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Published at 10th of February 2020 09:07:14 AM
Chapter 95

It was almost 10 o'clock . As soon as Lu Jia'er returned home, Amy came out to greet her .

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Over time Lu Jia'er felt that it was really wonderful to have Amy, every time she experienced similiar situations . Amy had added a new warmth to the home . Just as the slogan goes, it is not dark when you get home anymore, he or she is waiting for you .

“Did Su Han go out?” Lu Jia'er asked Amy when she saw that Su Han's room was not lit .

“Yes, she says that this beauty has a date!” Amy replied .

“This beauty has a date!” Lu Jia'er's eyes became meaningful .

“Professor Lu, have you just had a date?” Amy blinked at Lu Jia'er and asked .

“No, I have freed the pigeon for someone today!” Lu Jia'er smiled .

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“Free the pigeon? It's so romantic!” Amy couldn't help but praise .

Although AI is very powerful, it does not have a human mindset . There will be inevitably some bugs in the phrases it uses .

Lu Jia'er reached out and touched Amy, as she said with a smile, “Go prepare water for my bath!”

“Yes, ma'am!” Amy turned round and ran toward the bathroom .

After a comfortable bath, Lu Jia'er dried her hair with a blow dryer and came out in a bathrobe just as Su Han came back . Lu Jia'er could tell from her expression that the date this evening was not very pleasant even without listening to her inner voice .

“Amy, give me a gla.s.s of ice water!” Su Han yelled instantly as she put down her bag .

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Amy immediately went to the kitchen to pour ice water for Su Han . “Who was it that made you so resentful after a date!” Lu Jia'er glanced at her and said .

“I am more than resentful . I want to kill someone!” Su Han gnashed her teeth and said .

Amy, holding a gla.s.s of water, walked over and said to Su Han, “Killing! Killing people is illegal!”

“Amy is right . Killing people is illegal!” Lu Jia'er smiled and said .

Su Han pouted, then took the gla.s.s of ice water in the hands of Amy, and gulped down more than half the amount of ice water .

“Have you been s.e.xually hara.s.sed?” asked Lu Jia'er .

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“Yes, she almost got her way!” Su Han put down the gla.s.s and gnashed her teeth again .

“Got her way? This is not good!” Amy said as it blinked at Su Han .

“A woman?” Lu Jia'er asked .

Anyway, she had no secrets in front of Lu Jia'er . Su Han could only nod in despair, “I thought of her as my friend, but she wanted to screw me!”

“You should have called the police!” said Lu Jia'er .

“Given that she used to help me in publication and publicity, I will let her get away with it for the time being!” Su Han said reluctantly .

“Amy says that you have a date . I thought you were dating a man!” Lu Jia'er said .

“There is no man I can date! By the way, you said that Jason has a good impression on me, but is there a bug!” Su Han picked on Lu Jia'er about the issue .

“Not very likely . But he has been very busy recently!” Lu Jia'er understated .

Su Han pouted sadly, and then acted like a spoiled child to Amy, “Amy, I need comfort . I need a hug!”

Amy blinked for a few times, and then it went before Su Han . “Giving you a hug of love!”

After the hug, Su Han let go of Amy and tried to get a hug from Lu Jia'er . Unfortunately, she was rejected by Lu Jia'er, who had an obsession with cleanliness . “Go take a bath first!”

Su Han saw this, she could only continue holding Amy next to her as she complained to Lu Jia'er, “What a cold-blooded soul!”

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