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Damien stared at the blus.h.i.+ng, quivering woman intently. There was something familiar in that gorgeous face of hers. Something vaguely scratching at his head as he took in her wide, grade-A birthing hips. And her smell. This sweet, fragrant, scent like honeysuckle...

Unbeknownst to him, the woman was also experiencing a sense of Deja Vu. Because try as she might she couldn't escape the feeling that the naked youth in front of her was somehow no stranger.

The strength in his hand as he pinned her to the wall. That stunningly handsome face. This peculiar, intoxicating smell.

Those heart-stopping eyes that seemed to strip you bare and pierce your soul... so l.u.s.trous, like amethysts. A beautiful pair of violet irises that made you hot and lingered at the back of your mind.

As one their jaws dropped.

""It's you!""

They exclaimed.

"Flower shop milf!"

"My dark past!"

Their faces clouded.

"Wait, what?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said--"

She coughed in embarra.s.sment. "Nothing! I said nothing at all!"

"RIght….uh, so, what're you doing here?" He asked, letting her go.

The woman calmed herself and explained, "Ah...well, right after you were dragged away by that green-haired girl I re-sold that ring you bought me and decided to move closer to an old friend of mine. She's a staff member at the high school division just a few miles away. She got me a job here. I teach things like flower arrangements. Sewing. The occasional tea ceremony. What about you?"

Damien folded his arms. "I go here now. Well, not here exactly. I attend the high school division."

She nodded. Then noticed, once again, his naked appearance. Her entire body went taut. Last time they met he was only 11 years old. She remembered him vividly, that young boy with an attractive face and glib tongue picking up on her woes and offering his company.

A mere three years had pa.s.sed, nothing to her. But in that short time, he'd become much taller and his previously thin, wiry frame had gained much more muscle ma.s.s. He wasn't as tall as her yet but she could imagine that in another year or two that would change dramatically.

She was right back then, he would definitely become an outstandingly attractive young man once he grew up!

But she wasn't happy at all. Seeing him again made her incredibly awkward. This guy, at that time, had tried to woo her!

And to be perfectly honest, it had almost worked. After seeing how pretty, sweet-talking, considerate and well-off he was she thought," I can raise a perfect husband for myself if it's this little cutie!"

...Towards a child! A kid barely older than her own daughter!

Oh. The shame, it burned!

Still, she was an adult and not a little girl who hadn't seen a man before. She quickly composed herself. As for that dangerous-looking thing dangling there so dandily...let's try not to look.

"Why are you naked?" Another then thought sprung up. "For that matter, why are you in the middle school division? What's more, the girl's dormitories?" She narrowed her eyes in heavy suspicion.

Damien looked down. He leaned back along the wall to give her s.p.a.ce. He waved a hand carelessly. "Oh, you know, I was just kidnapped away from my wedding by my sister and a blood-thirsty Holy Sword then thrown into a bas.e.m.e.nt. No big deal, really."

She looked at me weirdly. "I'm sorry?"

"So am I. Greedy little thing, selling my body to all those young chicks and not even giving me a cut of the take." He tsked. "But I'll be stealing her stash later anyway as petty revenge so it's all good. Forget that. You're married now?" He pointed to the ornate wedding band at her finger.

It was far cheaper than the one he'd gotten her back then but it was still something that must've cost a pretty penny.

She hid her hand behind her back for some reason, not wanting him to look.

"Suzie needed a father. And I'm not that young anymore, either." She smiled. Being at the border of 30 meant she was way past her prime. "He's a decent man." She added.

Damien raised a brow. "I never said he wasn't. I don't even know him." He yawned. "None of my business, really. As long as you're happy."

"You said you were getting married too?" She understood that n.o.bles often married young.

"Did I? I don't remember that. You must've misheard. Why? Would you care for an affair?" She might be another Bubbles.

The woman was less than amused. "Shameless!" She gave him a dreadful glare. "What happened to all that talk of, 'If it were me I'd definitely be a loyal man'?"

"Loyalty to those who deserve it. Honoring a pact with someone unworthy of the effort is just idiocy, isn't it? And anyway it was a joke. From your reaction, though, I'm guessing there's trouble in paradise."

"I hardly see how that's any of your business."

"Already said it ain't. But I'm a guy who can't leave well enough alone, you know? If I know one of my past potential flames was being treated unfairly I'm not above breaking his s.h.i.+ns buying him a green hat."

Not that he was serious. He's a taken man now so despite saying that, it's off the table.

He thought back to that lovely la.s.s waiting on him and released a small smile.

The woman, however, misunderstood that as an invitation.

"That won't be needed. I'll handle my own matters." She frowned. This rascally kid, already engaged and still wanting to eat her tofu."But forget that, we have to get you some clothes."

"No thank you." He refused. "I have to get my fatty home."

It was only then that she remembered something important. "Oh my G.o.ds, I can't believe I forgot about that!" She hit her head with a palm. "Is he okay? What happened?! We need to get him to a nurse!"

