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Master Of Erossu Book Chapters

Time uploaded
425 Too Bold Jul-06-2020
417 First Rule! Jun-22-2020
414 Tia's Time Jun-19-2020
412 Tia, Blue Asura. Jun-18-2020
411 A Lucky Ca Jun-18-2020
406 White Poison Jun-12-2020
400 Erossu Actor Jun-05-2020
385 Blue Asura May-18-2020
384 A Picnic May-18-2020
377 You Are A Woman May-13-2020
359 Coming Back Home May-01-2020
358 The Differences May-01-2020
344 The Demon Seeds Apr-26-2020
332 Reunion Apr-25-2020
330 It's Not Mosquito Apr-25-2020
318 Water Castle Apr-13-2020
315 Human Pickaxe Apr-13-2020
305 Water Festival Apr-08-2020
303 Crucify It. Apr-05-2020
300 Erossu Pesum Apr-05-2020
289 Xia Feng And Vami Mar-31-2020
282 Mi Yingtu Dies Mar-31-2020
273 The Guardian Mar-31-2020
286 Eros Takes Over Mar-21-2020
277 You Have Failed Mar-21-2020
275 The Challenge Mar-21-2020
272 Devil's Parade Mar-21-2020
270 Two Pillars Realm Mar-15-2020
268 Klim Vs Eros Mar-15-2020
266 Two Mornings Mar-13-2020
265 Too Generous Mar-13-2020
263 Celes Mar-13-2020
261 Erossu Slave Mark Mar-13-2020
254 Purifying The Qi Mar-06-2020
239 So You Are Eros Mar-06-2020
238 One Last Time Mar-06-2020
237 Kill This Demon Mar-06-2020
235 Eros Gets Mad Mar-06-2020
234 Another Sec Mar-06-2020
232 Eros Takes Over. Mar-06-2020
231 Miss Song Is Here Mar-06-2020
225 Different Source Mar-06-2020
220 Helping Madam Du Mar-06-2020
217 Xia Xanae Mar-06-2020
216 Papa Xia Feng Mar-06-2020
215 Spirit Creation Mar-06-2020
214 Red Banner Mar-06-2020
212 Ambush? Mar-06-2020
207 Invitation Mar-06-2020
206 Eros Explosion Mar-06-2020
205 Eros Jan-23-2020
204 Black Dream Jan-23-2020
203 He Isn't Aware Jan-23-2020
201 White Dream Jan-23-2020
199 Two Lotus Ladies Jan-23-2020
196 Her Smile Jan-23-2020
195 Slowly Changing Jan-23-2020
193 Underworld Qi Jan-23-2020
184 She Is Mine Jan-17-2020
181 I Understand Jan-13-2020
179 Oh, Black. Jan-13-2020
176 Two Erossu Ladies Jan-13-2020
174 Another Destiny Jan-13-2020
171 Reunion Jan-13-2020
170 Erossu Punishmen Jan-13-2020
168 Time To Form Keys Jan-13-2020
164 I Need To Soak In Jan-13-2020
163 Erossu Heaven Jan-13-2020
162 Fuck Mah Bruh Jan-13-2020
159 Mesmerizing Lady Jan-13-2020
157 Friendship Jan-13-2020
156 Something New Jan-13-2020
155 Erossu Question Jan-13-2020
154 Dang Gu Jan-13-2020
153 Inheritance Jan-13-2020
146 New Sentences! Dec-15-2019
143 Kong Xiwang Dec-15-2019
141 His Own Qi's Vein Dec-15-2019
136 My Destined One! Dec-09-2019
135 Second Student. Dec-09-2019
123 White Lotus Nov-19-2019
101 Xia Luan Nov-19-2019
103 Luan'er Nov-07-2019
87 Evolution Nov-07-2019
83 Underwater Rolling Nov-07-2019
82 Xiu'er Nov-07-2019
81 Don't Spit On Me! Nov-07-2019
79 Nice Flowers Nov-07-2019
78 Bike Cultivation Nov-07-2019
75 Father Oct-25-2019
73 Dirty Bastard Oct-23-2019
71 Ratatatatatatatata Oct-23-2019
64 Who Won? Oct-23-2019
62 Soft Landing Oct-23-2019
56 Ca Oct-15-2019
55 Future Perver Oct-15-2019
53 Trauma Oct-15-2019
52 Mysterious Ability Oct-15-2019
51 Heavens... Oct-15-2019
49 Eldeeeeeeeeeeeer Oct-15-2019
48 Sister Yiyi Oct-15-2019
47 Mu Yi Oct-15-2019
45 Gentle Bastard Oct-15-2019
44 Reach The Depths Oct-15-2019
42 World For Beauties Oct-15-2019
37 It Won't Break! Oct-15-2019
36 Eat Slowly Oct-15-2019
34 Oi, He Fainted. Oct-15-2019
32 First Dog Arrives Oct-15-2019
29 E-Exposed? Oct-15-2019
28 Exposed... Or Not? Oct-15-2019
26 Choose Oct-15-2019
12 Man's Pride Oct-15-2019
10 All Clean Oct-15-2019
6 He Broke Her Leg Oct-15-2019
5 Exam Oct-15-2019
4 Shitty Destiny Oct-15-2019
2 Erossu Book?! Oct-15-2019
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