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Now what was this, This spider like creature. Cope not knowing what this was tried his best to identify what this was. But that became futile when the spider like creature started to jump him. It leaped at him with overwhelming speed. Cope's eyes lit up once again, now this time, time went a bit slower. Or did Cope just move a bit faster. He had successfully dodge the attack, but what was he to do of this creature. So Cope not wanting to hurt this creature, called out to it.

"Hey! What are you?" But there was no response. The creature had successfully moved Cope out from the exit. Now this creature seemed to be intelligent. Cope tried talking to it again but to no result. This creature had not understand Cope. Thus the creature spit out webs from two direction from its mouth, blocking the exit wall completely. This creature was not gonna let Cope go, Now Cope knew this. There was no way for him to escape, and even if he did, what if others get injured. Instead focusing on me, might it chase after someone else. But then again Cope realized that if it could leave, there would be death occurring in this area quite often. But since there isn't any death he had heard of he persisted on escaping. Now this would be way better if Cope had just fought this creature instead, but Cope just didn't want to hurt anything unless it was necessary.

"d.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l am I suppose to do!" Cope not knowing what to do just stared at the creature. Hoping that it would eventually move away from the exit. But things were not going in his favors, the spider started to spew out this liquid from his mouth. It had smelled quite strange, now Cope tried to cover his nose but he was already too late. Now Cope was indeed paralyzed once again. This time there was no luck in him escaping, he was completely frozen.

The creature then started taking a few steps back, as if it was about to jump. And indeed it jumped at Cope, taking his head to its stomach. Cope died that moment. Now the creature did not chew on his head but just swallowed it. But that was not the end, the creature started feeding on Cope's body. Making sure to eat all the meat in his body. Making sure to drink all the blood that came out of him. Once it was finished it said these words, "Now this was a strange human." Yes the creature had understood Cope from the beginning.
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"Now where am I" Cope in a place so dark you could hardly see anything stood there on a floor that hadn't seem to be there.

"Am I Dead?" Now Cope thought he was dead, but life had a different plans for him. He couldn't die. No he was not suppose to die just yet. Now G.o.ds don't exist, so what is making him tick. What was his purpose, why was he so different from the humans. If there was a G.o.d, I would say he's bored of the human race. And created this new species to make things interesting on this planet earth.

At this moment Cope's head started to light up. He was him again he could see, but he had no body but he surely could move. He bounced around the creatures body until he priced through its body and got out. Cope could see what was happening to him, his body now all bones. Was no longer with him. But this was not the end, Copes started feeling a tingly sensation from his neck. Now Cope doesn't see but his eyes started to turn red once again. This time he hadn't received overwhelming strength or speed. No he gained something more horrific, his body had started to grow again.

The creature still paralyzed by Coped attack, just stared at him as he started to fear for its life. "Wh- who are you! You monster!" Now the monster calling Cope the monster started to p.i.s.s him off. Now knowing that the creature could actually talk, this enraged him even more. This creature just silently killed him?

Cope going for the attack slowly walked towards him, and when the spider jumped. So did he. Cope drew his hand in where he heard beating from the creature. Thinking it might most likely be the creatures heart and so he pierced its heart, as he grinned. But this hadn't last for long. Cope experience a sudden loss of energy as he fell, he wondered what had just happened.

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