Chronicles Of An Aristocrat Reborn In Another World – The Apostle Of The Gods Who Know No Self-Restraint Chapter 10

Chronicles Of An Aristocrat Reborn In Another World – The Apostle Of The Gods Who Know No Self-Restraint -

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 Cain, Milly, and Nina are walking on the road.

 It was Cain's first time outside, so he was walking while looking around excitedly.

 After an hour, Milly who was walking in the front stopped.

"We should be able to do magic training here."

 They went off the highway and through the gra.s.sland.

“Let's practice here”

“before that let's have lunch first”

 Because of the incident in the adventurers guild, the sun was already up.

“Yes, should we train after lunch?”

 Milly took out three lunch boxes from her backpack.

"I had the inn prepare us some lunch. The food there is delicious."

"Yes, it's delicious."

 Nina is also in sync.

“I'm looking forward to it!”

"Eat as much as you can."

 When I opened the lunch box, there were several types of sandwiches.

 I decided to try one.

“This is really delicious”

 Nina poured water into the cup magically as Cain begins to eat vigorously.

“If you eat quickly, you might choke yourself “

“Thanks, Nina”

 I Received the cup and immediately drank it.

"It's convenient because Nina can use water magic. I can only use fire magic and body enhancement magic. That's why I focus on my swordsmans.h.i.+p."

“… Milly is a muscle brain “

“shut up !”

 Cain smiled both of them make a good combination.

"Now then, let's start our training."


“Cain. Let's start with water magic. Hit the rocks over there.”

 Nina Pointed at a rock about 20 meters away.

“I understand. “

 Cain puts his right hand forward.

“water ball "

 A 1-meter water ball is launched.

“Next fire magic”

“fireball “

 A 1-meter fireball is launched.

“Next earth magic”

“rock bullet”

 small rocks appear and flew toward the rock and destroyed it.

" I think you have no problem with beginner magics. I want to see your intermediate magic. Try whichever you like."

“rockpile “

 Several rock rose and became a wall.

“Next I'll use fire magic.”

“firewall “

 The wall is 5 meters high and 10 meters wide.

 "I wouldn't think that he's five years old. “

"Absolutely, I wouldn't even think of using intermediate magic when I was five years old. “

“do you feel sluggish or are you out of mana?”

“No problem at all”

“is his magic power also incredible?”

 Milly and Nina are amazed.

 At that time, a nearby gra.s.s shook.


“I know”

“Cain. Something is close by. Be careful.”

 I was ready.

 It was a rabbit with a horn that appeared from the gra.s.s.

"Horn Rabbit. It looks like there's only one, Cain try to kill it with  your magic"

"Yes! I really want to do it."

"You can sell both leather and meat, so don't use fire magic."


 Well. Which magic should I use? Let's go with wind magic.

“air bullet “

 The Air bullet flew vigorously and hit the Horn Rabbit's body.

 It fell down and started convulsing until he stopped breathing.

“I did it!”

“good job for your first time”

“Cain, take the Horn Rabbit home, “

“can I? I want to show it to my mother and sister”

 I Approached the Horn Rabbit and placed it in my item box.

"I wish I had an item box. It's really convenient. that's why I've been saving up for a magic bag”

” magic bag? “

"It's a bag that has rare s.p.a.ce magical properties. The price is quite different depending on how much you can store."

 I heard a good thing. The Item box is rare, and You can buy a magic bag as long as you have money. I plan to buy one to camouflage my item box.

"Let's for more Nina. Can you search them for us?"


 Nina casts a spell with a staff.

"I hereby request. The enemies near me, search “

“It seems like there are a few 300 meters from here.”

” Nina! What was that magic?”

"I search for monsters using magical powers. it spreads your magic power thinly and lets you detect the monster nearby “

 Spreading my magic power thinly?.

"I hereby request. locate the enemies near me search “

 From the direction, Nina said, I was able to recognize some monsters.

"Nina! I got it! I found 5 monsters."

“… he did it on his first try? that's not normal. Also , he also should've only known the enemies general direction not the number of enemies”

 Nina was sighing.

"Just let it go. “

 Milly is energetic.

 They Quietly approached the enemy.

"Since there are five, I will do two each with Nina. Cain, Can you handle the other one?"


Milly started running with her body strengthened.

 Oh, fast. she approached Horn Rabbit at a speed faster than Olympic sprinters and swung my sword.

 The Horn Rabbit's head was struck without any resistance.

“I'm done”

"I hereby request. Run through the blade of the wind. air cutter "

 Nina's magic also flew straight through the rabbit's neck.

 On the other hand Cain is facing against his horn rabbit.

 Let's start by imagining the magic. Imagine a blade of wind

 ”air cutter "

 A wind blade went through the horn rabbit.

 I missed the neck but I sliced the rabbit through his torso.

 The battle ended in a matter of minutes.

“I don't think you would have any problem with horn rabbits. Let's drain its blood soon else the wolves will come.”

 We dug a hole and drain the rabbit's blood there.

 When the blood is drained, I placed it in my item box.

“Let's go home soon. If we're late the lord will be angry at us.”

"That's right. I think that he'll be worried because it 's you're first-time outside."

 We collected our stuff and went back to the town.

"The city looks so big from out here. I can't even see over the wall."

“it's because the next city is after the empires fort. And also because there are many monsters in the forest. It is said that There was a ma.s.sive flood several decades ago and hundreds of monsters came out of the forest and attacked the city. "

“I'll look into it when I get home.”

 While talking we reached the gate.

 Milly entered the gate while showing a card to the gatekeeper.

“When entering, you need to present your guild card or show your resident tag.”

“I don't have any of those?”

"It's okay because when we were leaving, I told him that you're the lord 's son."

"That was good"

 After walking through the city we arrived at the lord's hall.

"This is the end of today. Shall we go out again next time?"

"Hai! Going out is so much fun"

“then let's do that again next time”

” Thank you for today.”

 I opened the gate and entered the house. After returning to my room I removed my armor and changed my clothes.

"It was fun today. It's a shame I couldn't raise my level because I only fought two horned rabbits."

 Let's see my status.


 [Name] Cain von Silford

 [Race] Human race [Gender] Male [Age] Five years old

 [t.i.tle] Third son, Reincarnator, G.o.d's Apostle, prodigy

 [Level] 8

 [Physical strength] 3,180 / 3,180

 [Magic Power] 254,890 / 254,890

 [Ability] SS


  Creation Magic Lv.10

  Fire Magic Lv.10

  Wind Magic Lv.10

  Water Magic Lv.10

  Earth Magic Lv.10

  Light Magic Lv.10

  Dark Magic Lv.10

  s.p.a.cetime Magic Lv.10

  Life magic


  Appraisal Lv.10

  Item box Lv.10

  Martial arts level 10

  Physical Surgery Lv.10

  Physical resistance Lv.10

  Magic Resistance Lv.10


  Creation G.o.d Blessing Lv.10

  life G.o.d Blessing Lv.10

  Magic G.o.d Blessing Lv.10

  Earth G.o.d Blessing Lv.10

  Takegami's Protection Lv.10

  Skill G.o.d Blessing Lv.10

  Commercial G.o.d blessing Lv.10

Why did my level rose to eight? It was only one this morning ! also, I only defeated two horned rabbits today!

 Besides, the increase in my physical strength and magic is also strange.

 Didn't you only need 10.000 mana to become a court magician why is my mana over 200.000…

 At this rate, I'm even less human!!!


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