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The tension could be felt by others, as the waitress came through the dividers and saw them. She stays quiet as she posed out the food on time, and went away as soon as possible.

All the food was laid out on the table. Still, no one had touched anything. Tong Yue-Yan can feel the intensity of the conversation.

Tong Yue-Yan thought that maybe it would be a safer idea for her to behave more mature and said, "Ye-Ye, it's ok, we should forget about it altogether. Tian-Xu is correct." She stated as she gave him a sweet innocent smile.

"It wasn't entirely Miss Lee's fault, and we just received a few misunderstanding. My aunt was overreacting. Let's forget about it, and not cause any more problems." She said as she tried to loosen the tension in the air.

Grandfather Yang felt like Tong Yue-Yan is indeed such a good child. She put in a few kind words and said that it wasn't entirely Lee Yin-Yin's fault, and she too was to blame for the misunderstanding as well.

Grandfather Yang was a bit angry at his grandson's behaviour. How could he have foreseen that his grandson would defend a mere singer? Nevertheless, if Tong Yue-Yan had wanted to forget about the incident with Lee Yin-Yin; Grandfather Yang would not continue to pursue the event. He might as well just followed along with her request.

"If Yue-Yan said that she no longer wishes to pursue the unfortunate incident, I will break it off as well." Grandfather Yang said as he looked at the quiet Yang Tian-Xu.

"Thank you very much, Ye-Ye. You are indeed such an admirable man." Tong Yue-Yan said as she took the chance to suck-up to Grandfather Yang. "Ye-Ye, thank you very much for your support of me. I honestly appreciate it, and truly hope that you can be my real grandfather."

Of course, Yang Tian-Xu remained quiet. At the time, there was only one thing in Yang Tian-Xu's mind, and it's all how he could make his grandfather likes w.a.n.g Yi-An just as much.

Grandfather Yang laughed and told Tong Yue-Yan, "Once you marry Tian-Xu, I can be your grandfather then."

However, how can Yang Tian-Xu sit there and let his grandfather decides his marriage? He immediately slams both his hands on the table hard. It was just so sudden and loud. It was such a sound that it had startled everyone.

There was utter silence for a second or two, as Yang Tian-Xu stood up. "I will not marry her, Ye-Ye!"

"What are you saying? Yue-Yan is the only girl that can match so perfectly with you! Who else can you marry that would conform to the name as the Yang Family's bride?" Grandfather Yang's voices rise once more. This time, he couldn't help but get angry.

"Fitting or not, is something that I should decide myself, Ye-Ye! My heart can only love just one woman, and that woman is definitely not Tong Yue-Yan!" Yang Tian-Xu had also lifted his voice. He couldn't bear it any longer.

How can he sit here and do nothing when his grandfather is dead set on having Tong Yue-Yan as his future wife? What about the woman who he truly loves?

Grandfather Yang can feel the anger in his chest. Nevertheless, he is a healthy old man. Even though he's angry, he won't get a heart attack from this. Then he stood up as well, "I will not accept this behaviour of yours, Yang Tian-Xu!"

Yang Tian-Xu shouted back, "Ye-Ye!" Yang Tian-Xu was ready to dash out of their sights as he p.r.o.nounced, "You had said that no matter who it is that I had fallen in love with, you will support me. Have you already forgotten what you had said to me once before?"

Grandfather Yang was quiet because he did remember what he had said to his grandson that day. He couldn't believe that his words could come back to bite him. Grandfather Yang can only express his regrets about the words he had promised that day.

"I hope that you can keep your words." Yang Tian-Xu gave Grandfather Yang a farewell bow as he turned his back on them and bolted out of the restaurant. He could no longer stick around in that location any longer.

The only one who he wanted to spend his time with is w.a.n.g Yi-An. He felt the need to see her, and it was like he had become addicted to her.

Grandfather Yang didn't stop him from leaving, he sat back down and said, "Let's enjoy our meal. One day he will understand, give him some time, okay? Yue-Yan?"

Tong Yue-Yan nodded and smiled back at him. Then he smiled back, and they began to have their meal. Tong Yue-Yan believed in Grandfather Yang's words. She will one day become Yang Tian-Xu's wife, and then she thought to herself. "Just you watch Yang Tian-Xu. One day I will possess your heart!"

Meanwhile, in the food court of the Yang Corps' Mall was a busy sight. There were plenty of chatters and laughter as many citizens enjoyed their time at the Mall. Although, it was a Tuesday afternoon Yang Corps' Mall has always been busy.

w.a.n.g Yi-An and her mother were sitting at a table as they enjoyed their takeout meal together. w.a.n.g Yi-An loves to talk with her mother about her day so far, and Mother w.a.n.g would listen to her. However, suddenly she asked. "Is your boss the type to easily hold grudges?"

"HM?" w.a.n.g Yi-An was both shocked and curious as to why her mother would ask such a thing. "I don't know much about him. But he looks like a really decent guy. Why?"

"If you suddenly get mistreated, you better quit and get a different interns.h.i.+p somewhere else! Okay?" Mother w.a.n.g began to feel worried for her daughter.

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