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Chapter 61

"Let me down already! Young Master… . you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! d.i.c.k waffle… . thunderc.u.n.t… . j.i.z.zstain . . . I hate you! Hurry up and let me go!"

Vera was blus.h.i.+ng fiercely and struggling like an enraged tigress . Her words were scathing, every obscenity spewing from her mouth more demeaning and insulting than the last .

She was currently wrapped up in a thin blanket and being princess-carried by Damien .

"This foul mouth needs to be punished . " Was all the reply she received . And moments later, her lips were sealed . By his .


Her expression, while indifferent, went an even brighter and more beautiful shade of pink . His mouth pressed against her own and transmitted a searing warmth, making her stiffen up instantly .

Her mind was in complete disarray . Her heart was beating like mad and the world was blindingly bright . The Young Master's perfect, impossibly handsome face was all she could see . His arms were like two iron rods, immovable no matter how much she strained .

She . . . she…what? She didn't know . Her mind was blank .

His tongue prodded at her and she found herself opening for him entirely against her will . Only after several long seconds did he slowly ease up and let her breath, gently biting at her bottom lip .

He finally pulled away, but not before that evil, despicable tongue roamed along his upper mouth as if to catch her lingering flavor .

"Keep talking, I wouldn't mind a second taste . "

Vera heard that and nearly whimpered .

She quieted down instantly, too embarra.s.sed to utter even a peep more . She hid her head under the blanket and refused to come out .
He's doing something like that out in public! People are staring! She's going to die of shame . Ah, this is the end for her, isn't it?

The Young Master truly is the most hateful under heaven!

Damien, for his part, was thinking of Vera in an entirely different way than she did him at the moment . She was . . . the cutest under heaven! He wanted to spoiler her rotten, and then spoil her even more!

What kind of creature is this? She's just downright moe AF! Her blus.h.i.+ng face, her shy reactions, the way she bloomed for him . . .

He . . . he… . G.o.dd.a.m.n . He wanted to turn this into a straight romance novel . TeamTree had it's most ardent supporter at this moment . 20 million trees? Ha! b.i.t.c.h, no . You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers!

We aren't stopping at 20 million, we're giving this world it's own G.o.dd.a.m.n Amazon rainforest! Several!

His nostrils flared in excitement .

He all but kicked down the door to the tailor's shop once he arrived . He refused to let his little tree out of his arms and announced, "Let's get this woman in a wedding dress, dammit!"

The several staff members and tailors in the building looked at the two newcomers with odd faces . A full-grown woman and a young kid maybe not even 15? She looked twice his age . This kind of gap . . . it's a little much, no? They have an entire generation between them!

But these looks s.h.i.+fted when the boy threw several fat purses of gold at them .

"Congratulations on your engagement!" The staff cheered .

Vera hissed at them . "We aren't engaged!" Her head peeked out from the covers just to yell .

Damien took that opportunity to once more place a kiss on her lips, shutting her up . The green-haired beauty lost all train of thought and helplessly gave way to him yet again .

This sc.u.mbag, taking advantage of her in such a way . . . this is simply intolerable bullying!

She vowed vengeance!

"Young Master, I'll kiss you to death! . . . Wait, no . . . "

He held her tight . "Sounds great . Let's start now . "


Mama Claybrook rose early every day . She washed her face, did her morning yoga taught to her by her son, and had breakfast . In recent years she's been very free . So much so that until even more recently she didn't know what to do with all her time .

Yes . Until recently . These days, if you asked what her favorite pa.s.s time is, she'd say, "Watching my son . " And mean every word . Oh yeah, that son of her's is just too entertaining .

She could sit on her lounge chair all day just watching him through her crystal orb . She'd lay there with a box of Cinnabon Delights freshly made and delivered, observing everything .

Her husband Elias also normally watched him with her, the man enjoying their son's misadventures as much as she did . However, there was a certain week-long period where she didn't let him watch .

Of course, he himself didn't know why . He only understood that strangely, for some odd reason, she had been absolutely insatiable during that time . Coming to him at random hours of the day, fully wet, warm and aroused like nothing he'd seen before . Obviously, he didn't complain .

Anyway, today was a bit different . She'd woken up later than she normally did . It wasn't until mid-morning that she actually woke up and decided to forego her regular routine in favor of going straight to intruding upon her son's privacy .

Now at any other time she'd be laughing and having a good time . But today? What she bore witness to was simply too shocking .
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There, within that crystal sphere, was the image of her son . . . kissing none other than one of her best friends .

She instantly flew into a rage sought out her husband!

The man was already up himself, watering their son's drugs .

"Ellie, just look at this! Look at it!" She shoved the ball into his face furiously .

He blinked, backing up, and went all wide-eyed . His mind was shook "M-Mary?!" That's right!

Right now their 14-year-old son was currently locking lips with his longest friend, mentor and one-time love, Mary!

That face, that figure, it was impossible for it to be anyone else . And not only were they kissing, but she was also even twining her arms around his neck and running her fingers through his hair, seemingly not wanting to let go .

Her flushed cheeks and dazed eyes were full of such blatant affection that he doubted his what he saw .

"This…" His voice came out strained . " . . . . Holy h.e.l.l . Well done, son!" Even he himself hadn't been able to melt that woman's heart back then .

Is this not the son completing his father's unfinished legacy? Fixing past regrets? This kid . . . what a formidable youth!

He was quite pleased . That woman deserves happiness . He's glad she found someone she can properly love and receive love from .

His wife smacked his head . "What the h.e.l.l do you mean, well done?!" Her face was incomparably dark . "That . . . that fox! I can't believe she's playing around with my own son like this . . . d.a.m.n overgrown bush . . . . how dare she! My son! She actually dares fool around with him in front of me like this, knowing I'd see…trying to suck my son dry, huh? This little b.i.t.c.h . I'll mess her up good, I tell you h'what!"


Meanwhile, a short few miles away, Damien was busy spoiling his little tree .

He held a dainty little hand while the girl's measurements were taken . She spat abuses at him every minute of it and said things that scared away all the other customers, almost making them want to lay down and cry, but Damien was already immune .

"d.a.m.n sheep diddler . . . let go of my hand already . I'm leaving . "

"If you leave now, what will you wear for our wedding?"

"Who said I'd marry you?" Her fingers threaded themselves through his own .

"What, you don't want me?"

"Young Master, to say I loathe your very existence and despise the fact that your father didn't shoot your worthless self into a sock instead of between your honorable Mother's legs would be an understatement . Of course I don't want you . Do you think you're something special?"

. . . She's a horrible, ugly, unlovable twig full of nothing but meanness . Saying such cruel things, she didn't deserve any kind of affection from him .

"I'm going to kiss you again at this rate, you know?"

Right now happiness had a physical form . That form was Vera .

"Hmph . Do whatever you want, c.o.c.k sc.u.m . "

Please .

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