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It was The teachers and students didn't need to go to school. Originally, it was still very relaxing to take a break on the weekend, but Teacher Ren could only dutifully get out of bed early in the morning and pull out a set of casual clothes from the bottom of his wardrobe. These clothes were rarely worn, looking very unconventional and even a little flirtatious.

Well, there's nothing to do about it. He couldn't just dress very formally and go to an entertainment place right? He wanted to run into the three girls, Zhao An An, w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin, at the all inclusive food drinks and entertainment ‘Floating Seaside Resort Hotel' and save them. No matter what, he couldn't let anyone figure out that his actions were deliberate. Otherwise, what he would receive wouldn't be their grat.i.tude and trust. He would instead be repeatedly investigated by the three families.

Therefore, he had already booked a luxurious waterfront hotel room at the Floating Seaside Resort Hotel on Friday. Even though he himself lived in a seaside neighbourhood and could play in the water whenever he had time, he still had to spend money to go look at the sea.

Ren Zhu: If it weren't because he intended to uncover all the people in that organisation, then he really wouldn't have recklessly spent money like this.

Fortunately, that resort hotel also had a special scuba diving feature and free ma.s.sage, as well as two big seafood meals. Otherwise, Teacher Ren really felt that he had suffered a loss.

Ren Zhu wore a casual plaid blouse and a pair of leather pants that made his legs seem very long and straight. Adding on a fiery red provocative leather jacket, he then walked out the door. Even though he had plenty of money after coming to this world, he still didn't buy a car, but instead very boldly bought himself a motorbike. With his body clad in a leather jacket and leather pants, and paired with that flashy motorbike, the percentage of people on the road who turned their heads to look at him was absolutely 200%, not to mention that Ren Zhu also had a very seductive face.

Speeding along the road with the wind in his hair, Ren Zhu was in a pretty good mood. However, when he arrived at the entrance of the Floating Seaside Resort Hotel, what he saw instantly burst his pleasant mood and rendered him speechless.

He saw that young master Qin standing at the entrance of the hotel with a big smile on his face, also wearing a pair of black leather pants and a red leather jacket. Ren Zhu couldn't help but think, this guy really likes to stir up trouble! Couldn't he see that everyone's eyes were now moving between the two of them?! Seeing those clothes, Teacher Ren simply wondered what kind of cameras Qin Cong had installed in his home. They actually weren't for anything else; it was just so Qin Cong could wear matching outfits with him.

Although Ren Zhu really wanted to pretend that he didn't know this person, he was sure that if he dared to do this, the consequence would definitely be Qin Cong directly rus.h.i.+ng up to stick to him. Hence, he could only stride over with his long legs to Qin Cong's side. Just when the two were about to meet up, 3 young men wearing and hats got out of a black van on the other side of the Floating Seaside Resort Hotel. These three youths tightly covered themselves, as thought they were afraid that others would recognise them. But what surprised them was that even after they walked through the hotel entrance and pa.s.sed by several groups of people, they still didn't experience their envisioned ‘being recognised by fans and surrounded' kind of scenario.

These three youths didn't know whether they should be happy or disappointed. However, they knew very well what had caused this kind of situation—– those two men wearing extremely flashy clothes were really too shameless! In broad daylight, they actually dared to wear matching outfits and steal the spotlight! Everyone's eyes were drawn over to them, and there were also some girls with poor tastes who actually shouted that those men were handsome! Who could be more handsome than the three of them?! Wasn't it just wearing leather clothes? They themselves were so handsome that they even frightened themselves! Who knew how much makeup those two men applied on their faces!

The three Feng Ya Song group celebrities felt very resentful. They firmly decided that they must find an opportunity to remove their hats when they leave.

At this moment, Teacher Ren's expression was cold as he watched a crowd of people gather around him. He scowled at the two women who wanted to throw themselves at him to leave their cell phone numbers: “What are you doing?! Move back! Look at you guys crowded together! Aren't you afraid of being trampled on or accidentally hurting someone?”

