long peace!” Jason said with a grin .

Jin Xiangdong slightly curled his lips . He attached great importance to all the members of the company . There were as many bonuses as benefits . Of course, the requirement for this job was to constantly innovate and pursue excellence .

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