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                50 days since Lapis was picked up.

                Soon that method for keeping track will become troublesome to use, so it will be represented by the calendar date.

                Year 2782 of the world calendar, the 15th day of the 6th month.

                With the seasons steadily changing, sweaty days began to increase. I another month, the sunlight will really come down and summer will begin.

                However, Lily's hut—rather, the entirety plus the circ.u.mference, a densely packed magic circle is etched that maintains the temperature all year round. Since Lily is weak to the heat and cold, 5500 years ago she spent a year working on a serious magic circle.

                And Lapis who received that blessing threw herself facedown onto Lily's lap pillow and thought about that.


                「What's up, Lapis? Is something wrong?」

                While stroking Lapis's head, Lily asked. Incidentally, whenever Lapis isn't doing house and Lily isn't researching magic circles, they are always clinging together. The amount of time spent not sharing skins.h.i.+p is small.

                「nFufu, well, I was thinking 'What if I could live a long life'」

                「Long life?」

                While laughing as though being tickled, Lapis answered, while Lily tilted her head and asked again.

                「Right. This is just a guess, but, I'll die before Lily right? Then, after I die, Lily will be continue to live alone… isn't that sad?」

                Lapis expressed her earnest worries.

                She would be fine, surely she'd stay by the side of her beloved person until the end.

                But for Lily?

                When Lapis thought about that, tears began to flow from both eyes. That was the kind of sad delusion that Lapis had.

                After she died, Lily wouldn't be able to love anyone else and end up just living alone.

                Isn't that just too sad?

                「What, so that's what you were worrying about.」

                But, Lily brushed aside Lapis's serious worry.

                「! …Lily, what's with that tone? I, I'm being serious you know? And also, Lily, after I die, will you be able to properly love someone else?」

                「No, that'd be impossible, I'm committed solely to Lapis.」

                「Huh! —…wait, I won't be tricked! I'm being serious!」

                「Fufu, sorry about that. But, if Lapis is thinking about such things, then maybe it would be good to tell you…」


                Lapis was getting relatively angry, but Lily remained steadfast like a willow. In addition, saying something of significance made a question mark appear above Lapis's head.

                「Hey, Lily」

                「So, Lapis. I haven't talked about it for my selfish reasons, since I didn't want it to mess up your life. But, I wasn't planning on staying silent forever. Once I had my resolution, I'd tell you.」

                「??? Tell me what?」

                「…Someone that becomes the spouse of a witch also gains the same lifespan.」

                「! So, t-that means!」

                Unable to control her happiness, Lapis got caught up in her speech.

                Lily nodded.

                「That's right, if we get married, Lapis will have the same long life as a witch. But—」

                「Allriiiighttt!! I can always be with Lily! Lily, Lily! Let's get married♡」

                「Hold on, hold on! I'm really happy about that, but hold up! There's still a continuation.」

                「There's more?」

                Seeing Lapis still on her lap pillow, in high spirits, Lily tried to calm her with a red face.

                Every time Lapis rolled around, her fluffy, silver hair would touch Lily's thighs and cause her to struggle holding down her excitement.

                「Um, so, strictly speaking, it is not longevity. Lapis and my lifespans will literally become the exact same.」

                「? …Then, if we get married and the next day I accidentally die…」

                「I'll also die.」


                「But, it's not just a bad thing. Basically there is no life span, and you don't age.」

                「Ooh, you just said something amazing. But, well, it's not like I want just longevity, it's just that I don't want to leave Lily behind.」


                「Yeah, everything works out fine. Let's share out life together, okay?」

                「That's easy to understand, exactly that.」

                Lily smiled and stroked Lapis's head.

                Lapis laughed with a 'nyufufu' and buried her head in her lap, enjoying the smell.

                「Fufu, marriage with Lapis… feels like bliss♡」

                「When should we have the wedding ceremony? Make sure to call a bunch of your friends, okay? They should understand a mutual relations.h.i.+p between girls.」

                「…I'd also like to send invitations to Lapis's relatives as well, for their understanding, but」

                「It's fine, it's fine. I can't remember anyway.」

                「That's right, your memories— Ah.」

                Oh shoot, saying so, Lily's face stiffened up.

                「W-what? What did you realize? Is it bad?」

                「… …since you don't know your full name, we can't get married.」

                「? Me, I'm Lapis・A・Obsidian.」

                「Once we get married, that'll be true, but that isn't so now, right? In the first place, we don't even know if Lapis is your real name.」

                'I don't know' and with that, Lapis's blood froze over.

                With a ghastly pale face, Lapis began to mutter nonsense.

                「…at this rate, I won't be able to marry Lily…」


                「…something like my memories returning with magic?」



                As though deciding on something, Lapis stood up. Then, clenching both fists, Lapis made her declaration.

                「I, I am going to reclaim my memories! I have no idea what might work, but, I will try because I want to marry Lily!」


                Lily's eyes moistened and she hugged Lapis.

                「I shall also help. Honestly, I didn't think it would matter until now.」

                「Me too, I thought it was just a death setting.」

                「For the sake of the happiness of our household, let's get your memories to return!」


                The two embraced with their new determination. The determination may be praiseworthy, but they were just flirting from an outside perspective.

                「Now then, it's good to be enthusiastic, but what shall we do?」

                「Who knows?」

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