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After all, he was a man who had been an emperor. The cold eyebrows were extremely deterrent but Sun Wenyan had a misconduct with Han Yun, and the sperm had gone to the brain to see what was stimulating.

Han Yun however, was wildy overblown: "What about my clothes?" 

His hair was dripping with water, and the water marks followed the white red cheeks to his s.e.xy chin and collarbone, his body still in alcohol and his eyes are still drunk. 

Sun Wenyan dwells with straight eyes: "Dirty… you've lost your was.h.i.+ng machine…" 

He've lost the fake Gucci for Han Yun. 

Han Yun gave him a look. 

His eyes were still straight and he's barely drooling. 

Han Yun was not happy and frowned. This Sun Wenyan couldn't be compared to his junior eunuch! Not even that, didn't you see that this is the meaning of "changing clothes?" 

As soon as his expression changed, Sun Wenyan woke up a little: "The closet, this way. I'll get you my pajamas!"

The original owner used to stay at Sun Wenyan's place so he has a room for him with several clothes. 

With a vague memory, Han Yun stumbled and walked up the stairs. And as soon as Sun Wenyan tried to support him, Han Yun gave him a salty pig's hand and muttered a word: "A dog-slave with a guts." 

Sun Wenyan didn't hear it clearly: "Ah Yun, what did you say?" 

Han Yun said: "I call you a dog. A dog."

Sun Wenyan snorted and didn't mind about his self-description, after all he's drunk and he proclaimed himself as an emperor. 

Han Yun entered the room, waiting for Sun Wenyan to open the closet door for him. He's an old-fas.h.i.+oned man, a young man who had been accustomed to serve the clothes for him. At this time, his arm is opened and the towel is hung loosely around his waist. He's waiting for Sun Wenyan to dress him. 

It was only when saw Sun Wenyan's coveted eyes that he was guilty at heart, he finally gave a cold hand and asked him to get out.

When Sun Wenyan came across his eyes, he felt a bad feeling and turned to the door, "That woman's not good. Stop getting angry and drunk for that woman. You have another interview tomorrow and there's a compet.i.tion next week, forget her." 

Han Yun has work tomorrow but he is still intoxicated tonight. He always works above all else, it shows how hard this has been for him. 

Sun Wenyan closed the door, leaving Han Yun alone in the room. 

Although it's a guest room it's not really small. It's a lot better than the house the owner rented in Beijing…  but far away from his grand palace. 

Han Yun who was still dizzy took a look at his pajamas. 

The nightgown was a navy robe. Han Yun frowned and stretched his arm in and put on his pajamas but he didn't fasten the belt anyway. He was not born to do this kind of thing and he has never done it when was young. If he doesn't feel dizzy, he can't say that he can still make a knot. But at this time, he staggered and stood still so, how can he put his belt around? 

"What a broken thing!" 

In the end, he groaned and ended up slapping his head on the bed. 

Han Yun didn't want to sleep. 

It is not easy to become a human again, but if he fall asleep so easily and wakes up, if he become a ghost again… then he'll be angry. And he also had a problem with the bed, he was used to sleeping in his own dragon bed but the result is that the bed was so soft, as if it were softer than his. 

The physical intoxication forced him to fall into a deep sleep within three seconds. 

Drinking is a mistake. 

This is the only thought Han Yun had before he fell asleep. 

Inevitably, he dreamed of the poisoned wine he has drunk before his death. His personal maid brought a gla.s.s of wine to him when he was making a memorial and said to him that it was sent by "the national teacher."

The gla.s.s of wine pa.s.sed through the intestines and there was a short-term pain. However, before he died, there was more bitter pain that haunted him. He couldn't believe that the poisoned wine was sent by Fu Yuan. 

Until now, Han Yun still does not believe this. 

He slept in a groggy way.

This feeling gave him a lot of strange memories. 

From alive to death, and then from a dead person to a living person, this short period of ups and downs made Han Yun, who woke up and realized that he had really returned to life, gradually solidified his face. 

It's good to be a man again, he can't help it. Even if it's a play… he also recognizes it! But the bad thing is, this person with the same name as himself is a little bit too miserable!

He lay in a pathetically disheveled bed and stared at the snow-white ceiling. 

The original owner's parents split up when he was a child, and both parents formed their own families and had children. When they all had their new family, the place of the original owner in the heart of his parents had gradually become less important. Although it can be said that it doesn't hurt. 

Even the tuition and living expenses after going to college were earned by him as a model. 

Just a month ago, the little emperor drank the poisonous wine and died. When he woke up, he found himself here. It took him a long time before he gradually accepted that he was an emperor that turned into a ghost… in fact he was still a ghost. 

He couldn't get too far from the original owner, and he could only follow him in the city. 

At that time, the original agent of the company, Chidong, informed him that the draft for "Tai Fengyun" began: "This compet.i.tion, our Moss Model Management company also partic.i.p.ated in a certain share. The company has to send a batch of high-quality models to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. Congratulations, Han Yun, this is a good opportunity. In addition, you can get the favor of the investors, major fas.h.i.+on magazines, and editors…" 

He said the same thing about every model he worked for and encouraged them to compete. 