As soon as he said this, it was just like a raging inferno was suddenly suppressed by a snowstorm. The originally very excited young women, yan dogs and paparazzi all retreated a couple of steps in fright. Everyone uniformly raised their heads and looked at this eye-catching, tall and handsome young man. They suddenly felt very strange, not knowing why they didn't dare to look at him. It was just like in the next second, they would be lectured until even their dear mother and father couldn't recognise them. But this wasn't the end. They suddenly remembered the times when they were punished to write lines and reflections in the past. This, this was a little scary ah……

The people surrounding Ren Zhu were all a little dazed. They completely couldn't understand why this young man who looked very s.e.xy and alluring, not at all like a principled person, would actually give them a very dignified and imposing kind of feeling. However, they all knew at this moment that they must not approach him. Consequently, each and every one of them took a step back and silently created a path, quiet like chickens as they waited for Teacher Ren to leave with Qin Cong.

After they left, a gossip journalist suddenly exclaimed: “Ahhhhhhhh! Did I just miss a really big scoop?! That was young master Qin! The same young master Qin who would even slap away female celebrities who accidentally fall on him! Did this tyrannical young master take the wrong medicine today?! He would actually take the initiative to please someone? And this someone was a man? In the end, he also obediently followed that man and left?! Why didn't I take a picture, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

Then, the other rookie journalists and fans hoping to run into celebrities outside the hotel all cried out one after another. Although Qin Cong wasn't involved in the entertainment circle, his reputation was extremely well-known in this industry, as well as the hearts of every young person! This was a rich and powerful man who worked hard relying on his own abilities to become the king of the food and beverage industry. He was perfect in every aspect, except that his character was quite difficult to express in words. You could say that he's stupid, but no matter what kind of methods or schemes you have, he would uncover them all and throw them right back at you. His hands have torn through 90 if not 100 celebrities and big bosses who wanted to use him to achieve fame. You could also say that he's smart, but his ‘Laozi is number one under the skies, I'm rich, I'm confident, I'm very good in all aspects so ordinary people better not talk to me' kind of character would make you want to kill yourself! No ordinary person would have this ‘wis.h.i.+ng to go against heaven and earth' kind of nature right?!

Hence, there were as many people who hated him as there were who wors.h.i.+pped him. But even those who wors.h.i.+pped him thought that with this person's broken character, he was unlikely to find a wife who could tolerate him in this lifetime. Of course, those who chased him for the sake of money didn't count.

But now?! Just now?! Qin ‘tyrannical master' Cong was actually excited like a big puppy, getting along with another young man! Also, after he lovingly walked over to that young man's side, his radiating smile could practically blind people! This was absolutely abnormal! Abnormal!

The paparazzi instantly made up their minds —– it's time to dig up the ident.i.ty of the king's potential man!

The paparazzi and fans outside quickly took action. As for this side, Qin Cong had also recovered from his daze. He look at that sharp and handsome side profile of his future partner and the drool in his heart started overflowing again: “Ah Zhu, you looked so handsome!”

Ren Zhu raised an eyebrow. Just when he was about to say something, young master Qin sighed: “You looked a lot like my cla.s.s teacher in elementary school. Ze ze, that old man was really a big vicious demon. He forced me to write reflections every day.”

Ren Zhu: “……” Are you praising me or insulting me?

Fortunately, Qin Cong was very observant. When he saw Ren Zhu's expression, he immediately changed his words: “That old man obviously can't compared with you. If you had been my cla.s.s teacher at that time, then even if you made me write 10 reflections a day, I would have still been very willing to do it!”

Teacher Ren coldly laughed in his heart and decided not to bother with this idiot: “How did you know I was coming here?” Saying this, he also took a glance at Qin Cong's red leather jacket.

Young master Qin wasn't foolish: “Oh, I just a.s.signed a little brother to watch your movements every day. Didn't you say you felt like there was someone watching you? Regardless, we'll be a family in the future, so I'll naturally protect you more. That's why I came here. This hotel may look very luxurious and the security is also pretty good, but a lot of filthy and dangerous things happen underneath. If something happens and you don't have enough strength to fight back, you might be directly pushed down. So, it's better if I follow you.”

