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It was a chaotic day at the restaurant. Nevertheless, Yang Tian-Xu was happily smirking in the backseat. Why wouldn't he? After all, he has w.a.n.g Yi-An sitting beside him.

They were quiet throughout the ride back to Yang Corps. Yang Tian-Xu really hoped that the trip would last forever. Even though Yang Tian-Xu wanted to talk to her, however, he cannot bring himself to open up his mouth.

Which was unusual for Yang Tian-Xu, he is a president of Yang Corps, a big company. Public speaking is his forte. Yet, in front of w.a.n.g Yi-An, he couldn't bring himself to engage in a conversation. Yang Tian-Xu does not want to make her feel like he was an annoying person. At times he would glance over at her, and hoped that the red light would stay red forever.

w.a.n.g Yi-An likes it quiet, and she remains quiet the entire ride back to Yang Corps. The time was already almost 2:00 PM as they arrived at the entrance of Yang Corps, Yang Tian-Xu paid the taxi driver, and they walked in together. The whole time w.a.n.g Yi-An thought of was if the two girls were alright, she was very concerned about them. After all, she was there when the fight started.

Often, she would send a message to a.s.sistant Tseng to ask him if the matter had settled. Of course, after struggling for over half an hour. Jin Qi-Long, Lee Yin-Yin's manager and a.s.sistant Tseng had finally managed to break them apart for good. a.s.sistant Tseng had taken Tong Yue-Yan back home, meanwhile, after the other two would take Lee Yin-Yin back to her home.

Once a.s.sistant Tseng can finally reply to w.a.n.g Yi-An's message, he told her everything had been settled down, and he told her not to worry about it. w.a.n.g Yi-An can finally relax after she had received a.s.sistant Tseng's message. As Yang Tian-Xu and w.a.n.g Yi-An reach the office, she jumped right back into her working mode.

Yang Tian-Xu did not want to bother her, as he too has a lot of work to do. Yang Tian-Xu still had a lot of doc.u.ments he would need to go over, however, that did not stop him from sending another message to a.s.sistant Tseng, and then Yang Tian-Xu let out a smile, and he too felt the most blissful today.

On the other hand, a.s.sistant Tseng was furious after he had taken Tong Yue-Yan home, the message a.s.sistant Tseng received from Yang Tian-Xu was a simple reminder. "You can give the phones to the other interns, but for w.a.n.g Yi-An's new phone. Give it to me first."

If Yang Tian-Xu was considered to be the most heartless person in the world, perhaps that statement is underrated. a.s.sistant Tseng cannot believe that the only thing Yang Tian-Xu cared about was w.a.n.g Yi-An's new phone. After two girls who had fought over for his affection, the only thing he thinks about was being able to give her the phone first.

Not just anyone's phone, a new phone for his crush. a.s.sistant Tseng wanted to cry, and he honestly felt bad for those two girls. As a.s.sistant Tseng sighed out loud and thought, "Is it even worth it?"

a.s.sistant Tseng finally came back, of course, he always follows President Yang's order correctly. a.s.sistant Tseng went and used the company's credit card to buy three phones, and he made sure that w.a.n.g Yi-An's phone was the same model as President Yang's phone. By the time he finished, he had come back to the Yang Corps at 3:55 PM. The day has been quite chaotic for him, and so. He couldn't wait to get back home to his wife.

The time on the clock was exactly 4:00 PM when a.s.sistant Tseng arrived at the office, he headed straight to meet with President Yang and wanted to report the incident. "Sorry I came back so late, it was disastrous with Miss Tong and Miss…"

"Yeah, yeah, just give me the phone." Yang Tian-Xu interrupted, a.s.sistant Tseng should know by now how little did he care about those two girls. a.s.sistant Tseng sighed out loudly, and handed over a small paper bag; the bag was large enough to fit a small box. As Yang Tian-Xu looked inside the bag and checked if the model of the phone was indeed the same as his, only then did he let out a handsome smile and said, "Good, good…"

The day had been a long day for a.s.sistant Tseng, and he wanted to leave early, so he requested, "Boss, may I please leave early today?"

"Sure," he gave a.s.sistant Tseng a simple answer and shooed him away, and so a.s.sistant Tseng left depressingly. He felt so depressed that his boss could be so cold, and then he heard President Yang called out, "Wait." a.s.sistant was about to walk away and stopped as soon as he heard his President's voice.

"Yes, boss!" a.s.sistant Tseng was excited, perhaps his boss does want to hear the chaos that he had been through today, but that soon turns into disappointment as he heard President Yang's question. "Did you know where An-An went?"

Yang Tian-Xu can see w.a.n.g Yi-An's empty seat. He wanted to personally gift the phone to her, however, as he looked out. He could only see an empty chair. a.s.sistant Tseng shook his head, and Yang Tian-Xu walked outside the General Manager's office. He saw a random employee and asked him. "You know where An-An went?"

"An-An…? Oh, w.a.n.g Yi-An? Yeah, I just saw her in the supply room." The employee replied as he pointed in the direction of the supply room. Yang Tian-Xu had already wholly ignored a.s.sistant Tseng and headed straight to the supplies room. The employee stared at a.s.sistant Tseng in confusion, and a.s.sistant Tseng can only shrug as his reply.

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