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Published at 10th of February 2020 09:07:08 AM
Chapter 97

However, before leaving the office, Jason did not forget to ask, “Can I take family members on the company vacation?”

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Sitting in his chair, Jin Xiangdong glanced at him and said jokingly, ” Do you have family members available?”

When Jason heard the playful remark, he immediately retorted, “Even if I don't, other colleagues do! Besides, I can go with my parents!”

“I don't object to you going with your parents!” Jin Xiangdong replied with a smile .

Jason knew that Jin Xiangdong was deliberately provoking him, so he countered with a strike of his own . “I will surely bring my parents!”

“Everyone is allowed to have their family with them!” Jin Xiangdong curled his lips .

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Jason received the instructions and when he exited Jin Xiangdong's office he instantly yelled, “May I have your attention, please! I have good news to announce!”

Everyone focused their attention on Jason . Jason, who liked to be the center of attention, went on to say, “Because the product test was smooth this morning, Ace has approved a five-day holiday in which you are allowed to take family members! The resort is to be decided by tomorrow!”

There was a round of applause, but these people were all efficient . They managed to decide on the resort before lunch break . Because the vacation was only five days they didn't want to waste too much time on the plane therefore somewhere within Southeast Asia would be the obvious first choice . Finally they chose the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand .

At noon, while everyone was enjoying their meal Li Zheng asked, “Ace, are you coming with us?”

“I have not decided yet!” Jin Xiangdong replied .

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“Then you can stay here at the company!” After Li Zheng listened, he could not help but grin .

Everyone exploded into laughter, including Lu Jia'er, she glanced at Jin Xiangdong . Although his personality and appearance was detached and aloof, the team he led was lively and full of energy .

Jason saw this and couldn't help but cut in . “This is not something we have to worry about . As long as Professor Lu goes, you know who will come even without invitation!”

On hearing his words, everyone said in chorus, “I see!”

Lu Jia'er's cheeks blushed red as she had heard them . Although the relations.h.i.+p between the two was not openly disclosed, it was no secret in the R&D team .

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After lunch, Lu Jia'er had to run an errand . Perhaps the two were in sync or Jin Xiangdong created an opportunity but the two of them ended up taking the elevator to the underground parking lot together .

“Where are you going?” came the low sound of Jin Xiangdong's voice greeted Lu Jia'er's ears .

“I am heading out to see the persons concerned in a case that I have offered my a.s.sistance to!” Lu Jia'er said frankly .

“Be careful” said Jin Xiangdong .

Lu Jia'er looked sideways at him and she felt warmth well up from the bottom of her heart . Then she said, “Ace, can I take what they said during lunch seriously?”

“What did they say?” asked Jin Xiangdong .

“As long as I go, you will come without invitation!” Lu Jia'er gazed at him, her eyes gleaming with playfulness .

“I will definitely come, as your family!” replied Jin Xiangdong .

Lu Jia'er was more than happy, she was very satisfied with his answer, so she replied straightforwardly, “My family, you go back and prepare well in the next few days . I will take you abroad to enjoy delicious food and wonderful wine over the weekend!”

“Since I'm your family, don't forget to reserve a family suite!” Jin Xiangdong's lips lifted .

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