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Chapter 62: 62

Vera was undoubtedly getting caught up in the Young Master's pace . Being kissed so suddenly all the time . Being told, "Marry me . " Being rolled into a blanket and paraded around the city while being kissed and told, "Marry me . "

The Young Master, in case one didn't know, is a force of nature . Once he decides something he can either whimsically change his mind or be simply impossible to dissuade .

Vera knew this instance was the latter .

Take a bit earlier this morning, for example .

"Hah, what a shallow man . The only reason you're so enthusiastic is because of my new body . Don't think your disgusting intentions are going unknown . Young Master, end this farce already and leave me be . " She had told him while they walked down a street carrying a bag full of new clothes, wearing a black dress he'd boughten her that matched this new body . She would've preferred purple .

He waved off her comment like it was nothing . "Now where am I going to find another girl who'll love me as much as you do? At this point, I don't even care if you turn back . Lolies are great too, aren't they?"

See? In one ear and out the other .

"Besides," He went on, " Why aren't you just teleporting out if you really hate it, huh? Not like I could stop you . " He poked a finger into her side playfully . "I find that dishonest side endearing in it's own way, though . "

" . . . . Hm? What did you say? I couldn't hear . Also, what's with this weird interference today? I can't even teleport right now . How vexing!"

"Oh, is that what it is?" His sardonic grin had been terrible . "How unfortunate for you, then . I suppose you're trapped with me . You'd best watch your words from now on, else who knows what I'll do to you in punishment?"

"What a vile young man . Now you're using my verbal tics as an excuse to have your way with me? I hope you drown in dog c.u.m . Get away, you make me want to hurl . "

She spat out . It was at that moment she lost her balance and fell . This body was too new to her, everything felt very disorienting . She endured up to then but, as expected, the sudden s.h.i.+ft eventually proved too much .

Vera readied to catch herself, but Damien beat her to it . "Am I going to have to carry you again? Come here . "
The insufferable guy then proceeded to wrap his arm around her waist to keep her safe .

Remembering the exchange and the way he looked after her made Vera feel incomparably light .

Because of how mature she seemed in comparison to other girls her age, he'd never really treated her quite the same even though he always thought of her as a child . He respected her personal s.p.a.ce much more .

In that regard, she always thought about Dahlia . They were the same age, yet he wouldn't mind pinching her cheeks, hugging her or indulging her in other ways . Whereas he chose to be more reserved with Vera . Perhaps, given her unique circ.u.mstances, that was the correct treatment . But that didn't mean she liked it . He claimed to think of her as a sisterly figure, but he didn't act them the same with them both at all . It wasn't . . . fair . The only time he truly paid her attention, just her alone, was when she did something bad .

She didn't want to do bad things, but he kept forcing her to do bad things!

That part was childish of her, she'd admit . But in that child's body, what else could she have done? She wasn't at all as cute as Dolly . She couldn't even smile . There's no use competing .

Baz was spoiled a bit too . Always being dragged by the Young Master, having fun together . FIghting, playing . Like brothers .

Vera never really got that from the Young Master . The other two he treated like siblings . Not her, though . Not that she wanted him to think of her as a sibling at all . But it was her right . She was no different from Dolly or Baz in their connection to him, so why was he more distant with her? She thought it had to be her face . The difference between those two and her is only how much brighter and open they are .

It's one of the reasons why she never thought he'd look her way .

But that was totally different right now . What's with him being so affectionate? Honestly . There was just nothing she could do to stop him . Would she really have to marry this b.a.s.t.a.r.d? She resigned herself to the inevitable .

… . Was she dreaming?

This felt like one . She was too happy, it didn't feel real at all . She expected to wake up any minute now .

The thought was just a little crus.h.i.+ng .

However, time went by and nothing changed .

Vera looked at the s.p.a.cious room she was in . The Young Master's new home was very different from the Claybrook Estate . Smaller, but cozier .