His family's sweetheart was so charming. If Ren Zhu were to catch the eye of some annoying playboy, then Qin Cong would suffer dearly.

Teacher Ren once again comforted his heart. This person definitely didn't reincarnate properly. Something must have leaked from his brain when his soul was traversing to this world, resulting in his bearish behaviour. As an old man who has lived for three lifetimes, if Ren Zhu indulged and endured a little, perhaps one day in the future, this fool would suddenly recall all of this? Hehe, when that time comes, all his stupid actions and black history would make him want to bury himself!

Thinking of the future, Teacher Ren was filled with hope and antic.i.p.ation.

“En, let's go to the seaside for a barbecue at noon. They only give you one lobster here. Go buy a few more, we'll eat together.”

Young master Qin instantly burst with joy: “Buy Buy Buy! I'll buy 20. If we can't finish it, then we can go back and feed it to the dog! I'll also have some crabs and wagyu beef. Arctic sh.e.l.l and tuna roe are also pretty good, give me some of each! Anyway, I'm rich.”

Ren Zhu: “……” He saw the waiter standing beside them trembling so much that his shoulders were about to fall off. However, his eyes were beaming with light as he looked at them. Needless to say, they were fat sheep.

Nevertheless, young master Qin's actions happened to make things a lot easier for Ren Zhu.

Because when they were having a barbecue at noon, he found out that Zhao An An's group of three had already booked an outdoor barbecue area in advance. If young master Qin hadn't spent money here, then Ren Zhu would probably need to spend a lot of effort to get in. And with Qin Cong's presence, don't mention that all of Ren Zhu's actions looked a lot more natural, when he ran into Zhao An An and the others, he could justly say that it was a chance encounter.

The girls were naturally very shocked, but after this shock, the three of them who were about ten years old all accepted their literature teacher's other side. Zhao An An even boldly groped at Teacher Ren's waist and sighed: “Teacher, you are so handsome and beautiful today. It would be good if you were also like this in cla.s.s!”

When they heard these words, the waiter standing to one side and the three celebrities sitting beside Zhao An An and the other girls all froze. In particular, the three celebrities Lin Feng, Su Ya and Zhao Song were so shocked that their eyes nearly popped out. This incredibly flashy guy was actually a teacher?! A teacher?! These days, even teachers could become celebrities? If all teachers were like this, then the entertainment circle might need to be renamed as the education circle in the future.

Ren Zhu faced this stunned group of people and revealed a loving smile: “Today is a rest day. Everyone can do what they want and relax. Cla.s.s is cla.s.s, that's different.”

After they heard this, the group of people with their mouths wide open all silently shut their mouths. En, no matter how provocative Ren Zhu looked, as soon as they heard his words, they could understand this teacher's character.

“However, Zhao An An, you guys are still young. Just drink some fruit juice and eat some delicious food. Let these 3 big brothers accompany you to play and sing songs for you. Then go back home. Don't eat anything strange or run around all over the place, do you understand? Zhang Hai Tao currently still can't come out by himself to play.”

Since these three girls could secretly abuse a cat, they were definitely not children who liked to be disciplined. However, under Teacher Ren's influence, they would subconsciously become a little more obedient, not to mention that Ren Zhu had also brought up Zhang Hai Tao in the end. As a result, Zhao An An and the others were extremely well behaved as they nodded their heads. The three Feng Ya Song group young men were all shocked. The temperaments of these three little princesses really weren't this soft.

While they were still wondering what kind of powerful person Ren Zhu was, young master Qin had already walked over carrying a big basket full of lobsters, king crabs, arctic sh.e.l.lfish, abalone and sea urchins. “Don't talk anymore. Come and eat. I'll grill them for you! You're just responsible for eating. I guarantee that you can eat until you burst!”

Ren Zhu had a big smile his face as he walked over.

The Feng Ya Song group and their manager were already shocked stiff. They seemed to have just seen Qin ‘tyrannical master' Cong say that he was going to grill seafood for someone, and he also said it in an energetic way.

… I must have eaten something wrong today!

I died. This chapter took me 3 times as long to translate

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