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"Help! Miss Tong and Miss Lee are fighting inside!" w.a.n.g Yi-An cried for help, and she was worried about the two girls. However, Yang Tian-Xu couldn't care less about those two girls.

Of course, Jin Qi-Long was worried, Lee Yin-Yin is now his company's spokesperson; if anything happened to her it would be a pain at his end, and so Jin Qi-Long rushes into the lady's restroom.

Lee Yin-Yin's manager also rushes in, and he can't let anything happen to his company's top artist. Lee Yin-Yin is the country top idol.

As soon as they rushed in, they could see the two girls fighting. Pulling and tugging at each others' hair, shouting curses at one another. It was, overall, chaotic.

Lee Yin-Yin's manager and Jin Qi-Long tried to separate the two girls apart. However, none of them wanted to let go of the other. "Why should I let go first!?" Tong Yue-Yan cried out, and so Lee Yin-Yin would say the same, "Make her let go first!" And so they continued to bicker, and none of them would let go.

Nevertheless, Yang Tian-Xu still doesn't care, and told a.s.sistant Tseng to stay and handle the matter. Meanwhile, he grabbed hold of w.a.n.g Yi-An's hand and said, "Let's go, leave the matter to a.s.sistant Tseng. We need to hurry back to our work." Yang Tian-Xu was calm, and the others would perceive it as cold-hearted; Yang Tian-Xu doesn't want to get himself involved, and he also doesn't want w.a.n.g Yi-An to be involved in it as well.

When Yang Tian-Xu leads w.a.n.g Yi-An away from it all, she said, "But!" Yang Tian-Xu continued to pull her away. Yang Tian-Xu was strong. It wasn't like she can push him away, so she followed his lead obediently.

The moment as they got out of the building, Yang Tian-Xu hailed for a taxi. The taxi was nearby, so it appeared instantaneously. Yang Tian-Xu opened the door for w.a.n.g Yi-An to get in first. She doesn't know what to do and ask, "But, what about Miss Tong and Miss Lee?"

Yang Tian-Xu smiled at her as he sees she went inside the taxi. "Don't worry about them." Afterwards, he followed her in and sat next to her. Yang Tian-Xu told the taxi driver to take them to Yang Corps.

The taxi drove off, but Yang Tian-Xu's hand was still holding onto hers, she wanted to let go of his grip, but he was holding on to her hand too tightly that she has to say something. "Um, President… Your hand…"

"Right… Sorry…" Yang Tian-Xu face flushed red as he let go of her hand, he felt like his heart would rip right out of his chest. He took a little glance at her and realised she wasn't even looking at him. w.a.n.g Yi-An had her cell phone up, and she had messaged a.s.sistant Tseng. She wanted to know if everything was alright.

w.a.n.g Yi-An's phone was an old model that she had used for a long time. However, she took good care of it, and never needed to get a new one.

Yang Tian-Xu thought, "Perhaps I should get her a new phone." However, how could he bring it out to her? He felt that perhaps he could lie and said that it is a company benefit?

Yang Tian-Xu kept thinking, "That might just work…" After considering for a few minutes, Yang Tian-Xu finally made a decision, and pull out his smartphone and messaged a.s.sistant Tseng.

At the time, a.s.sistant Tseng was busy trying to separate the two girls apart when his phone chimed. a.s.sistant Tseng's smartphone synced together with his smart-watch, so he only needs to look at his watch, while he was holding Tong Yue-Yan as she struggles to hold onto Lee Yin-Yin's hair.

a.s.sistant Tseng took a look at his smart-watch and first saw a message sent by w.a.n.g Yi-An, "Is everything alright?" However, he chose to ignore it for now until he could settle down the two girls, and get them to let go of each others' hair.

Nevertheless, two minutes after he received w.a.n.g Yi-An's message, his phone had chimed again, and this time a.s.sistant Tseng had received a text from Yang Tian-Xu.

a.s.sistant Tseng took a glance at it and was most shocked when he saw Yang Tian-Xu's message. "Go buy three phones, I don't care what you get the other two interns, but for w.a.n.g Yi-An's phone I want it to be the same model as mine."

a.s.sistant Tseng cursed out loudly, and let go of the uncontrollable Tong Yue-Yan. a.s.sistant Tseng was so shunted by the message that he had completely forgotten about how chaotic his situation was at the time.

The moment when a.s.sistant Tseng had release Tong Yue-Yan from his grip; she would scream out loudly as she cursed at Lee Yin-Yin and jumped up on her to push her down.

Lee Yin-Yin's manager and Jin Qi-Long were shocked by the sudden action from a.s.sistant Tseng, and so they both lost their balance and fell to the floor. "a.s.sistant Tseng!" Jin Qi-Long shouted out his name as a cry for help.

a.s.sistant Tseng snapped back to the situation and went to help the two guys to separate the girls again. No matter how much they wanted to call the police, they just couldn't because of Lee Yin-Yin's fame.

If the news gets out that Lee Yin-Yin fought with the heiress of the Tong Family, it will not look good for either of them. "Stop it you two, let go!" a.s.sistant Tseng couldn't hold it in any longer until he threatens them. "Do you want this to get in the media?"

Both Tong Yue-Yan and Lee Yin-Yin cared about their image, so they finally stopped, however. It was only for a second until one of them started to curse the other, and so the cycle repeats itself. The guys can cry about it as they still attempt to remove them from each other.

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