She looked around but didn't find her true physical body . In fact, she felt it from further away . With the Young Master, she was now sure . How strange . What had he done to it, exactly? It's like he was right beside her even now . What an odd feeling . Yet not an unwelcome one, if she was truthful .

Vera waited patiently . He'd sent her back while he went to go get groceries, promising an amazing meal when he returned .

It's been a while now .

She took a whiff and caught a familiar scent . Her hear turned curiously to one corner of the room . Light flashed in her eyes .


When Damien got back from purchasing a ring with just the PHATEST diamond he could find he greeted Minnie, a tad remorsefully, and went to his room where he told Vera to wait .

And what did he see? A certain emerald-haired woman sleeping on his bed in a fetal position with a pair of his underwear over her head and a bunch of dirty clothes scattered all over .

Son of a . . . he's going to have to start hiding his laundry basket at this rate . First Dolly barges in and steals his "prime goods" and now Vera's wearing his used underwear on her head while asleep . In fact, he wasn't even sure if the last was the first time for her . . . or for Dolly, for that matter .

Over the last few years, he noticed that several articles of clothing would mysteriously disappear . He racked it up to just the servants making a mistake here and there . Now he wasn't so sure .

"Hnn~" Vera yawned . She sat up drowsily with outstretched arms . She froze as she saw him . Then, very calmly, he picked up each piece of clothing with lightning speed and hid them under his bed . "Oh, Young Master . h.e.l.lo . "

"Please stop sniffing my dirty laundry . "

Vera was just about to deny the accusation with a scathing retort . Then realizing she was still wearing his undies on her head and decided to instead take the shameless route by saying, quite confidently, "Young Master, I'm merely exercising my right as your fiancee . "

"So you accept it after all . "

"I never said that," Vera said with obvious disdain . She sat with her feet over the edge of the bed, legs bare .

He smirked and walked towards her . The air about him s.h.i.+fted somehow and made her a little apprehensive as he got closer .

He took a seat next to her . His hand brushed her hair back behind her ear .

"What are you doing?"

"Exercising my right as your fiance . " His mouth wandered along her neck, giving her gooseb.u.mps galore .

"Hmph . Do as you please . " And he did . While his lips left a trail of fire along her skin his hands slid slowly up her thigh .

Vera felt her breath hitch .

"Should we just call it off?"

Vera's tone went a bit more unsure . "It was your one-sided decision anyway, what do I care what you do?"
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"If that's what you want . " This body was so much more receptive than her childish one . And she's sure he knew that . The way his fingers gently stroked her through the new panties she'd had to buy and the moisture that came in response to his play were all the sign he needed . "Is it?" He asked .

At first she was glad . Glad because her mind was not the 12-year-old child people before all this thought her to be . Because of what Mother had done, she couldn't be considered a young girl . She knew the Young Master was the same, too old for his youthful body despite his antics . Like now with how calmly shameless he was being . Not a child at all .

It's only their bodies that were young, nothing more . So she was happy at finally being treated like a woman, which she always considered herself as .

But then she felt quite cross because she knew what he was trying to do . Worst part? It was working .


"What?" He nibbled on her ear with just the right amount of force .

"Such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . devil . . . who would want to marry you?" She said the words she must've already repeated a hundred times . But unlike those past hundred times he didn't care to kiss her mouth shut .

"I wonder . " His bright amethyst eyes toyed with her . "Perhaps a certain moss head?

"I would never--" One finger . That's all it took . And it left her stunned . With her head already full of his sweet, savory smell, it nearly broke her . Sparks of electricity shot through her whole body and rendered her helpless . Her legs crossed, trying desperately to suppress the rising tide .

"You what?" She could drown in those eyes . So beautiful, full of dark promise .

"I…" The world faded away . There was no one but them . No need to hide, no need to fear . Whatever judgments anyone had didn't matter . Whatever insecurities she had didn't matter .

She felt like crying . "Young Master, I love you! I've always . . . more than anyone, I… . !" Her throat turned raw . No, that wasn't right . That wasn't what she needed to say .

"Please love me back . "

"Alright . "

The ring fit perfectly .

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