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  • The Treasure She Never Asked For

  • Author(s): PinkCotton
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 02-Jun-2020 16:16
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The Treasure She Never Asked For summary:

Lulu had been in the entertainment industry for more that 20 years. At the peak of her career, she received an endors.e.m.e.nt deal that was difficult to refuse.On the product launching party, she was handed a "prototype" of the final product but because of a bad accident that happened during the party she woke up in Marcel 's body, 300+ years into the past. Just in time to change the direction of the...

The Treasure She Never Asked For Chapters

Time uploaded
72 Goodmorning Jun-02-2020
71 Shopping Jun-02-2020
70 Interview. Jun-02-2020
67 Filming. May-27-2020
66 Arrangements. May-26-2020
65 The Audition May-23-2020
64 Hunger May-20-2020
63 Health Check May-20-2020
62 Age Appropriate. May-18-2020
61 Link May-18-2020
60 Open Eyes Mar-12-2020
59 Is He Breathing? Mar-08-2020
58 Co-Parenting Mar-02-2020
57 Drama Queen. Mar-02-2020
55 Followers Mar-02-2020
54 Schemer? Mar-02-2020
53 Crowd Of Fans. Mar-02-2020
51 Don't Hesitate. Mar-02-2020
50 Frying Eggs Mar-02-2020
49 Unboxing Mar-02-2020
48 Regimen Mar-02-2020
47 Shopping Mar-02-2020
46 Baby Mar-02-2020
45 Nice Uncle Mar-02-2020
44 Revenge? Mar-02-2020
43 Sudden Trip Mar-02-2020
41 Overbearing Mar-02-2020
40 Extensions Nov-21-2019
39 Stolen. Nov-21-2019
38 Plotting Nov-21-2019
37 Are You Ready? Nov-21-2019
36 Again? Nov-21-2019
35 Unbuttoning Nov-21-2019
34 Contracted Nov-21-2019
33 I Like Him. Nov-21-2019
32 Drowsy. Nov-21-2019
31 Warm Smile Nov-21-2019
28 Hot And Cold Nov-21-2019
27 Known Intentions Nov-21-2019
26 Plan Nov-21-2019
25 Crying Pitifully Nov-21-2019
24 Teardrop Nov-21-2019
23 Send It To Me! Nov-21-2019
22 Fatigue Nov-21-2019
21 Amanda. Nov-21-2019
19 More Feeling. Nov-21-2019
18 Big Brother? Nov-21-2019
17 Annoying Milly Nov-21-2019
16 Affection Nov-21-2019
15 No Liability. Nov-21-2019
14 Contemporary Nov-21-2019
12 Practice? Nov-21-2019
11 Sherry's Offer Nov-21-2019
10 I'll Have To Leave Nov-21-2019
9 Sherry. Nov-21-2019
7 250 Dollar Face. Nov-21-2019
5 Modelling? Nov-21-2019
4 Tattoo Nov-21-2019
3 Complete Transfer Nov-21-2019
2 The Launch Party Nov-21-2019
1 The Necklace Nov-21-2019
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