"He's fine." Damien nudged the guy with a foot. "Just sleeping. Anywho, nice catching up. Say hi to Suzie for me. Later."

"You can't just leave, there are people everywhere. What if they see you? You'll definitely be labeled a pervert and chased all over." She calmly informed. She smirked. "Or are you saying you're fine with your reputation hitting the gutter?"

"Yup. Totally cool with it."

His rep is pretty bad already regardless. Not exactly his fault, though. But he will have to live with it. And since when is being a pervert a bad thing? In this world there are perverts, and people who lie about not being perverts.

She honestly wasn't expecting that response. "At least wait until he wakes up!" She protested. She took hold of his arm just as he was about to leave. She couldn't just leave them like this. It was her duty as a teacher to help students, right? They seemed like they needed it.

He considered.

Well...he guess it'd be a bit much if someone saw Avery and started weird rumors about him too. Dude didn't deserve that, eh?

"You are a persuasive woman, my dear. Very well, lead on." He relented.

"Um, hold up. Take this." She rummaged around and found one of the sheets used by the infirmary. "Wait here."

She stuck her head out of the door and glanced both ways. "Okay, hurry, my room isn't far. Try not to make noise."


Miranda had always been a rather straight-laced woman. Positive, obedient, never making trouble for others. She was the type who would drink water or milk even if she went out with others. Her definition of being adventurous was normally sneaking a few cookies from the pantry late at night in total opposite of how she'd often get mad at Suzie for the exact same thing.

A good book or board game is what she enjoyed as fun time, that or baking. Her routine was all about going to bed early, making breakfast for her daughter and greeting the day with a smile.

Even her clothes were modest, comprised of mainly sweaters, skirts and a couple of solid-colored blouses.

Needless to say, she was quite boring and plain. Not prudish, exactly, but not very attention-grabbing either. She believed in a simple life.

But now here she is leading a naked young man to her room! If someone saw her like this, a scandal was inevitable. She could even lose her job! People would call her a cradle robber, soliciting a boy only a few years older than her own child.

What's more, they'd accuse her of being a home-wrecking woman who brought in other men while already having a husband.

Depression set in.

Recently things just weren't going her way. For various reasons. This would just be the icing on the cake.

She snuck a glance to her side and marveled at this rascally fella's strength, able to lift that robust and full-bodied youth like a sack of potatoes.

Miranda recalled the powerlessness she felt being thrust against the wall by him. Being pinned so forcefully, helpless to resist at all.

He was simply too strong, this guy

W-What if this was just like inviting a lion into your room? Her heart skipped a beat at the thought.

No, she shouldn't think like that! He was a student, after all. And a very good boy from what she remembered. Otherwise, why would he have reached out to her so kindly that day?

Right now they both looked quite pitiful as well. One not even wearing any clothes, the other pa.s.sed out and drooling.

Miranda had been called to help calm down the female students who had gathered around the investigation area with pale faces. She was very well-liked and trusted among the girls so she was the best one to rea.s.sure them.

She hadn't quite heard what happened yet but she is sure it's something awful since from what the messenger said many of them were scared witless. From the smell of smoke that lingered, she suspected some sort of arsonist.

Which reminds her...didn't he smell a bit smokey too? Not that she was actively smelling him, of course, it was just impossible to not catch. And his skin was slightly red too, now that she saw him better. Plus, he was insanely warm as he pressed upon her. Almost hot, like dying embers just now cooling down.

But there's no way he was part of whatever happened...right? She didn't want to suspect that angelic youth from her memories and so decided to ignore these little details.

They made their way to her room without trouble, making her heart ease up slightly. Her private chambers had been arranged by the school, as with all instructors. Normally in such a prestigious place of learning, you had famous and renowned individuals from retired explorers, mages, prominent scholars, military officers and other such people who had all sorts of experience and expertise.

But her position was different so she had a much smaller dwelling. While she did have a better education than most commoners thanks to the care of her longtime friend Vivienne, that didn't qualify her for a job here and was only given thanks to the support of Vivienne and her cousin Silas. They both held high statuses within Haytham, one working here while the other is stationed at the middle school.

It was much appreciated as it was a chance to be closer to her daughter. She was very smart, that girl, a fast learner.

Miranda had used the leftover money from that ring to hire several tutors for her and within a short year, she was able to attend the elementary division housed within the same campus as the middle school.

The cost of her education had drained what money she had left before acquiring the job, but it was worth it. She'd do anything for her baby girl.

Now they could be together. Though it was a bit small, that didn't matter as long as they had each other.

That kid was a heavy sleeper so she didn't worry she'd wake, either.

As for her husband….

He wouldn't be in.

"My room is to the right. You can put him there." She went to a tiny closed off to the side where she stored a few of her husband's clothes she's sure he'd long forgotten about.

It was only after he came back that the jangling finally registered with her.

He was in chains. Two thick shackles tight on his wrists, with several feet of iron dragging along the floor.