The original owner hesitated: "But I have been in the modeling world for more than three years… isn't the "Tai Fengyun" only for newcomers?"

"What if you've been hanging around for three years?" Chidong lost his eyes, "Three years is not a wild model? You've been on the cover in the past thre years besides being in the circle. What have you done for the past three years? Do the audience knows you?"

He said with emphasis: "Reality TV can make you red again, you don't understand!" 

In the view of Chidong, he belongs to the type that only has no strength, no emotional intelligence, and also has a bad luck. 

"Then I will think about it." 

Then the original owner learned that his father had detected gastric cancer.

Medical treatment and hospitalization costs money, but the original owner doesn't have much money. 

Therefore, he agreed to sign up for the compet.i.tion, remitted the deposits in the card to the majority of the home and took the job and show. During the month, his father's illness seemed to have stabilized and he wanted to see his girlfriend. So yesterday, he spent all his remaining money, bought a diamond ring worth 20,000 to propose to his girlfriend, and even saw the scene that made him suffer. 

He went to the bar where he used to go to get drunk and met several peers. They were talking about this year's "Tai Fengyun" game. 

The female model was less than 1.7 meters. When the flat model is OK, the regular model is not. At this time, he drank the wine and spoke loudly: "I also entered the top 100 last year, and you know what happened? The director asked us for money! Packing money!" 

"I'm going. This pit? Isn't it a regular model contest?" 

"Regular s.h.i.+t. Out of 200,000, you can enter the top 20, out of 400,000, you can enter the top ten! And say that the compet.i.tion is not a free-for-free winner, the number of places is limited first, and when it's done, it's gone… last year I missed this opportunity! Look at the top three las year, they're now a supermodel! This time I have prepared 400,000! I'm just waiting for the sponsor to ask me about my packing bill." 

"But have you heard that this year will not have a different host? The investors seems to have changed, there won't be any more of this kind of black curtain, right?" 

"Even if the sponsors were replaced, their routines for collecting money will change. Capitalists, they're all black-hearted, they're not going to let this easy money go." 

The original owner was on fire.

The game begins next week, and now he's hearing this disgusting inside story, he's in a mood like a cave of ice— and the only chance of turning red is blocked.

Going to the compet.i.tion as a three-year old model… in the end, he couldn't pay 400,000. Even the 200,000 people couldn't get out. In the top 50, they were eliminated by a group of newcomers who just entered the circle. 

He's got the heart to quit!

One wave after another!

At this point, the family called and his father's current wife cried and told him: "Your father's situation has suddenly deteriorated! The doctor said that it was necessary to operate as soon as possible. Maybe on operation is not enough…… at least, at least a half million." 

Moreover, when he asked Sun Wenyan to borrow money, he expressed the meaning of jealousy between his words.

It was the combination of these things that left the original owner feeling overwhelmed, unable to stand the bad arrangement of fate, drunk under the choice of seeking death. 

Han Yun sat up from the bed with headache, with his clothes in disarray, he had no intention of taking care of them. His face was a bit stunned… I don't know the status quo, what should I do?

Otherwise, is it better to be a ghost? 

He is entangled, is it better to be a free ghost, or to be a poor ghost?

Outside the door, there was a knock. 

Sun Wenyan's voice sounded: "Ah Yun, are you up? I ordered a takeout, "you… I'm coming in…" he said and screwed the door open.

As soon as the door opened, Sun Wenyan stopped. 

He was seen sitting on the bed with no belt, his robe was open, his snow-white chest was exposed and his navel was almost visible. 

Because the model had to manage the body, Han Yun's muscles were very well-proportioned that his lazy, somewhat sleepy look left Sun Wenyan forget what he was going to say.

Oddly enough, he hasn't seen this scene— Han Yun is 184 cm tall and has an excellent figure, but in the company, there are so many of them and behind the scenes, he is naked all the time… but not as attractive as the current Han Yun.

It's an extraordinary temptation, and it took him half a day to think of it. He was carrying the takeout: "I'll give you some soup. Do you want to eat it or go downstairs? But you have an interview later, and if you don't want to eat the soup, you can eat my nutritious meal." 

Sun Wenyan's nutritious meal is a recipe that his diet.i.tian, based on his workload and exercise, has tailored for him to properly replenish energy and protein but does not increase fat. 

The takeout soup bags, ordered at a chinese restaurant he often visits, are delivered with steaming cages and fragrant smell.

The little emperor, who had not eaten for a month, suddenly smelled the aroma and turned his head to see what Sun Wenyan had in his hand, and his nose moved. 

His eyes brightened: "Get it over here!" 

Maybe it's better to be a poor man— don't go hungry. 


¹salty pig hand means "grope" or a "s.e.xual pervert"

²"… make you red again," in china, red means good luck and success… etc. basically he's saying that if he were to enter reality shows again, he can be famous, or succeed in his career.

t/n: sorry if there are any mistakes or typo, broken grammars! i rushed… didn't have the chance to edit it because my back really hurts for some reason!!! sorry;;

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