She went quiet. "Who did that to you?" She couldn't stand the sight of those things. They seemed harsh and uncomfortable, objects used to weigh down and oppress.

Damien held up a hand. "What, these? I told you. That sister of mine kidnapped me."

Miranda couldn't believe her ears. "Your own sister put you in chains?" She couldn't understand it at all.

"Oh yeah. Kept me in a bas.e.m.e.nt. Pretty cozy one too, they weren't lying about that. Kept bringing in groups of girls to meet me, too. You know how it is. Promise a band of girls to set up a meeting with your devilishly handsome older brother in return for s.h.i.+nies and you kinda have to keep up your end of the deal." He nodded. "But dang, I tell you, little kids these days are something else. Touching and groping about everywhere. Tsk. Say, didn't I already tell you this?"

Every word out of his mouth made the world unsteady. She couldn't even imagine…

"But...I don't get it. Why?" What kind of little monster would do something like that to their own family?

"For love, obviously." He replied light-heartedly. "And some d.a.m.n fine bling." Not that the kid needs more of that. She has loads of...or well, guess she doesn't. Not until everything still in one piece and worth something gets excavated from the ruins.

He saw a pair of clothes laid out for him on a nearby chair but didn't move to take them. For one, they were some other dude's. Two, they would look took big for him right now. And three, he actually quite liked the breeze.

The sheet had already been tied around his waist so he didn't have to worry about his dignity anymore either. He's fine how he is.

"What do you mean, love? When you love someone you don't chain them up in a bas.e.m.e.nt and treat them like... like some object to be pa.s.sed around." The very thought of what might've happened down there was sickening. "And our own students were involved…!" She grit her teeth. Pinp.r.i.c.ks of heat built along her eyes in frustration.

She didn't want to believe it. But the evidence was right in front of her. She recalled the faces of all the sweet, pure-hearted young maidens she'd taught. How many of them were part of the groups that'd gone to see him? Knowing he was being treated like a cut of meat, an animal, and saying nothing?

Their innocence seemed like a lie. Her chest felt tight. Something like this was unforgivable. Something like this, by his own sister….it was just...

But the youth himself only laughed at her concern. "Hey, come on, don't get so upset over a small matter like this. I'll be sure to spank her rear before I leave so she'll get her's too. Take it easy. I'm fine. Avery's fine. We're all fine. Buck up."

The way he trivialized the matter was too horrible for her to put into words. Something this awful and inhumane can't just be brushed aside like that. No sane person can go through what he did and really come out looking so chipper.

There must be so much he's keeping locked up inside. Her heart ached. She suddenly found herself reaching out to him.

She cradled his head in her arms and felt like crying. "It's okay. It's over now. We'll make sure everyone involved in this despicable act is brought to justice. She won't get away with it. Okay? I promise. She won't..." Her voice broke.

Damien felt incredibly awkward. "...Right. Hey, mind if I take a shower?"

But it was hard for her to let go. He needed all the hugs!

Her motherly instincts screamed at her, wanting to protect this pitiful child at all costs. However, she knew he wanted to clean himself of the ash. Feel clean. Whole. And she couldn't deny him that.

"Of course you can. Take all the time you need." She wiped her eyes with the palm of a hand.


Fifteen minutes later she heard a knock at the door. Miranda had been taking this time to regain her composure and plan her next step. But the noise disturbed her thoughts.

She hesitated since she didn't know anyone who would be visiting at this hour, then thought it was just someone checking on her to question why she didn't show up when called. Thinking up an excuse quickly she went to the door and opened with confidence.

She was greeted by a gorgeous flaxen-haired beauty. The woman's eyes a striking green, with a curvaceous figure and unmatched style. Tall, sleek, wearing a purple dress over black pantyhose, she was every bit the glamorous and imposing Lady she always is.

"Vivienne?" Miranda blinked. "What brings you here?"

"There's been an accident. I need your help."

"What kind of accident?" Miranda knew it had to be serious for her to just show up like this.

She saw the woman hesitate, something the woman NEVER did. "It's...sensitive. I want you to help me look for someone. He--" She stopped, staring ahead.

"Viv. You're here." Damien broke into a smile. He stood there fresh from a shower with a black towel around his waist, replacing the sheet. His eyes seemed especially brilliant just then.

As did Vivienne. She gave him the warmest expression Miranda had ever seen her give to...well, anyone.

"Day." The woman breathed out, a sigh of relief. And ran to him, twining her hands around him and refusing to let go. "I heard about the fire. I was worried."

The youth enveloped her cheeks with his hands. "Don't be. I wouldn't leave without you."

"I wouldn't let you even if you tried." She stated lovingly. And kissed him deep.

The two then continued to enjoy each other's taste without any heed for those watching.

Suddenly a "new" voice joined in.
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"What the h.e.l.l? A clone is getting more action than me? Seriously? For f.u.c.k's sake. Alright. I'm killin' 'im."

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